Next Reunion?

November 11, 2020

 Dear Alumni and Friends,

It is with great regret that the Reunion Committee has decided to discontinue its efforts to reschedule the Grahm 2020 Reunion.   I think everyone will agree that the COVID19 future remains cloudy for at least a year out if not longer.   We understand that as alumni we are predominantly an “at-risk” population from a health perspective.  To gather people from all over the country into an enclosed space where the primary purpose is to socialize is not a prudent endeavor for the foreseeable time.  Even if it was, the choice of a university setting adds more risk to the equation.

No-one is more disappointed than the members of the Reunion Committee.  They have each put dozens if not three-digits of hours into this, selecting and negotiating a venue, budgeting, scheduling, publicity, funding, appeals, opening and managing bank accounts, activities, food selection, entertainment, room layout and even decorations.   Their dedication, even availability for last-minute calls is to their credit and will always be remembered and appreciated.

We are requesting a refund from the Simmons and plan return monies to those alumni that were willing to stick their neck out to financially support us.   This could take a couple of months, so we appreciate your patience.

This does not preclude another alumni get-together.   Once the veil of uncertainty lifts and we all can feel comfortable planning, there will be plenty of opportunities to do so.

Never has the motto “Learn by Doing” been more appropriate.   

Your feedback is always appreciated.

Stay in touch,  give a SHOUT OUT and let everyone know what you're up to!


The GJC Reunion Committee

Bill Tarkulich

Diane D. Strauss

Marty Pittman

Linda Donovan


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