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I'm sure you'll have fun looking at these shout-outs.  There are 562 comments from our guestbook and other sources.  These comments were entered over 15 years and three reunions.

These comments have been "hidden away" in the Guestbook log, making it nearly impossible to read and impossible to search for anything.   So here they are, in all their raw  glory.   Let's just look and them and enjoy the memories. 

In a week or so, I'll have the private, alumni-only directory available.  That will contain email and other contact information, so hang tight.

If you want to add your own "shout out", I suggest you either post to the Yahoo group or to the Guestbook for now.  When I feel like it I'll add to this page, unless someone wants to take the task of consolidating comments.

Bill Tarkulich '75
May 4, 2013

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Name  Grad  COMMENTS
jerry  adams 1974 It was a great learning and growing time of my life.I wouldn't change it for the world.  
Jim  Adams 1978 hey everyone just found this site. wow never thought I'd find any of you again. living in florida. don't miss the snow, but those were some of the best years of my life. Keep grahm alive  
Jeff  Albucher 1972 Best regards to all of my old buddies at Grahm: Alfie and Terry, AJ and Moose, Jay Seslowe, Chester, Ned Blake and Linda, 'Thumper' (Kathy Bohl McGuire) and Bruce McGuire, Al Cohen, Mike Preston, Gina Rose, Nancy Sharp...we lost Artie Cohen this year...  
Pat  Alder 1979 One of the quiet ones...know many good people, like Tom Paterson, Tom Tisdale,Greg Genrette (with the best Maine accent) and Mickie Dickoff ( a great director last I heard). My dorm room had a view of Kenmore square, 403 it was, I think. Fire extinguisher races,killer frisbee,Tiny Tom in a recliner, riding the elevator. Been married twice, done that. Was in radio for 10 years, at stations from Newport VT to Olympia WA. Now doing weekend overnight MCO chores at WRNN-TV in Kingston, NY. I love the job. Also do stand up comedy...who'd a thunk it for this wallflower!  
Tony  Alicata 1968 Any of my old classmates out there? At the end of my last year I had to marry my girlfriend from East Boston-but was in love with someone from the business school. She cried 'for me' and my future-and I've never forgotten her-as my father met her and loved her too! I forget her name-but might recognize her picture....Can someone help me find her-I think she was from the Midwest?  
Dave  Ambrose 1969 I was a commuter and going to school at Grahm in 68, was the best place to be, and the best time to be there. Libby's was great for lunch and loud Juke box music. Where are you Bruce Iannelli, Jerry Samet, Bonnie Chige, Faye Edelstein, Jeffrey DiPaulo, Buddy Ersellisi,Mike Mulle,Dave Arpin?  
EMEKA  AMICHI 1971 nice site  
Jill  Anderson Unknown I only went to Grahm for one semester - the last semester. It was brief but memorable.  
Jim  Anderson 1970 I attended Grahm in the autumn of 1970 as a tv production major. Graduated from Hamden (CT) High in 1970. My goal was tv engineering, so I transfered to UNH New Haven the next semester. Big mistake ! :) Best friend at Grahm, also from Hamden, Paul Fusco. I became a freelance photographer, following my dad's career, a few years later.  
Mike  Andres 1977 I attended Grahm for the 76/77 school year, then transferred to Mount Wachusett CC. I remember my year at Grahm, studying Radio Broadcasting, very fondly.  
Clifford  Archer 1971 Sorry to hear about the school closing.I learnd so much that year.Kendall,Bruce,Ron,Pat,Ike,Linda Where you at.I remember I played bass for "the soul revue"butI wasnt aware of it being taped?If so I would love a copy.Kendall you still playing?  
Laurence  Ardito 1975 Just found this page, attended Grahm for the Hotel management class, stayed in that field until 79, sales field till 96, went BACK to college at age of 45 here in LA where I currently live with my darling wife of 20 years and now VERY happy in the Medical field. Memories?? wow... The "Beef and Barf"..our cafeteria, KKK Katys, The Pizza Pad, Kenmore Deli, Leavitt Hall "cellblock 5A" where I lived, sneaking into Kenmore hall for late nite weekend parties, the Aku Aku chinese restaurant where we went AFTER the parties at 3am, water fights in the dorm hallways, Delta Omega Delta beer parties, Fenway park bleacher seats...$1.75!!, karate class in the Soep Room, the bloodbath where a gang invaded Leavitt hall when someone pelted them with water balloons as they passed by and we defended ourselves heroically... so much more, no more space to type..LOL  
John  Arezzi 1978 Currently Vice President of Black River Entertainment in Nashville, Tennessee. Responsible for the day to day personal management of
Black River Recording artist SARAH DARLING.  Wanted to check in and say hi. Had a great time at the 2001 reunion and am hopeful that there will be another in the near future. I am currently the Director of Music Marketing for Jones Media Networks. I put together cross platform marketing campaigns for the record industry across our various media entities including GAC (Great American Country Television Network), the Jones Radio Networks, and I enjoy my life and I owe so much to those days in Boston at Grahm. 
Karen Boyce Ashley 1967 It was Cambridge School of Business when I was there. Co-op school, worked @ Liberty Mutual in the a.m. and school in the p.m. Ann Baldyga was my roommate at Kenmore -room 232 I believe - friends with Pat from Nashua, NH and Jean from Great Barrington, MASS who had gone to high school with Ann although Ann had been born in Bridgeport, CT where I had been born. I was raised in Newtown, CT. I only did 1 year at Cambridge but loved it - have not been back in several years. Let me know if anyone knows the girls I mentioned, especially Ann Thx.  
Nancy McCarthy Ayers 1975 I have so many good memories. I remember Dean Festa (have some wacky pictures) John Fritsche, Jerry Gander, Frank Riccio, Marc Nahan, "Buzz" Paul Plutzer (recently heard from him)Barry Howard (always making out with Terry Ingraham) 4th Floor "T" I roomed with Nancy Grumbacher, Debbie Fell, and Melanie Slomiak. I still keep in touch with Nancy but unfortunately lost touch with the others. I'm married for 17 yrs. 2 kids, house, minivan. I've worked in the mortgage business since 1975 and am currently an underwriter. Would love to hear from the old gang  
Bob  Azanow 1974  They were the best years. Lots of fun doing hands on training.
I started nights and switched to full time days after a year. The night school was great too for folks that had to work in the day like me.
Best to All
Deby Craig Baker 1979 Boy is this a walk down memory lane! Looking forward to seeing everyone in May.  
Tom  Baldwin 1977 Hi all, Well another year has past and I want to say'hi' to everyone who made Boston such a special place for me. You are all missed! There are a couple of special friends whom I would LOVE to hear from, and if you stumble across this I hope you will drop a line or two. I can't believe it's been 30 years. Tom God, the memories are just incredible. Hey to all who were there! Anyone know how to reach any of the following: Beth Powell, Debbie Scott, Ray Leahy or Jim Amorello? I miss Boston and all the Grahmites who made it magical! 
John  Barnes 1966 I graduated from Grahm Jr. College in 1966 as a business major and subsequently transferred to Suffolk University (class of 1968). I still have some Grahm Jr. College memorabilia from the mid-60's if anyone is interested but have lost track of almost all former students/teachers. Does anyone have any information from the 1964-1966 era? I graduated from Grahm in 1966 with a two year "diploma" in accounting, then transferred credits to Suffolk Univ. and graduated with BSBA in 1968. Later, I earned an MBA from Indiana University. Currently employed with federal government. 
Linda  Barry 1971 looking for old friends - Toni or Georgia  
Tim  Baxter 1977 Great site Matt, Thanks! Didn't graduate. Got mono, had to go home, never came back. Can't remember everyone's name, but I remember good times with Jewels, Harpo, my room mate Yago, Karen next door, et al. I was given the name "Ace", can't remember why. Too bad reunion was cancelled. If anyone out there remembers me, give me a holler. Take Care!  
Stephen  Beardsworth 1977 Verification: school ran out of money and stopped teaching winter/spring of 1977.
Finally somehow they found some money and with some different teachers we graduated the 2nd or 3rd week of April.

more info: married
careers : Business Marketing Analyst and Software Engineer
I live in San Bruno, CA (a suburb of San Francisco)
 650-873-6885 (home) 
Jerry  Beau 1966 worked for wcsb radio did the nite shift along with super lou. went on to spend 35 years in the media radio and tv great site those were the days at grahm I worked on wcsb. I was hired by stan alton. what ever happended to him? He was a teacher there. What happened to super lou, sir white head, record rob, the guy that sounded like sammy davis jr. , his first name was Berry.(berry put on a fantastic tv show) where is Boris at? he did news at Wcsb. Don't forget about the great business people that were along side of us. there were some great guys and girls. those were the days my friend if you remember when..... I have spent over 35 years in radio and tv. 
Bruce  Beighley 1977 I'd like to get in touch with a few of my classmates. I'd like to hear from Karen Weaver, Debbie Scott, Jeff Linden, and of course, Beth Powell. All members of Grahm class of '77. It's been a long time. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all members of the Grahm class of 1977 a happy 30th anniversary! It was on April 30th, 1977 when we all filed into the Old South Church for commencement, something that for a time, we thought might never come. Life has certainly taken some interesting roads since then. Time does indeed march on. Note my new email address. Drop me a line of you like. Just thought I'd check in on this site. Glad to see it's still running. So, all you '75 to '77 folks: Who remembers "Ina R. Ames Kropp"? She taught speech communication. Cool teacher, once you got to know her. How about that strange guy named Boris, who worked at the Pizza Pad/Kenmore Deli? Good hot dogs and soups though. Remembers: Going to free concerts at Jordan Hall for music class,,, and actually enjoying them! Looking back, I don't think I would have done anything differently. Grahm was definitely a good experience.
Martin  Bell 1975 Had a blast. Great Education and I married Brenda Mutter.  
Arthur  Benedict 1975 I miss Grahm Jr. College and Boston. It was one of the best times of my life.  
Robert  Berger 1973 Looking for Charlie Sarafian, Bob Bayard, Alan Gray,  
Darrell  Berman 1976 I often wonder what happened to all the wonderful people I went to school with. I had a fantastic two years at Grahm and unfortunately, didn't stay in touch with as many people as I would have liked to. I have been in the communications field for 23 years. I started as an weather and sports guy at WSKG-TV in Binghamton, NY then went on to work behind the scenes at Digital Video Productions in Wilkes-Barre, PA. After that I worked for a multi-image company. I then formed a graphic design and full production company up in Troy, NY. I am now President of Berkshire Marketing Group, a full service marketing communications company with offices in Troy, NY, Stanford, Conn. and Lenox, Mass. I am married with two children. I look forward to keeping in better touch with a lot of you.  
Mike  Bertrand 1975 My brother-in-law (Dave Moriarty) was telling me a story this weekend about a mock wake that they had around 1975 at Grahm. He said they ended up with a huge funeral procession parading around Kenmore Square (he was in the coffin). He said there was a 2 page spread in the yearbook - but that he had never gotten one. I was just wondering if you had such a yearbook and were able to scan the photos if you found them... Thanks, Mike  
Bob  Bianchini 1973 If anyone knows how to contact, Brad Cotter, Mike Katzman,and Rich Buldanza, (1973-75) please email me?  
Paul  Bienkowski DNG  Great to see this site...... an 18 year old loose in beantown in an era when ya could smoke dope on the street....... I had fun...... Remember Rich Rotz he took my ID picture Remember Michelle Goldstein, jim cunningham.....Harpo and that bunch were always fun to go to the cask and flagon with..... it was a fun 2 years..... tho in the second i bombed out of BU hanging out at GRAHM...... *lmao* Live long and prosper Transfered to BU when the place went belly up. Glad to see harpo is still around.....remembers many nights of swilling with him and the loose women at The Cask and Flagon....... Gawd Those Were good Years.......Wellness to all 
Marty  Billingham 1978 I reflect with great fondness upon my time at Grahm. Worked in TV many years/ WLVI TV 56, Boston, among several other stations/ NAMES OF OLD FRIENDS: Miki Dickov (sp?), Lauretta Woods, Becky Rehorn, Lisa Mastrogiavanni, Paul Black, Steve Karrow, Elianne Messentez (foreign French student), Carla Reiner, Dave Johnson (CH 7), Terry O'Brien, Tony Garcia (Starsky- back door!) and SO many more: Berkely residents- Dennis Mc Andrew & Bob Pierce. Worked at Kenmore Deli. Loved the Rat/ hated Lucifer's disco/ loved Mississippi's sandwhichs & The Deli Haus, etc...Aegean Faire, Grahm Jr. special sub, $1.89-NO CHANGE; WHO'S NEXT? I miss those years with a truely unique fondness! Best wishes to all. Please feel free to contact me at, again, I love having found this site and have spent hours scrolling thru...However, I find people often enter more than once and am not certain if there are 1000's of entries or if I'm going around in circles...How many alum are entered here? 
Kay Carlson Bishop 1970 In class with Andy and had a blast. He also copied my broadcasting notes as he, in his words, was too lazy! He "done" good!!!  
Neil  Black Berklee I was a Berklee College of Music student living in the Grahm Dorm in 1978 and would love to hear from old friends.  
Paul  Black 1979 The snail mail address is good through Oct. 25, when I'll be leaving for a two year contract in Sudan, Africa. I'd love to hear from any of you folks that are still out there. The E-Mail address is always good. Paul ' After Grahm finished studies on the left coast, San Diego State University. Worked in California for 5 years, as Director/Producer in News and Production. Moved back to Boston worked for WHDH for 7 years until 1990 then World Monitor (Bob Marshall was there as well). Have been working as an independent producer/consultant since. It's taken me to Middle East, London, Geneva, Germany, Africa, Aruba and most recently Kosovo and Macedonia. I'm back in Boston working with a few other Grahm Grads as a freelance Special Projects Producer for 7 News NBC while I wait for the next excellent adventure. I've stayed in contact with a few others from Grahm over the years and more so with David Giammatteo (who "encouraged" me to sign in here -- Thanks Dave). Life's been good and Grahm started it all off for me.... no regrets and no looking back. Hope someone is planning a re union sometime soon, it would be great to see some friends from that Indian burial ground in Kenmore Square. 
Mark  Bogni 1976 Class of 76. Got a job at ABC in New York and worked there as a tape editor for news till 1990 when I transfered to the Boston Bureau. Lasted there till 1999 and decided to take a buyout. Now I'm in Maine and have my own production/website company.  
Chris  Bonnivier 1968 Would like to get a year book for class of 1967/68/69 to look up old friends/college room mates etc. Would love to hear from anybody from the super 6th floor. Also would like to get a 1967-1968-1969 year book to look up old friends - Please e-mail me - Thanks 
Craig  Borchard 1972 I am looking forward to Renunion 2012.  
Bill  Boutwell 1970  If I knew then what I know now....  
John  Brennan 1979 The Broadcasting Bug, it never leaves you. I attended Grahm that final semester in 1979 but wound up working in the High Tech industry. The broadcasting bug surfaced again for me 4 years ago when I announced a Pop Warner football game. They loved me and I've been announcing home games since along with Little League baseball and school basketball games. What I really want to get into is voiceovers. It's not something most people can quit their full time job for, but would be fun and some nice extra income. I'm trying to get in touch with other people who attended Grahm that final semester in 1979 to relive some great memories! It was a short but good time that final semester at Grahm. Remember The Pizza Pad, Al Capones and Frank N Steins? Okay, and the Kenmore Package store. I've been out of broadcasting for a while, just getting back into it on the side for Citadel Broadcasting in Worcester, MA. Any new reunion info, let me know! 
Brandon  Brooks 1972 Just a quick google at work. If my name rings a bell, drop me a line.  
Douglas  Brown 1977 I started at GJC in 1976 and spent one year there. My roomate at the time was Mark Manning [anyone know his whereabouts?]. GJC was an enjoyable time for me; this was my first time living away from home [from CT], and enjoyed Boston a great deal. I do not remember too much about my classes or instructors, but I know that I did well academically. In 1977, I went to the University of Oregon, graduating with a BS Degree in 1981. Are there any plans in the works for a class reunion at all?  
Gordon  Brown instructor I was instructor for Radio Production and Radio Production Workshop classes at Grahm in the summer of '67. Lotta history there.  
Jim  Brown 1970 Leavitt Hall  
Mike  Brown 1968 Matt - Sorry to read that you must give up the work entailed to maintain the site. It's been great. Hopefully the reunion will produce a person, or persons, interested in continuing your work. Is it possible to transfer at least some of your site to the Facebook site? Or Yahoo? Google? Have enjoyed checking Guest Book for at least two years. Very few names I recognize. Was great to finally learn something about Don Otto. What about Miss Lander? Sorry to learn about Nancy Dolph. I'm one more who would like to learn about Steve Schouten. Stanley Potter, too. None of my original class, from Jan./67, are to be found in the Guestbook. 
Steve  Brown 1968 Had a great two years. Met some terrific people while there; especially those connected to WCSB Radio. Hope this will reconnect with any and all!  
David  Bruce 1971 Drummer for the Soul Time Review Shows.Played congo's with Andy Kaufman outside of BU student center to get wine money.Where are all the Soul Time Review singers and musicians from 1967-1971? Clifford Archer our bass player now lives in Japan. Holla at me.  
Kendall  Buchanan 1973 I entered Grahm in 1970.I'm looking for two things. (1)A video of the 1970 "Soul Time Revue" with Andy Kaufman doing Elvis and me hosting. And (2)A 1972 & 1973 year book,(not sure witch one i'm in). Please email me if you have any info on either.  
Stuart  Bufferd 1971 Great times at Grahm Jr. Met the love of my life, Ivy Schuster. We have been married for 32 years. Have 2 beautiful daughters, 30 & 24. I am the General Manager of Creative Travel Int'l. in Melville, NY. Would love to hear from other Grahm Jr alumni from 69 - 71  
Wayne  Burgher 1967 Remember the " blackout of '65 . We were sitting in the schools dining room at that time . When the lights started blinking , I yelled out , that's one , that's two , that,s three ....... then the rest of the classmates thought I ( being the techno geek ) had rigged something . I worked on air at W C S B , lived in Wadsworth . Went on to get F C C license and worked many years as chief engineer and announcer at a lot of radio and tv stations . Currently working on alternative energy for the few environmentally aware individuals left in the U.S. My next project will be to salvage a dozen Yugo automobiles from the scrap heap and weld them together for the first " 3rd world S U V " . Anyone know Dorothy McClellan from the biz school ? Ask her to contact me . Also looking for David Woodson , last known working radio in the Pacific NW . Thanks for the site and pictures .  
Greg  Bush 1976 Delta Omega Delta bros call me.  
Daniel  Bussey 1975 loved those days at grahm  
Allan  Camp 1975 It was 2 weeks ago when I drove my son Jake down the Mass Pike to check out colleges in Boston. As we got closer to Kenmore Square, I was throwing out Boston facts and reliving the excitement I felt when I was doing what he is now. The city, Boston radio and how I worked in the Grahm Mail room and part time at the Kenmore Club doing the light show. I was sure my explanation was infectious, as I told him if he looked down from the Citgo sign right now, he could see the back of Kenmore Hall, my old dorm. I looked in the rearview mirror and he was sleeping. Oh Well…..I sure enjoyed the flashback. I signed this guest book in January 2001. This is just an update on my new email address. P.S. Dave Simpson(next room to me at Grahm) from the class of 76 is working across the hall from me now at Hot 93.7 in Hartford. Works some shifts at WPLJ-New York(you'll see him on the website. Roland Lajoie from the class of 74 is working radio in Vermont (Morrisville) 
Jimmy  Carlson 1977 Hope all is well with everyone! Kenmore Hall rocked with Big Daddy,Fox,Harpo,Spanky,Flyer,Scott-man,Smokey, Karen & Jit Stain! Pennied in the Babbit Rabbit! Soggies out the window! Marathon Mondays! The Rat!Beat the Haus Special! Smokers with Fox. How did we not get arrested? Student Union Parties!  
chris  carrozzo 1967 Alive and well, looking to contact fellow students 1966 and 1967  
Tracey  Carter 1970 would like to attend the next reunion whenever it's held. Thanks.  
Dennis Mac Carthy 1974 From the class of '74. Congratulations to all who remained in this unstable broadcasting world. The memories from Grahm will never die and the foundation the school gave me was a definate advantage in my career. Currently working for Westwood One as producer of nationally broadcast "America In the Morning" and C-B-S TV News in Washington D-C. Hope to see you all at the reunion.  
tony  carvalho 1971 "do you remember?" I created a class back in 70-71 called "Broadcast Problems" with the sole intent of producing a script I wrote about a troubled youth who wanted a car and struggled with his father over it and his father died before he could reconcile after many arguments. I cant remember the title but do remember the boy, played by Bob Dipietro, character's name I think was Louie. David Victorsen was the director, I produced and wrote. I never went to any of my other classes once we started production and left after two years there and started a video production company with David, AJ, Alfie, Carol (became david's wife) and a guy Peter who ended up in jail in Amsterdam. I went on to work in Radio near Hartford, WPOP, then back to playing music with the 'Madd John Band' around New England till 77' moved to LA, eventually got into building inspection, worked for cities of: Long Beach CA, Avalon CA (on Catalina Island), Branson MO, finally Kirkwood Mo, near St Louis. Thanks for this site, I can't believe the posts and  
Fred  Caswell staff In 1967, my wife and I were house mother and father of the 6th floor girls dorm at the old Kenmore Hotel (Cambridge/Graham) whil I went to BU on the GI Bill. I remember most the Kenmore Square riot when the Sox won the American League title. All the house parents manned the ground floor windows to "repel boarders" from the crowd outside.  
greg  ceiley Unknown I moved here from California 4 years ago. I came across 7 wooden baseball bats in a navy sea bag left for the trash truck. One of the bats is a mickey mantle model with Grahm Junior College branded on it. Although I hadn't heard of the college, I now wonder who might have used it. I would like to hear about the Baseball team. I found the bats in a little town in New York called Walden. has memoribilia 
Bruce  Chandler 1977 Took a little trip to Boston Yesterday. Went to see Collective Soul at Avalon "excellent"(you may remember it as the Metro on Landsdowne St.) "The Sguare" is very different. New hotel is up and running with lots of upscale shops. Nuggets records in the old library of Kenmore hall. There is a hole in the ground where the bus station was. You enter the T through the front of the hotel. Stopped into the Cask just for a whiz. Some things have changed. The cask looks about the same but they made it a bit bigger. The old energy just isn't there but then I really didn't expect it to be. Life goes on. The good news is most of us made it out alive. And with some really good memories. Harpo  
Calvin  Chapman 1973 The best years of my life... Grahm will forever live in my heart , soul and mind. I hope to hear from all Grahmites from the year of 70-73 Calvin Chapman Best time of my life. The knowledge I achieved in the field of communications was the best there was. One day I hope to return to my roots of television and radio production. R.J. Kane television production of " A MATTER OF CONDUCT" truly was an example of what television was for it's time. 
John  Chase 1969 I lived in Leavitt Hall, 5th floor. My roommate was Ed Jones. Guys in the hallway included Kerry Stutz, Charlie Leiberman, Bob Majowicz, Jim Rivers, Tom Downs, Dean Maharis (spelling right?) Gagliardi, Schermerhorn, Ted Gorkowski, and many others I can't remember (I'm probably off on some of the ones I've mentioned). Dean Steeves and Kerry Stutz were my two best friends. I remember the '67 Red Sox pennant, missing breakfast every day because I slept late (therefore being hungry most of the time), the Citgo sign shining in my dorm window, drinking coffee at Libby's, the bustle of Kenmore Square and the great experience of living in Boston at an exciting time. Ed Jones, where are you (Reverend)?  
Jim  Clark 1977 Congrats to ex Giants Bill,Charlie and Romeo for taking the Bowl again. Scott-Man, next year will be the year of the ELI. Peace to all Grahmites. I came to Boston in '75 and have never left. Interned at WMEX Radio in '76..Was hired there in '77(Talk show Prod.). 'MEX turned into WITS, from there moved to WCVB-TV in '80(Freelance Sports Prod.) Moved on to WLVI-TV in '84 (Sports Prod. for Ten O'Clock News) and have been there since. I've Shot..Edited..Produced. Have several Emmy's..Telly's..AP Awards. Current Position is Senior Producer/Editor. Grahm was the catalyst for what has been a tremendous rewarding career. The social times at Grahm were also life forming and ones I'll never forget. Except those haze induced times via Carlson..Scott-Man..and JIT.
Lets keep the Grahm Memory Alive! Time for a reunion Grahmites!!! 
mark  clarke 1978 Hello fello Grahmites Great page and lots of memories comin back. I was traffic director and newsman at csb in 76-77 and did weather on winr in 77. Because of the great education I received I ended up as the weekend guy on WHIM AM in Providence, RI for 5 years doin 6pm-12mid shift. Currently doin cable tv production and in the world of computers working for Perot Systems. Any alum in the area that might remember me-(kenmore hall resident) or from the stations please say hi-;ove to hear from ya. great to relive the memories of the beef and bird and the fun i had. transfered to mt wachusett community college in 1978 and went on to weekend dj at whim am 1110 in providence for 5 years. my time at wklb as traffic director and as the weatherguy on tv6 started me on the road to broadcast. thanks for the great memories and if any u guys remember i was the one that brought donuts to the radio station in exchange for ads-drop me an email. 
Scott  Coen 1978 Hey Kids! Made many life long friends at Grahm. Two terrific years. Still a TV sports guy. Ilive and work in Springfield, MA. Been here for 22 years. I freelanced throughout the 90's. Worked in Providence, Hartford, Boston and did horse racing for ESPN. Married, Happy, Healthy! A lot of us are on Facebook. Look forward to hearing from anyone and everyone. I guess I was supposed to include some info on where I am right now?? Went to Emerson from Grahm. To Texas for six years as TV Sports guy. Back to New England where I spent 10 years freelancing. I worked full-time/part-time with Jimmy Clark at WLVI-TV Boston as sports anchor. Covered horse racing for ESPN for six years. Now Sports Director at WGGB-TV Springfield Mass where I settled to get on with my life. I have a great wife, 4 year old daughter named Casey and a grest job. Life is good. I have kept in touch with Jim Clark, Bill Martin, Scott Menario, Tom Shaer and others. This web site proved that my time at Grahm was real and not just some really cool dream. My time in Boston at Grahm was special. See you guys at reunion. And Thanks Matt. I remembered you as the schools historian even in 1978. 
Mark  Cohen 1969 Never thought a train to Boston from Revere would get me here. Class of 69 was a great start to TV production, Delta Omega, New York and NY Tech, to CBS NY and currently CBS LA. Over 30 years of work in TV from Television City has been a real thrill. A road with space shuttles, super bowls, and many others. Grahm was a big part of it and I am most proud of that. Crockett put your ears on.  
Daniel  Colgan 1975 Attended Grahm from 1973-1975 majoring in radio production. Currently working as Operations Manager at New Hampshire Public Radio in Concord, New Hampshire.  
Laurie Simmons Conley 1976 Matt...wonderful tribute..thank you for the work you put into it. One of the best experiences was the Directed Projects class taught by Pat Bashford and her cohort....After graduation a bunch of us were lucky and headed to NYC and ABC. I moved onto CBS for a few years and then moved back to CT to raise my son. My memories are fond but at times dim from the air quality in Kenmore. Martha Parker was my freshman roommate..lost track of her years ago. Also Tony Pagano, Maurice, Laurie Toth, John Curtin, Darrell and Buzz? and I wonder where Marianna Fessenden ended up? Had many great times with 78 grads as well.  
Ray  Conley 1978 '78 -- From Kenmore's notorious Room 218... Started at ABC two weeks after graduation (big change from begging for scraps at the DeliHaus)and still at it. Post Production Editor -- There're quite a few Grahmmies doing same in NYC. Looking forward to upcoming timewarp. Anybody know the whereabouts of my roomie, John Kreta, once of Derby, CT? A.P.B. for Mongo or Spanky!  
Dan  Connors 1969 Lived at Wadsworth in room 578. My roommate was Charlie Fox who is still my best friend today! We got together today and discussed this website hoping that some of the crew from Wadsworth and the broadcasting school who remember us will get in touch. Just heard from Ed Devereaux today just one day after e-mailing him! Other roomates were Jim Corbett and Jerry Blumenthal. Member of Kappa. Charlie and I still laugh about all the craziness that went on in that place. We had the best time of our lives there, we were young, Boston was great and there are several people we remember from Grahm. So if any of you remember me or Charlie, drop me a note. He should be signing into this questbook soon.  What a surprise this is....found out about this site from my former roommate and still best friend Charlie Fox. Charlie and I were in room 578 in Wadsworth Hall (also known as "The Zoo"). The memories are still great....Jimmy Corbett, Roger Cassell, Joe Susi, Bob Schwartzman, and I was in Kappa. Any of you guys or girls who want to get together please e-mail me. Really excicted about this and so is Charlie, we'd like to hook up with whomever is interested and laugh about the good old days at Grahm.
Jim  Corbett 1969 HI there,,,,attended GJC from 67-69. Sure would enjoy talking with some ex classmates....hey Fox you out there?  
Steven  Corwin 1977 I fried too many brains cells at Grahm to remember your names. Sure could use some help. Would love to hook up with Richard Horkey though. Does anyone remember the Student Concerns Committee, we and a few professors got together to keep the school from going under. It was a great learning experience- could only happen at Grahm, "learn by doing". After graduating I went back to NYC to get into the work world. Found myself starting at the very bottom in TV commercial production. After several years, a few compnaies and many hours later, I left to start my own production company to cater to Madison Ave. Loved it for over 15 years but it was enough. Would love to hear from some of the old gang. My mouth waters when I think of those Al Capone subs.....  
Lisa  Costanzo 1978 i didn't attend Grahm, but lived in the dorm. Played "security guard" in exchange for a dorm room. I went to one of the local art schools. Just came across this site. Hey to anyone who remembers me.  
Larry  Coviello 1979 Greetings All
It's nice to see this site up! Thanks for the memories! Join the Grahm Junior College Boston MA. group on Facebook. Come join the party catch up with old friends 
bob  crock 1972  tried radio briefly. ended up as a paramedic, then into nursing. now working at the hennepin (minneapolis) county jail as a nurse. many years in ems at the pro baseball and football stadiums in minneapolis providing ems care to fans. also have taught ems classes for years. private pilot. ham radio operator, amateur musician, photography. have ridden motorcycles all over the us and canada.  tried radio briefly. ended up as a paramedic, then into nursing. now working at the hennepin (minneapolis) county jail as a nurse. many years in ems at the pro baseball and football stadiums in minneapolis providing ems care to fans. also have taught ems classes for years. private pilot. ham radio operator, amateur musician, photography. have ridden motorcycles all over the us and canada. found this site recently. was broadcasting major, but ended up as a paramedic and then into nursing. have been a volunteer firefighter. still involved in ems as an instructor, and at the major league baseball and football stadiums in minneapolis as a member of the ems team at both, providing emergency medical care to all the fans. am a ham radio operator, have a pilot's license, have ridden motorcycles all over the u.s. and canada, guitar player, amateur photgraphy. currently working at the hennepin (minneapolis)county jail as a nurse.
Barry  Cronin instructor Well, this is a grand surprise! It is a delight to see so many Grahm students and how you have all turned out. Some of you may remember me fondly, perhaps not so fondly. I often think Grahm, its students and faculty. Whenever I drive through Kenmore Square, it is like a memory trip. I see it as it was, not as it is now. Some of you may know I married Grahm registrar, Ginny MacLean (now Ginny Cronin). We have a married son with three grandchildren, and another son who is a sophmore in theatre at NYU. And...I am not retired, but working in oneline and television educational content. Do you hear from any of your "old" teachers? Dean Cronin  
Steve  Crosby 1968  It was a great two years. I often think of my time in Kenmore Square and the great learning experience.  To all my friends and brothers at KSB fraternity. Served 23 years in the Air Force, obviously survived Vietnam and have had a wonderful life. Hi to Bob Farman, Mike Cruz, Sandy Pollock, Stanley Altman (I deserved an A on my commercial)Jim Carr, Jim Duddelson,John Carberry and Mary Moy. I had a blast for those two years. 
Robert  Crowley 1972 You might want to add Crowley and Tripp Ribbon Microphones (now owned by Shure)

A Grahm prof told me I needed a ribbon mic to overcome my nasal voice. I invented my own ribbon mic material, got four US patents, later sold Crowley and Tripp Microphones to Shure inc. for a good sum, and they are still in production today.

I dodged the draft at Grahm, played pool, wrote ad copy in writing for radio and TV, played with the TV studio, and suffered a class by a guy named Nanus, in 1971-72.

Went over to Framingham State to become a teacher after that. Received distinguished alumni award.

Still on ham radio (callsign W1XYZ)


Robert J. Crowley


Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc.
72 Nickerson Rd
Ashland, MA 01721 USA
01 508 231 4515 voice
01 508 231 1023 facsimile
LUIS  CRUZ 1979 Wow, year I was born. Greetings and salutations. Great to see GJC again. Miss everyone and everything. Matt you are the best. We'll always be friends Luis Loveall the pics and the sites now, been a long time coming....Thanx Matt Hey Matt and everyone else, its me Louie Cruz, The one with the Mexican Hi's on the weather :-)
Michael  Cruz 1968 Dear Friends, It's great to be part of the Cambridge School/ Grahm Jr. College Alumni. Even if you attended but didn't finish, consider yourself an equally important part of the Grahm Jr. College Family. My time at Grahm includes 2 years as a student, majoring in TV performance, and 1 year as a security guard in Kenmore Hall and a floor director in Leavitt Hall. I also worked part of the time while at Grahm as a stupid, absent-minded train engineer on The Bunker Hill Show at Boston's Channel 56. Does anyone remember the Muscular Dystrophy Assoc. Show in the Kenmore Ballroom with Lou Anderson, TV's Clarabell The Clown on Howdy Doody? Do you remember President Milton Grahm's comment after visiting Russia? He said, if you ever go to Russia, bring your own toilet paper. Theirs is like sand paper! Email me to say hello or to chat.  
Pamela  Cutler 1973 Please email me reunion info. What a great site. Pam  
Jim  Daughton 1974 I miss those burgers at the Fatted Calf!  
Marcia  Davenport 1976 Graduated with major in Hotel and RestaurantManagement (one of three students in the major in that year). Wondering if the other two are still around!  
Betsy O'Nril Davis 1970 The pictures on this site bring back some wonderfull memories of Boston and my 2 years at Grahm. Looking at the photos of Kenmore Square bring back some lovely memories. I have been working as an Accounts Payable Specialist for the past 20 years. Now unemployed and searching for work. 
Kara  Davis 1977 My, my, my....what a wonderful trip down memory lane. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Grahm (75-77) and the friends I made. Does anyone know where these people are? Michael Moody, Michael Rice, Nancy Mathis and Scott Richardson (he was one of the security guards). I've been working in TV since graduation. I've done everything from Production Assistant to Traffic Manager. I'm currently a Digital Operations Technician (Master Control Operator) for the NY Times Broadcast Division. I monitor and roll breaks for two of their 8 stations. Thank you for this's wonderful!!!!!!  
chris  davitt 1971 i will be attending the reunion and look forward to meeting all my fellow grahm alumni.i graduated in 1971 and was a television production major. i also performed in a play written and directed by andy kaufman at grahm. i am now a member of the screen actors guild and have been in several movies as a background extra. i welcome any e-mails from anyone who would like to say hello. chris davitt  
Jay  Deane 1975 After several years in Springfield and Worcester radio, brothers Donn and Fred and I signed on WJDF (Jay-Donn-Fred) in August of '95. 10 year anniversary next year. I walked through Kenmore Square heading to a Sox game in August and got a little misty ... WHAT HAPPENED TO KENMORE?!? I guess I've got to visit more often. Boy, after the DNC, the city looked almost like you were in Disney -- so clean!! I've been lucky to work with Mike Osborne during the Springfield and Worcester stints, and still stay in touch with Mike Drust, roomy from the second floor of Kenmore, and Richard DeAngelis, working in cable on the North Shore. Does anyone else think the deli right next to the old studio buildings is where SNL got the idea for "No coke - Pepsi!!" Jay Deane  
Rich  DeAngelis 1975 Memories!! The 70's, my God! I was a "commuter", and a friend of Mike Drust and Jay Dean. Good times in Kenmore Hall. I was fortunate to make a 30 year career in the communications industry.  
Gloria  DeHaven 1970 Seems like a million dreams ago a little whisp of a thing resided at Kenmore Hall Room 720....anyone still around? I met some interesting folk during that brief journey...hope all of you are well and wishes. Gloria Jean DeHaven-(maiden name) Hi Looking for these fellow classmates: Sheila Shenoy, India Marcia McKenzie, Kingston Jamaica Phyllis Woodhouse, Bridgeport, Conn. Debbie Peterson Bridgeport, Conn. Eileen " Bozo" Goodman, Nassau, LI, NY Stephaie Robelledo, Manhattan, NY Madge Willis, Jersey City, NJ Jamie Billion, Washington, DC Laurinda H. Pfaff, Weston, Mass Nancy Rapp, Rockport, Mass Debbie Reed, Augusta Maine Bill Clack, Conn Bruce Womer Bruce Cullen White Plains, NY Wandra Roderick Jack Harmsen Thanks!!! 
John  DeLibero 1970 I have a (confirmed)list of over 50 ex-classmates that was compiled about three years ago if anyone is interested.  
George  Delisle 1971 The memories still seem fresh after more than 35 years. Grahm and WCSB Radio taught me many lessons that remain valuable today. Hi. I just wanted to post an updated e-mail address. I'm still with the Union-News of Springfield, Mass. 
Don  deMeurers 1966 Great web page....Sure would like to find my friends. Since I last wrote here at the Grahm site...I have moved to Florida. I have found several classmates here and look forward to many more. lots of fond memories. Anyone know where Ana Franklin is? How about Bill O'Neil and Skip (wheel chair) Nelson from R.I.? Would love to hear from 67-68 students. Hope to hear from some "old" friends…It's been a long time since Wadsworth Hall! Looking for old friends. Stan Alton is teaching at Syracuse University. Some have passed on. Rodney (Tex) Ross to cancer about 12 years ago. Miss my best friend from school. Any classmates out there? Let's make contact..
Deborah Loitz DeSenti 1972 Matt: You did a wonderful job of bringing back great memories of Grahm. With bombscares, Deli Haus bagels with friends at all hours and the Red Sox at Fenway, Grahm definitely brings a HUGE smile to my face. I especially remember all my dear friends from KapaSigma Beta and from the girl's sororiety (as ya get older you forget the names)-I am married 25 years to a wonderful man that has been to Boston many times and listened to be ramble about the great times as well as a 21 year old daughter. I have stayed in touch via e-mail with many old friends like Carol McGuigan, Bruce Wettenstein. Bob Allen, Mary Ellen Krickmire, Carter Williams, Bob Allen, Arlene Rizzo and others. I went to the last reunion, but unsure if I can make this one. Have a blast! Debbie(also known as Loitzy baby)  
Ed  Devereaux 1969 Stumbled on this sight. Let's see, member of Kappa Sigma Beta. Played on the hockey team with Bob Mooney. Names I remember; Charlie Fox, Dan Connors, Jim Corbett, Roger Cassell, Bill Gorman, Everett Jarvis, Dave Arpin, Bob Mooney, Jerry Samet, Jerry Elie, Mike Henrique, Alex Freesbie. Libby's, The Rat, Senior Pizza, fun and crazy times back then. Got into high tech in the early 70's now retired. Kenmore Square will always be a special place for me.  
Joe  Di Rocco 1976 Yeah,...Grahm,...Boston,...Kenmore Square,...Graduated, I kinda' remember now! Great job! Talk about flashbacks! The best time of my life! Kicked around a little after Grahm, did a couple of radio and club stints, then went into U.S. Air Force where I was into Communications and Civil Engineering. Have been in computers for several years specializing in Training, Education and Development. Now work as a System Analyst for a printed circuit board manufacturer in Florida. Have stayed in touch with Jeff Martini, Steve Donahue, Laurie Toth, and Jon Senecal now and then. No matter where I have been around the world I have always had Grahm and the friends I made there near to heart! QUE it UP!!!!!!!!!  
Burt  Diamond 1970-dng Hey Papa I wonder if I remember you. Anyway after you left the same malcontents and pot smoking feinds were still there including your's truly. Interesting we just got back from BU with our son. He wanted to tour the school. He's a senior in High School. I went in to Levitt Hall which is the Buckminster Hotel now and it looked like a fleebag for the same sorts of people, malcontents and drug addicts. I lived across the hall from Andy Kaufman in Levitt Hall. About 3 feet from his door and he was always banging on more door to tell us to shut up when we were going crazy smoking pot and drowning the whole building with Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Some of the best years of my life. What I wouldn't do to have 1 day back there in 1968. Yes I am alive and prospered despite myself. I am looking for two people. The loves of my life at Grahm. Lynn Miller and Patti Mash. Girls don't take it personally I loved you both. Meet me in my room tonight 5th floor Levitt Hall.Oh yes one more thing. What I credit Grahm with the most was my professional foray in to SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL. I am not even sure where the classrooms were. Alfie, Terry, Dr. John, AJ and all thre other devients were my college education. Right stillips. I went to this school of Rock and Roll and drugs for I think 2 years but I was so high all the time with Alfie Phillips and the rest I had no idea what planet I was on most of the time. It was great. Some of the best times of my life. I now understand why the school went bankrupt. Everyone was too busy getting stoned. 
Chris  DiNunno 1978 don't remember anyone's name except Steve Donahue. I'm getting old.  
Ray  Diulio 1974 I am looking for Fitz, Gene Snyder, Joe Hyder to name a few. I have been in the business since graduation. Production Manager, Director, Producer in Connecticut, but then made transition to the Electronic Retailing Business....Yes QVC, HSN, Informercial Business....and more. I am also a vendor to those businesses as well. Being at Grahm was a special time in my life. Thank you Claire, Karen and AL Capones....  
Diane  DiVittorio 1975 Wonderful years at Grahm, great friends, and a pretty good education, too. I'm still using my degree - I've been in instructional media and technology for most of my life. Still in touch with my college friends - Marc, Gary, Paul, Abby and Ellen.   
Gary  Dixon 1969 I enjoyed the Grahm page and all the memories. It always amazes me how many of us are still in broadcasting after more than 30 years!  
Steve  Dodd 1974 Happy Hoildays to all! TV Production Major. Worked in radio partime @ KPAR 1420 in Granbury TX as part of the original staff on weekends. Cant watch a Red Sox game without memories of Levitt Hall. Father of 3 Grandpa of 5  
Doug Mac Donald 1968 I had the pleasure of attending this great little school on the G.I Bill. Attended Northeastern for one year and then married duties/working replaced school.Fond memories.  
David  Donlin 1977 Thanks Matt for trying to keep track of all of us. I graduated in 1977, and actually ran Master control for the 1978 college year – back to back fiascos!! And then went on to work for ABC and NBC in New York. Freelanced in Philadelphia area for a while and then landed back up here in Boston where I worked for a production post company. Got laid off during the 1986 stock market downturn. So I started my own Video equipment rental company. Married Merle Modell in 1988, no kids yet. The best life experiences were at Grahm – that I can remember!!  
Linda  Donovan 1975 I am hoping to hook up with some friends that went to Grahm when I did, I only went one year, graduated in 1975. Greta Jones? Julie...? Dave....?I can't even remember their last names!  
Rod  Dormire 1974  Fond memories of Grahm and Kenmore Square. Hello to all my fellow Grahmites  Lots of great memories of the old Grahm days. Had a chance to go back and visit Kenmore Square last year. Remember there are no jobs in the industry or whatever MR.Schwartz used to say! It's great to see Grahm still lives on the Internet anyway. Enjoyed seeing the pictures. After graduation, I spent 13 years in the radio biz, then decided it was time to get a "real job". So, I became a 911 operator/fire dispatcher for another 13 years (no stress there!). I am now working for a regional ambulance service doing community relations. I have been married for 23 years and have a 10 year son.
Robert  Doughty 1968 Great site. I lived in St. George Hotel with roommates Jeff Maker and Jerry Elie. Where are you guys now?? Great time to be alive and witness the Sox win the Pennent. Dick Walsh was a great teacher and I owe my successful career in radio to his wisdom "Broadcasting is a business just like any other....No room for primadonas." I've been at the Voice of America since 1984 and have done just about everything radio demands. Worked from 1974 in all facets...Top 40, Beautiful Music, Christian broadcasting. Love to hear from anyone who remembers those youthful times in 67-68.  
Steven  Douglass 1970 AAS TV Production  
Joe  Doyle 1979 WOW what a find. Ca't wait to get together with all the gang.  
David  Drown 1978 I remember you, Matthew... Glad to see the "spirit" has endured... Anyone know the status of school president S.Leonard Singer, teacher Mickey Dickoff, or student Cindy Carroll?  
john  drugach 1966 If I have been successful in my publishing career, and I believe I have, than it is important to note that every job I have ever had can be directly linked back to my Grahm mentor the late Barbara Bancroft, who sepnt a lifetime at BBD&O advertising in Boston. Those of us who were assigned to her as part of our work/study program were known as "Barbie's Babies". A scholarship fund in her name was set up at Katie Gibbs in Boston should anyone care to rememebr her with a donation. Married classmate Dee Dee Magnusen 1967, two children: John 37, a boat captain in FL, Beth 35, State Farm agent in ME. Divorced 1997 (Dee now lives in Nobleboro,ME.) After 3.6 million miles over the road in America & Canada selling National Magazine advertising, at 61 years old I have downsized my life... into a townhouse and a lower profile job at a local Newspaper. Close friends with Mike Bradley class of 1966 (The Also, recall Super Lou, Rob Ronka, Dee Dee Bedebeck (used to see her name as camera person on television), Norma ???? (who went in the CIA and now lives near Putney VT.) Note to: Kay Nocerino... ask Jim if recalls Anthony Manncini asking him if needed the 3 mile limit in Law class! 
Michael  Drust 1975 Revisitng site after a few years - nice to have a place to reflect on the great times at Grahm. Anyone know what happened to Otto, Nanis, Perkins? Would be great to hear from friends from the class of 75! Hey Dave Burke! Ron Dellaria! Jay Deane! (sept 2009) For those who knew him, I just wanted to add that Rich Baldanza (1973-1975) died in January of this year in Cocoa Beach, FL, after a long illness. I'm told that a memorial service will be held in New Jersey sometime this Spring; if you're interested, email me and I will share any informaton I receive. hello all, particularly class of 75... nice to finally have a way for everyone to comment on life at Grahm - hopefully the memories were as fond for you as they were for me. while in boston last summer, spent a couple of nights at hotel leavitt er uh buckminster - the traffic on brookline avenue is still loud at dawn, and the kenmore wine shop is gone after +40 years. hope all of the joyful memories of growing up in boston in the early 70's still remain as life has gotten more complicated and "serious."
George  Dudasik 1971 great to see all this stuff.  
Ilona Lange Dudasik 1971 Update with new email address class of 71 moved from Los Angeles last year to Portland, Or. George Dudasik and I are still good friends even divorced. Our son Ryan a graduate of USC is planning on getting engaged to his college friend of 7 years, she is from So. Ca. I had a visit with fellow GJC Carolyn Melnick Goldberg and also a visit from Harriet Gruber also class of 71, still in touch with a few, please email me I would love to hear from anyone that recalls George and I in the halls of Grahm. I cannot believe 37 years ago the best years of my life were just starting. Peace, Ilona Dudasik George is at GRADUATE OF 1971 MARRIED GEORGE DUDASIK ALSO THE CLASS OF 1971 IN 1974. WE DIVORCED AFTER 18 YEARS OF MARRIAGE AND HAVE A WONDERFUL SON RYAN WHO IS A STUDENT AT USC AND WILL BE 22 IN APRIL. WE STILL REMAIN IN CONTACT WITH DOUG MACOMBER CLASS OF 1971 AND I JUST REUNITED AFTER 22 YEARS WITH MY FRIEND CAROLYN MELNICK GOLDBERG. DOUG LIVES IN ST. LOUIS, MO. AND CAROLYN LIVES IN PHOENIX, AZ. SHE HAS A SON LYLE ALSO THE CLASS OF 1971. I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM ANY OF OUR FRIENDS FROM GRAHM.I ALSO MET ANDY KAUFMAN OUT HERE AFTER WE MOVED HERE IN 1976 AND WAS SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT HIS DEATH, WE REMAINED FRIENDS AND HAD A GREAT TIME AT HIS SHOW. GEORGE BECAME AND ACTOR UNDER THE NAME OF GEORGE E. ROBERTS AND NOW WORKS FOR THE XFL FOOTBALL LEAGUE HERE IN LA. RYAN OUR SON ALSO WORKS FOR THE LA EXTREME. I WORK AS A PRIVATE BABY NURSE AND HAVE HAD AN EXCITING CAREER IN WORKING FOR MANY TOP CELEBRITIES. GEORGE AND I REMAIN GOOD FRIEND AND ANYONE CAN REACH HIM AT HIS EMAIL GEORGE251@AOL.COM WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU SOON. 
Michael Macy Dunn 1975 just wanted to holla at everyone from the years 1973-1975...The Beef and Bird, the Levitt building and Kenmore Square all bring back some fond memories. Shouts to the old friends like Manny, Hollywoood, WW , Preston, Todd, Debbie Sullivan, Tonya, Maurice Slaughter, Robyn, Penny, Brenda, could go on but I hope that's enough to jar some memories.  
Bob  Durling 1978 Class of '78.Great site MAtt. After Grahm I Worked in TV at a production house outside of Boston as an editor/slash do-all gopher for about 4 years. I loved the work but hated the lifestyle. Lots of travel, lots of on the spot no notice long hours. So after much contemplation I settled on going after a new career. Went back to school, got a degree and a technical background and eventually ventured off into high tech. To further abuse myself I'm 1/2 way thru an MBA program at Northeastern. (wish me luck) Currently I'm a plant manager for EMC, a data storage company in Hopkinton, Mass. I'm married & have 4 kids, 2 boys aged 20 & 18 and 2 girls aged 14 and 10. Family life is great (love being a Dad). I now live in Sturbridge. I hope to see you all at the reunion. Just wanted to pass on a new E-mail address that some folks may not have: 
Kevin  Dwyer 1973 This is great. I graduated in 73.What I can remember,I lived in Levitt Hall,now Pizza Uno and office buldings. Did they really level Kenmore Hall? Never did anything with the degree but hats off big time to the ones that did. been a mailman in bealtiful Cape Elizabeth Maine for twenty five years,done in five and love it! Grahm Jr. Wow. The place is no doubt the most memorable experience Ive have ever been through.That is what I can remember. Fith floor Levitt Hall Wow! Good luck everyone!!  
Ron  Edes 1970 I was a "commuting" Television Production major at Grahm from 1968 to 1970. Our little college was pretty famous for its television and radio curriculum and broadcast facilities and I'm proud to be a GJC graduate. Grahm teachers really took an interest in their students, especially Mr. Nanis and Mr. Erickson. I have some very fond memories of my days at Grahm. If anybody remembers me, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks to everybody connected with this Grahm website and reunion planning. All the best to Grahm graduates everywhere. Ron  
Lee  Ehlermann 1979 I was there to the end, If you remember me email me  
Ron  Ellis 1972 Really surprised to find such a site. Will get back to it soon to see if I can find some of the folks. Jeffrey Gunter is one who comes to mind.  
Steve  Emanuelli 1974 22 years with WNAC/WNEV/WHDH-TV Ch. 7 Boston. Currently News Operations Crew Chief. Would love to hear from Dick Walsh, Steve Karkos and the gang who worked in Master Control.  
John  Emery 1971 New E-mail address for anyone interested. Ah I remember with fondness those halcyon I take them so I can sleep........... Never did finish school actually...Was the TV station Director in the Andy Kauffman days and member of the Honor society, (at least for a while!) Whatever happened to Prof. Donald Ericson?? Some of the best days of my life were spent at Grahm. Hey Alphie Phillips, are you out there anywhere??? Maybe we could get together and smoke a bone and head over to the WBCN studios to see if Charles is still around!! What about you Rick Morse??? Doctor John says hello to all..... 
Bill  Emswiler 1979 Was just surfing the net and came across the site recognized some names on the guest book too :) Remember they pushed us out early in 79 right before the doors closed. The big party we had before graduation. Its funny when I tell younger people I went to Grahm and I have to retell the story about what happen to the school. Hope you are all well. Just a note to say hi again.Its been good hearing from some old friends.Sorry I cant make the reunion this weekend.hope you all have a blast 
Grant  Epstein 1973 Thank you Matthew. I thought of my time at Grahm a moment ago and searched the 'net. I am glad this site is here. Good job! I was at Grahm in 1972. My major was Broadcast Management. I did live broadcasts from Katie's (live music); ate at the Deli Haus and interviewed Buddy Rich (drummer, Dorsey Band) in Peabody for my radio course. I went on to a more prestigious school and graduated. I eventually went into the real estate business. I am not in broadcasting today. I do treasure my experience at Grahm and wish to communicate to all that may remember me. Thanks again for the site, Matthew.  
Don  Erickson 1970 Just realized there is a difference between this site and the Yahoogroup site! I was only teaching at Grahm for two years (1968-70). But , as I've stated in many postings to various websites, they probably were the best two years of my four decade teaching career. I taught under Dean Stan Alten (now at Syracuse U.) and my colleagues included George Schwartz (now retired in Virginia), Don Otto (have no idea what happend to him), Nancy (Dolph) Kohn (this wonderful lady died some time ago, as I remember, of cancer). Our chief engineer, Dick Walsh, is now in New Hampshire. will add more as I believe we are warned to keep comments to only a few paragraphs. And my student, Andy Kaufman, deserves a few lines! Later. From Winter Park, FL I was one of Andy Kaufman's main teachers....TV Performance and Production 1968-1970. When I left Grahm (1970) I took with me four or five 1 inch reels of student projects...and had them restored in 1999. Andy is in about 9 minutes of them. These tapes (now remastered and duped to VHS) are available for $50 each (2 1/2 hours each) with new intros by me. Paul Beck of Emerson College (Bostn) was the major force in these restorations. He mas edited them, added effects, and made them 99% of what they were. Mostly they have gone to my former students of that period. Later this year another tape will be struck that includes only the Kaufman excerpts with intro by me and some stories by me and other of his fellow classmates. This tape, maybe 20-25 minutes at most...will sell for about $20...and is intended for the more fanatic of Andy's fans since this material has never been seen before...except for a few seconds on A&E Biography series. If interested, email me and I will give you detailed contents and names of those students in Found almost two dozen of my majors...need to find Cary Dichner, Pat Donovan, Jerry Elie, Bill Haher, Marcia McKenzie (Jamaica), Mark Mintz, Steve Mottram, Don Mount, Jeff Nuttle, David Obuchowski, Bruce Pall, Angelo Pierri, J. Arthur Riccio, Paul Robitaille, Elva Russell (Bahamas), Bill Sample, Michael Skidmore, Monnie Sloan, Larry Toran, Mike Trapani, Paul Vecchione, Steve Winchester, Nick Wnek. My two years at Grahm were the teaching highlight of my 40 year csreer. Contact me or visit me in Orlando area if an alumni, especially if RTV major! Andy Kaufman was my most famous student, of course, but having had the same students blocked together in course after course made me really love those majors! My colleagues including Dean Alten, George Schwartz, Don Otto, Nanch (Dolph) Kohn, Marshall Nanis, Brad Thurber, Arlene Margolis, Îan McCullough, Dean Kerr, and Dean Lynch, among others! Never before or since did I respect the students, the teachers or the administration so much.
Laurie Toth Everett 1976 Thanks to Matt for the site and to Joanne for the work on the reunion. My email address changed since I signed in December. I loved the years I spent at Grahm, the whole Kenmore Square scene, the '75 World Series, staring out my 5th floor window watching the Citgo sign, working on radio dramas til 2 in the morning, and signing off the last air shift of WCSB before graduating, and wishing everyone "a good life". For me, it has truly been that, and so much of it stems from the Grahm years. I went to BC/graduated in‘78, and started working at WGBH soon after. I went from one project to another and stayed for 22 years. I married Dan Everett in 1987, we have 2 girls.I had a great run at WGBH, did lots of wonderful projects, and even worked with (Dean) Dr. Barry Jay Cronin for 8 of those years!! I recently left to spend some time at home with our daughters (ages 3 and 8) and catch up with parts of my life that don't involve work (this is a new thing for me). Will let you all know what happens next. Just checking in and giving a new email address. Something about opening day at Fenway yesterday got me thinking about Grahm again. I went to opening day in 75 with Jon Senecal--you know back when you could get tickets. When last I checked in I was taking a break after 22 years at WGBH. I started working at MIT a few months later. I publish a video streaming website at MIT called MIT World--you can google it. I saw Dick Walsh this summer at Ken Meyer's birthday party--and we talked about how some of us are have jobs that we could not have imagined at Grahm--all before the internet. Dick is semi retired and living in MA and NH.. They are both doing well. Also saw Steve Tawa this past year when he came to visit from Philadelphia. He has been doing news there for more than 20 years. I hope all the Grahmites are doing well and that the joy of the 2004 Red Sox season will endure. My daughters are now 11 and 6 and are both Red Sox fans, and my husband Dan is from Presque Isle Maine--the last time the Red Sox won, his father w 
Peter  Fair 1972 Great to see this site. Lots of memories while reading the guestbook entries. I married a year after graduation. We have 2 grown children. Life is good.  
Pete  Falconi 1973 I have fond memories of Grahm and the days spent in Kenmore Square. I was a comuter from what is now called "Metrowest" and missed a lot of the fun being had by resident students. I actually did not graduate from Grahm. I had been working part-time in radio when I started in September of 1972. During the summer break of '73 I was offered a full time job in radio and had to make a decision. I decided to take the job and return to school when the job ran out. After 30 great years in the broadcast industry I have yet had the need to return to the classroom! But, some of the experience from my short time at Grahm has remained with me to this day. With all the people in the industry that I have met and found that they went to Grahm, I'm proud to say I was a part of it. I have been lucky enough to be both on the air and in management all over New England, including the place where it all started...Boston!  
Bob  Farman 1968 Solid Education in class room and life! an awesome experience  Thanks for the web site, would like to know about any future reunions! Yesterday morning Micheal J. Cruz a member of thr class of 1968 passed away from heart faliure. Mike was a member of the broadcasting school active in the WCSB AM and WCSB TV. After graduating from Grahm Mike appeard on Chanel 56 children programs along with being a dorm councelor in Levitt Hall. In the past 20 years Michael prepared taxes and owned his own financial advisory company. Card can be sent to Michael parents at 115 Norman Street, Chicopee, Ma. 01013
Beth Kessler Feine 1973 Maiden name Kessler Thanks Arnie for sending me this. I have nothing but fond memories of Grahm. For those of you who might remember me, I use to live in NJ, Arnie who I still keep in touch with was my boyfriend at the time. It's wild to look at the guestbook and see names from my past like Monica and Richie. 
Kenneth  Feldman 1977 I'd like to be updated on any reunions. I have not been back to the school since I graduated and would love to relive the memories.  
Michael  Feldman 1973 Class of 1973. Was a Broadcast Major. Lived in Levitt Hall 3rd, 5th floors & 6th Floor when it was known as Wasteland. Was involved with KSB, Great memories!!! Glad I still can remember, after bouncing around the halls so much. Moved to AZ in 75, got involved with commercial real estate in 85. Would enjoy seeing a reel we did in 73 - Ziggy Stardust and Friends - if you remember this, please get in touch. Peace and Joy to all Grahmites. Give me a Grahm Jr., please.  
Debbie  Fell 1975 Thank You Nancy Grumbacher Psillas for getting in touch with me and telling me about this page. Zowie! Who woulda' thunk. After all this time. Some of my favorite memmories are from my time at Grahm. I graduated in 1975. Have spent the last 25 years working for a telecommunications company, but in different fields. Tech Support, Training, Sales, and the latest, Technical Writer. I have also lived in a total of 5 different towns in the last 25 years, all in N.J. Unfortunately, I was recently layed-off (along with about 40,000 other people. If you live in N.J. you probably know what company I mean). So.... I'm using the time to explore new oportunities. Recently appeared in a Play up in NORTH Jersey. Thru the years I have dabled in a couple of Off-Off-Broadway ventures. I currently live in East Brunswick N.J., but that may soon change. In light of the events in the world right now, finding out about this page means more than ever! I'll be getting in touch with many of you. Stay safe. Thank you webmasters!  
Ray  Fernandez 1972 wonderful site.....if anyone has any knowledge of my roommate during 1971-72....Jim Finchen please let me know.....also Mary Jo Anderson.....left radio another lifetime ago in 1974....been at "Big Blue" IBM for the last 24 years. A grandfather and turning 50 this year...where have the years gone.......Great work on the site..... i can now die a happy man........after 44 years of listening to yankee fans both here and in school......this past week has been total makes the years in school watching Mary Pattin almost tolerable..... i can now die a happy man........after 44 years of listening to yankee fans both here and in school......this past week has been total makes the years in school watching Mary Pattin almost tolerable.....MARTY PATTIN....NOT MARY....EVEN THOUGH HE SOMETIMES PITCHED LIKED MARY......just updating new e-mail address.... finally found my roommate jim was great talking to him after 30 years.....regards to all....
Dean  Festa 1975  Meet me at Father's III for one. Where are you Mimi Cezard? And all those years I thought I made Grahm up in my mind.What A trip.Yo class of 1975. Did the radio thing, but decided on school. Got a BA and MA and wound up in law enforcement. Currently am an Enforcement Investigations Supervisor for a county in Connecticut.Also am doing the actor thing: AFTRA/SAG. Have done film/stage and commercials. Still talk with John Fritsche who has gone on to NBC fame. Very excited about the reunion. Paul E.:now I know where to find you. and in closing, Katie, I should have called you back. Peace all.
Bill  Figenshu Unknown Wow. Plenty of great broadcasters here. I'm a Sr. VP at Infinity Radio. Started as a disc jockey and working my way down. Now have 55 stations reporting to me any only 5,000 more rating books till my kids are out of college. Fig  
cindy SCHOMP Fink 1968 I recognized alot of names. GREAT reading..Looking for info on Jim Simpson,Connie Swanson,Ed Pelligrino,"legs" russo and " Flakey'Would love to hear from anyone from the class of '68. Thanks Simon,you're the best... Reside in New Milford since 1979. Married w/2 children. Daughter Heather 28 an research associate w/ Vanity Fair Mag in NYC.Geting married in Nov,2004. Son Andrew 25 Br manager w/ERnterprise rent a car in Great Neck,NY. Husband Rich is a Banker and so am I. 
Patricia Parmenter Fitzpatrick 1972 I was in Sec.Science. This site is great!!! Thank you Joanne for sending to me!Think it would be fun to attend next reunion and see how everyone is.Has anyone heard from Carol Berkowitz(believe she was from NY)?Would love to keep in touch with other "Grahmites"  
Jeff  Fitzsimons 1975 Every so often I like to look at Kenmore Square and get nostalgic. The 2 years at Grahm were terrific and the memories are good. Next year will mark 30 years since I graduated. Wow. I'd love to spend just one day there, say in 1974. Oh well. Debbie Cooney, Dave Moriarty, Misha Kramarev, Joe Hyder, Ray Diulio....are you people still alive? I forgot to mention the name of a fellow alumn who was instrumental in the success I achieved after graduating. When I returned from CA, it was he who helped me get back on my feet again. It would have been alot tougher without him. He would eventually be the one who introduced me to my future wife and for that I will always be grateful. The man....Norm Riczu, a.k.a "Bob Rich" and "Stormin' Norman" class of 1975. Thank you, Norman.
Dennis  Fleurant 1972 THANKS MATTHEW HASSON & JOANNE E. PETERSON Grahm Junior College... goes into Reruns!!!! Could "Lost Episodes of Uncle Andys Fun House" be far behind! Put Bars and Tone On line, Cue up the tapes...lets Rock & Roll Playback... Fade Up: After Graduation in '72 accepted work/study grant at PBSer KAET-Channel 8 on Campus Arizona St. Univ. Tempe. Now Celebrating 22nd year with KNXV-TV ABC 15 as Program/Feature Film Editor/Camera Operator etc. Love Arizona...but have aspirations of retireing to Australia. Hope to hook up with abc-tv (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)to produce programs on Aboriginal Culture. Currently planning my 4th trip down under. Was Married for 10 years, former wife is now a best friend. Our daughter a college freshman. My Grahm Diploma still hangs proudly in my home. My Lion Yearbooks/Crier Newspapers held up well. My huge GJC Beer Stein holds kitchen utensils on my sink counter. Like you all, the Grahm Blood runs deep in me....Gee I'm 21..again. Salute & Cheers. GO LIONS, 1971-72 MJCC Basketball Champs  THANK YOU GRAHM JUNIOR COLLEGE for providing a most intense and rewarding education. For creating a state-of-the-art facility and providing a strong team of teachers/mentors that allowed passionate students to excell in their quest to "Learn By Doing." From your foundation, I was able to build a broadcasting career spanning 34 years including the last 27 with my current employer KNXV-TV ABC 15/Phoenix, AZ.

Thanks also for the opportunity to play on the 1971-72 Grahm Lions/Mass.Jr.College Basketball League Championship squad helmed by Coach Alex Robinson whos life's lessons serve me well to this day.

Mr. Grahm, yOUR college may be gone...but always remembered, with the deepest & heartfelt gratitude.

Terrific Web Site! Thanks and Salute Grahmites!  
Maggie  Ford 1969 Lots of great memories. The college brochure said that Boston was our campus! Iggy where are you? Chris Lassins told me about this sight and I found Kathy Buckley McNerney on it. Great!  
Mark  Ford 1972 Hello everybody! I am having a wonderful time reading all of the comments. I must say, although Wadsworth Hall was a dump - we had some great fun. I remember the hall hockey games, The Buttery, Churchills Fish & Chips (an apt substitute for the "Beef & Barf" LOL). Remember steak night - they'd give us coupons because seconds were not permitted. What ever happened to Dr. Barry Cronin and Mr. Maher? Also - one of my roomates, Rich Hanf? Good luck to all of you! I was a broadcast journalism major, but am now Director of Education for Chester Co Emergency Services in Penna.  
Edwin  Foss 1960 Following graduation in 1960 I worked for WCAX-TV in Burlington, Vermont, for nine years (first as Director of Continuity, followed by Creative Services Director, and finally as Newsman and Assignment Editor. Left television in 1969 to pursue career in Association Management. Retired in June of 1994 as CEO of the West Virginia Health Care Association.  
Michael  Foti 1976 It is good to see many familiar names on this site. Since leaving Grahm I have had a wide range of experience in the engineering side of television, from TV stations to systems integrators. Currently I am Engineering Manager at WGBH in Boston.  
Jayne  Fox 1974 You did a lovely job on this site! And it was shocking to come across it. What I remember mostly about Grahm was dating. I never used my diploma due to the discovery of a major shyness factor. Which doesn't explain why I went on to study acting with Stella Adler, now does it? hmmm... Later I started to work for myself - mainly on projects that catch my interest. In a sense, I haven't had a job in almost 15 years. I wish everyone all the best and if you remember any stories of the past...I'd like to say, "it wasn't me, I didn’t do it."  
Fred  Franco 1978 Since 1980, stage name Anthony Franco. Need an Actor for Film, TV or Live event? Looking forward to next Reunion. Keep Smilin' Franco Almost marries after Graduation. Moves to Orlando, Jan.'80. As "Anthony Franco" - impersonates, sings, plays guitar & bass in 50’s N 60’s shows similar to SHA NA NA. Remains single while on the road '80 thru '87. Settles Orlando, almost marries. Presently- actor for film, tv, commercials & industrials, plus freelance singer, guitarist, comic, impersonations of Buddy Holly, Groucho, Jerry Lewis & other characters. Still Single. Fred & Anthony Franco, P.O.Box 616954, Orlando, FL 32861-6954. 407-826-9407, 888-726-7935. 
Jeffrey  French 1971 1971 Broadcast Management. Can't believe it's been 30 years since I walked the halls of Grahm Jr. Certainly gone but not forgotten. Came across my "President's Honor List' certificate while cleaning out a box and on a whim ran a web search. Hats off to you Reunion organizers and to the Webmaster for putting up this site. After graduation, worked for 6 months as radio sales rep for WCAP in Lowell, then to Ad Rep for my hometown newspaper for 2 years. That's the last time I worked close to my field of study. Will always remember Marshall Nannis (Broadcast Sales), Peggy Fenton (English) and my Accounting 1 & 2 did I ever get through them?!?!  
Arnie  Friedman 1973 My time at Grahm was wonderful. I made friends that I am claose with today. Marc Shemesh, Rich Limato, Jack (Bubba) Barnhart, Beth Kessler (Fein). I think about those years only in good ways. I have nothing but great memories and I'm glad to see the site back in business. Wonderful friends were made at Grahm and I'm happy to say that I am still in contact with them, although by email, but that's OK. May God Bless. 
Manny  Friedman 1971 A lot of great memories from the days at Grahm. Studied Radio Production. Remember the Andy Kaufman shows in the student union. Great Times!  
Roger  Funk 1969 Welcome all to our New Web Site.. Graduated:-Grahm Jr. College-1969 A.A.S.- Radio Jones College-Jax,Fla. - B.S. Degree-1971 S.B.V.C. - S.B., CA. - Computer Degrees-2001 Broadcast Engineering & Cisco Networking [Radio] AM/FM Web Casting 
Paul  Fusco Unknown I apologize for the recent guest book entry by ALF. It was completely uncalled for. Burt Dubrow and & I continue to be great friends despite ALF's problem with working with him on the show. I have taken ALF's computer away to insure he will not be sending anymore emails. Thank you. PS - I thought ALF looked great in the red glasses.  
Rich  Gaines 1979 I was one of the last Grahmites in 1979. I hung out with John Clotworthy, Dave Sears, Tom Salvador, Ken Hammond and Luis Cruz. I remember getting drunk with you guys many times. Great times. I wouldn't trade them for anything. My roommate was Steve Verihec from Maine. Good guy. I've been married for 17 years and have a 14 year old son. I'd like to hear from you guys and see how you're doing.  
david  gaiser 1977 Studio B where art thee? Al Copones at midnight. Remember Ms. Wiznitzer? What a great literature teacher. The Rat!! The Zhoom Squad - W.P.O.D.  
Tom  Gallagher 1965 how about pete ames, tex ross, mike henrique, wayne and bootsie, jow kawickie  
Gerard  Gander 1975 Worked in Radio and Commercial Production in Albany, N.Y. after graduating and then moved to Hollywood, Ca., where I worked for a lighting company called "Olesen Radio/Television/Cinema and then onto Metromedia Square, home of "All in the Family", "Maude" and "The Jefefrsons." In 1980 I left TV and got into what I really like: Cooking. I am currently an Executive Chef of a Country Club after spending 20 years in the hotel business and traveling to Japan, China and Korea. I still keep in contact with many Grahmites including Anthony Pagano ['76], Jeff Fitzsimmons and Terry Knuuttunen [both '75]. Contact me when you have time. Hello once again to the class of '75: Fitz, TK, Dave Moriarty, Mitch the Bitch, Douglassss, Funbuns, Tony Pig, Mighty Mike, Mr. Davis, Uncle Marshall, Allen Camp, Marc Nathan, Gary Shmucko Calamar and a host of others---you all know who you are. I love you and I miss you. Thank goodness most of these people I still keep in touch with. Grahm Jr. College will never die---it lives on in each of us. Delta Omege Delta still lives on, too. Send me an email. Instead of making pizzas at Al Capone's I make them, uugh, oversee them, professionally, that is, at a very upscale resort in Southern California (like in the desert). John Spreer---I will contact you real soon. Take care for now and never stop touching hearts. I don't think anyone had any idea how computers would change our lives 26 years ago. But it's because of this device that we can connect 26 years later. I am from the class of '75. After briefly doing the TV thing in Albany N.Y., I moved to Hollywood and worked in various teleproduction facilities, last at Metromedia Producers Corp. Then I got into something I REALLY liked and became a Chef. I now live in La Qunita, California, about 25 miles East of Palm Springs in the California Desert and work for The Renaissance Esmeralda Resort as their Executive Sous Chef. I am married to my very, very understanding wife, Marlene, and have three beautiful girls, 14, 9 and 2. I still keep in contact with several Grahmites who are now some of my closest friends including Tony Pagano ['76], Jeff Fitzsimmons ['75] and Marc Nathan ['75]. Thanks for all the great memories but especially to some of the best teachers I ever had: Bob Davis, Marshall Nanis and Don Otto. Terry Knuuttunen, Dave Moriarty and Gary Calamar---where are you out t
Will  Gara 1979 about a blast from the past. Seeing all the names and pictures really took me back. I was a graduate of the Class of '79. Started out as a Traffic Reporter in Hartford, CT before relocating to Hotlanta 7 years ago. Currently the Promotions Director and Producer of the Kelly & Alpha Morning Show on B98.5FM (WSB-FM). Everytime I visit Boston I always have to stop by Kenmore Square to see the old stomping grounds. Maybe it's time for a visit this May! wrg  
mark  garber 1971 I only was at Grahm for one year,1970-71.My best friend and roommate was Al Cohn from Rochester N.Y. Al - if you see this,I hope to hear from you.  
Valerie  Gardiner 1972 I drove through Kenmore Square last week. Seeing Kenmore Hall brought back fond memories. I am still smiling.  
Warren  Garling 1972 DNG Even though I attended for just one year (leaving to return to radio full time), I spent close to two years in a great town, making some life-long friends (so far, so good, anyway). I also became a life-long member of the Red Sox nation and a dyed-in-the-green Celtic fan. During my 37+ year career (full and part-time) in radio and television, I've met even more alumni and have worked with and for some Grahm grads. The school may be gone, but my feelings are still as strong as orientation day.  Just wanted to make sure my current e-mail address was posted. After a slight detour for 16 years in marketing and sales, I'm back in the business full-time as manager of on-air fund raising at PBS affiliate WMHT in Schenectady, NY, my home town. Still part-time on the radio as "Chris Warren" as well (35 years and counting). Has it really been over 3 years since our last reunion? Anybody got some time to put another one together? I hear the new hotel in Kenmore Square is nice. I wonder if they let you up on the roof to see the Sox play, like we used to do in Leavitt Hall? Hope we can get together soon! 
Steve  Garsh 1972 ...great times...nice to just say hi!  
Phil  Gatz 1970 Very nice site. Those 2 years were my intro to the counterculture. I remember going over to the Boston Tea Party across the interstate, by Fenway. I saw a ton of acts there. Ten Years After,Spirit, J Geils, the Who, Grand Funk, Santana, Sha Na Na and so many more. I remember the two moratoriums at the Commons to protest the war in Veitnam. The first was all peace & love & the second had Abby Hoffman & the SDS with fists in the air. At the college we had someone making bomb threats & we protested in the lobby of the college. Buddy Miles was playing at the Tea Party so he stopped in during the protest. I have very fond memories of Andy Kaufman trying his Elvis routine in Jack Harmsen room. I would love to hear from Jack & a girl named Wandra Rodrick. Also did my very first acid trip & went to see the movie Woodstock. Those were some great days.  
Ernie  Generalli 1977 Went on to get a BA at Wm Paterson and MA at NYU. Work primarily as an editor but also shoot and produce. I was roommates with Charlie Watts, who's in record mastering in LA. Love to find C.W. (Billy) Williamson, Bill Hoehl, Rick Weden, Space. Remember the "Bong-a-thon" in Leavitt Hall. I always though the school closed in 1977.  
David  Giammatteo 1979  I was one of the last people out the door, literally. Myself and a few others were hired to stay on after graduation to guard the building.
In 78/79 I was the student member of the school's Board of Trustees. Despite the many rumors as to why the school went belly-up, it was as simple as students didn't pay their tuition. It was a catch-22. Students heard the school was going under so they didn't pay. Hence there was no money to pay salaries, electricity, etc, etc. It's really too bad. It was a great school in a great location.
After graduation I went on to manage Bunratty's for 8 years. For those of you unfamiliar with Bunratty's, it was a night club in Allston that featured live rock bands 365 nights a year.
In 1988 the smoke finally chased me out of the business. My doctor told me to quit smoking. He said my lungs looked like I smoked two packs a day. I've never smoked in my life.
I then got into the travel business. Since 1991 I have been co-owner of Golf Vacations. Check us out at
Best to all! I was one of the last people out the door, literally. Myself and a few
others were hired to stay on after graduation to guard the building.
In 78/79 I was the student member of the school's Board of Trustees. Despite the many rumors as to why the school went belly-up, it was as simple as students didn't pay their tuition. It was a catch-22. Students heard the school was going under so they didn't pay. Hence there was no money to pay salaries, electricity, etc, etc. It's really too bad. It was a great school in a great location.
After graduation I went on to manage Bunratty's for 8 years. For those of you unfamiliar with Bunratty's, it was a night club in Allston that featured live rock bands 365 nights a year.
In 1988 the smoke finally chased me out of the business. My doctor told me to quit smoking. He said my lungs looked like I smoked two packs a day. I've never smoked in my life.
I then got into the travel business. Since 1991 I have been co-owner of
Golf Vacations. Check us out at
Best to all! I was one of the last people out the door, literally. Myself and a few others were hired to stay on after graduation to guard the building. In 78/79 I was the student member of the school's Board of Trustees. Despite the many rumors as to why the school went belly-up, it was as simple as students didn't pay their tuition. It was a catch-22. Students heard the school was going under so they didn't pay. Hence there was no money to pay salaries, electricity, etc, etc. It's really too bad. It was a great school in a great location. After graduation I went on to manage Bunratty's for 8 years. For those of you unfamiliar with Bunratty's, it was a night club in Allston that featured live rock bands 365 nights a year. In 1988 the smoke finally chased me out of the business. My doctor told me to quit smoking. He said my lungs looked like I smoked two packs a day. I've never smoked in my life. I then got into the travel business. Since 1991 I have been co-owner of Golf Vacations. Check us out at Best to all!
Scott  Gibbons 1976 Does anybody know where I could find or look at a 1976 Yearbook? I'm a member of the class of 1976. What a hoot this website is! It brings back a lot of great memories. I've spent the last 20 years working for Fairbanks Communications/WKOX AM 1200, and for a while WVBF FM 105. I'll soon be working for Clear Channel as they are buying WKOX. I also spent some time in Springfield, MA at 1270 WSPR. I hope to be able to make the reunion in May,2001. 
Randy  Gigliotti 1976 Hello to Everyone! Just found the Grahm Website and thought I'd Check In! After graduating in 1976 I have spent most of the time since working in Electronics, currently working for a Satellite Communications company here in Western Mass. I am only still in touch w/ a few folks and would Love to hear from anyone, especially from the '74 to '76 era! I missed the reunion(s) and woul like to hear more about anything upcoming, or getting in touch w/ anyone on another level. Gotta Go! More will be revealed later!... Hope you all are well! Peace Randy G.  
George  Gildea 1974 What a suprise...Great site...I'd love to hear from some '74's...Stan McHenry?  
Steve  Gilman 1979 Hello to all!! Out of the blue I decided to Google Grahm several weeks ago, and low and behold!! I found this website. Hope everyone is well. First of all, I have to give many long overdue kudos to Dave Gia As I was saying, I have to pass along many long overdue kudos to Dave Giammatteo for his herculean efforts in getting us through the meltdown year and making sure the Class of '79 got their degrees. I did read one of your postings, Dave, and I hope you're feeling better after inhaling all that smoke during your Bunratty's days. I'm doing OK. I never made it in the radio business, but I was happier doing odd jobs and living in the Boston area than I was in the business. Also, through the lessons in perserverance I learned at Grahm, I was able to overcome years of under and unemployment. So, where am I now? Working at the TD Garden as an Accounting Coordinator. I've been there over a year now and I really like it there. If anyone reading this remembers me, I would love to hear from you. Take care, all!! 
Barry  Gingold 1975 Calss of '75, Have been working at ABC for the last 25 years as a Post Production Editor. A great job on the web page.  
michael  Gitlin 1969 I don't have a home page, but my e mail address will suffice. Thanks to former room mate and still good friend, Steven Hadd, for pointing out the GRahm Junior College site. I currently am working for Unicare Health & Life Group Benefits (Formerly John Hancock Mutual Life). I have been in mail services since March 5, 1985. I'm originally from Syracuse, New York  
richard  glazer 1977 I was radio production major, ended up in U.S Air Force as communications specialist working on Teletype encryption and morse code. Far cry from top 40 music, but made it a career. Living in Baltimore now semi retired. anyone remember Mark Fields, Steve Leibowitz, Ray Leahey, or Jim Amorello??? Just some of the guys I hung out with. What great memories. The grahm years were some of the best years of my life. I made some really good friends back then, especially GARY LOW. I don't think I would have made it through Grahm without his help. His expertise in the field of sound recording and mixing is still talked about even to this day. He is one of my best friends along with Mark Fields, Bruce Bouchet, and Neil Landes. the four of us were inseperable during those years and many years after. thanks Gary!!! 
Bruce  Goes 1976 Wow! I just stumbled on this site and talk about a trip down lost memory lane. Love all my time @ Graham. I learned weights and measures from some of the best. Those all weekend Dead parties on the 6th. floor. If anybody's still alive drop me an E. I'll never forget my stints as Burnt Out Brucie on CSB. To many people to name, but you know who you are. Stay Forever Young.  
Joanne  Gold 1971 IT WAS AN AWESOME SCHOOL AND A GREAT TIME! I am originally from New York.I went to Grahm and loved Boston so much,I never went back to New York.My wonderful memories will always be there and now that my niece just started BU, I go to our school area alot more and grin as I drive by. It was great then and the old thoughts are great now! I JUST FOUND THIS SITE ACCIDENTALLY. WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE! I GRADUATED IN 1971 BUT SINCE I ONLY LIVE 20 MILES WEST OF BOSTON, I CAN DRIVE BY AND GRIN WHENEVER I WANT. ARE THERE ANY OTHER LOCAL SCHOOL MATES OUT THERE????? E MAIL ME !
Robert  Goldberg 1977 This is a great web site. I just discovered it. I wish I could have been at the reunion. I attended Grahm during the 1976-77 school year. It was one of the best times in my life. I lived in Kenmore Hall. We had a very interesting year with the school sending notices during the Christmas vacation that they were not reopening on schedule and to say home a few extra days and then school shuting down during the spring with the food service walking out. I remember hanging out in the park on Commonwealth Ave. opposite Kenmore Hall with friends wondering if we were going to have any more classes. I would love to hear from anyone who was there during the 76-77 school year.  
Jeffrey  Goldfield 1973 So so many memories. Saw brief history and current pics of Kenmore Square. Not the same place we all loved. Now living in Burlington VT. running a steel warehouse. (Long way from the "business") Miss all the great times we all had. Best life experience I can remember. Shoot me an e-mail if you want. Best to all.  
Gary  Goldman 1972 Great Site. Business major 70-72. coed dorms began in 71. What memories. I ran for class president in 71 and lost by 1 vote. With all the drug use, it was my campain promise to pad the hallways so we wouldn't get hurt.  
joel  goldman 1970 what a pleasant surprise to find this site i was at grahm... 68-70  
Dave  Goldstein 1971 Wow!!! What a long strange trip this has been. As I write this (3/31/03), things have come full circle. Kids have taken to the streets to protest another war, Kenmore Square is under reconstruction, and I'm embarking on another new career. You may remember me as the Editor of the 'Crier' the infrequently published and lightly considered newspaper that had it's glass walled office off the lobby of Leavitt Hall. Although I failed to win a Pulitzer, I was probably the only student to have my own private office! I stumbled across this site and am somewhat distressed to not see my drinking buddy Adam Kiernik registered. I truly can't remember if it all was fun or not. It sure does seem like Grahm was in a different life than this one. I do remember enjoying the feeling that our lives were just beginning and the expectations that go with that. Looking through the list of names brings a smile and a lot of good memories. I wish "The Fatted Calf" were still open, I could go for a good burger.............  
Dave  Goldstein 1979 Hello, I was at Grahm whem it closed LITTERALLY in the middle of a recording session we were doing!!! For what it's worth I really enjoyed my time there. Also for what's it's worth I ended up in Radio anyway. I am now Chief Engineer at this LITTLE unknown radio station in Boston, WBZ-AM. I also do contract work for different radio and television stations. So for what it's worth they gave me a pertty good foundation for the brief time I was there and played an instrumental role in getting where I am today. Just thought it nice to share and hope to hear the same from others. Dave Goldstein  
lynn  goodall Unknown I've been trying to find some old friends. Do you know how to find a list of alumni?  
David  Goodwin 1978 Had the greatest time at Grahm with T.spooner. B.McFee,B.Brunnel, Roger(the engineer at wklb) Bill, J.Little, Ron,Mr.Garrity, Mr.Jordan. Miss poohs pub, the rat, the fights every saturday night when the rat an boston boston patrons emptied onto the street,also going to the bar next to the paradise who used to show grear movies and had cheap beer prices. What ever happened to our refund of $2500.00??  
Tim  Goodwin 1969 Not sure how you reached me but certainly a fun trip down memory lane. It was a great time to be alive.....  
Mark  Gordon 1972 Hi Everyone! I graduated from Grahm in May 1972 with an AAS in Television Production. After Grahm, I went to Curry College in Milton, MA and earned a BA in Mass Communications. I graduated form Curry in May 1974. From 1975 until 1977 I worked as an Engineer at WPTZ in Plattsburgh, NY. I then moved on to WPRI, Channel 12, in Providence RI. I spent 15 years at WPRI and then worked at WLVI in Boston from 1993 to 1975. I moved to West Hartford, CT in 1995 with a new job (Assistant Chief Engineer)at WFSB, Channel 3. This web site is a wounderful idea.  
Monica Zeff Gorlick 1974 This is an update the change in my e-mail address for those that would like to contact me as in the past. As of 10/29/08 it is For those of you that may remember me, my maiden name was Zeff and I attend Grahm 1972-1974. I was originally from Long Island, NY and have been living in Rochester, New York for the past 11 years. Hope to hear from some of my "young" classmates. Monica I had no idea that there was a website for Grahm Jr. College. So many times I thought of my classmates from '72-'74 and had no idea as to how to contact anyone. Today I ran into Michael Scrivens who recognized my "voice" and name and said that I looked the same, except for my hair being a "little whiter" than before. Michael, you're wonderful and I am so happy that we ran into each other. You brought back my "youth" for a brief time. I was originally from Long Island, NY and moved up to Rochester, NY in 1997 with my husband. While attending Grahm, I majored in Business. After graduation I was in retail management for a number of years, then I changed direction and went into the legal field starting as a Paralegal and then becoming a Managing Clerk for too many years after that. Since then I have been in business for myself as a professional organizer and the business name is Monica's Organizational Management Services a/k/a M.O.M.S. I had loads of fun while attending Grahm and had wonderful friendships during that 
Bill  Gorman 1970 Glad I found this site. Was drafted by the Army immediatley after graduation in 1970. Had such a great time I stayed for 12 years. That shot my plans of being in the technical side of TV. After the Army I wound up in Northern Virginia and worked for a major defense contrator (TRW/Northrop Grumman)for 25 years and retired from that in 2007. I then got talked out of retirment to take a job as a Director of Corporate Security for another defense contractor. I retired from that in May of this year and moved to NC where I am watching my new house being built near the beach. I remember Steve Sherman, Gary Duda, Ed Devereaux, Jimmy Corbett, Charlie Fox, Mary Lou Walsh and the brothers of Kappa Sigma Beta. I'll think of others. Senor Pizza was a hangout as well as that corner deli (where I also worked) across the street from Kenmore Hall. I hope you are all well and would like to hear from you. Bill  
Ted  Gorzkowski 1969 We used to write and record music in the dorm rooms. Relive it all on youtube. Type in Martinsen Kruse after you get to youtube. And thank you brothers of Kappa Sigma Beta..."You are going through all this for us now (pledging) and some day we will be there for you when you need us the most." When I got a call from my Dad telling me he needed 40 pints of blood donated before they could proceed with open heart surgery, the very next day the brothers were lined up racing to fill up the blood donation bags. Thank you.  
Claire  Goulet 1975 I've been working for a government contractor almost since I graduated. I remember the Grahm days fondly. Would love to catch up with Margaret E. Bills - she was my roommate, but left school and got married - she was from NY. I'd love to go to a reunion! Wanted to register my new email address. I'd like to help with a reunion if there's one in the works. Class of '76. Secretarial major and worked in the school post office. Work currently for a defense contractor. Looking for Margaret Bills - we were roommates in '75.
Jonathan  Gourd 1979 So many post from the broadcasting folk here. I was a sound major and hung out with Dave Hodson and Dave Cox on 7. We collectively were refered to as Audry Space Leper. I am a Sound Designer and just wrapped on a feature film.  
Bruce  Graham 1965 I've spent my life in radio and tv and now write fiction. My third book comes out this spring. Would love to contact some of the people in my broadcasting class. We were there during the Boston Strangler and the beginning of the intergration movement. A thirilling time to be in Boston. Cut my teeth at WCSB.  
Jennifer  Grahm staff I am the daughter of Merwyn Grahm, the brother of Milton Grahm. My dad is 85 and is living in Phoenix Arizona. I live in Los Angeles California.  
Mary  Grella 1971 What an awesome find-could not believe it when I found out there was a reunion last year! Anyone out there-Bruce, Jodi, Eddie-Bob-Cheri!! Would love to see you and talk again! Mary  
Charlie  Grossimon 1977 Brings back memories of some terrific times with some great people !  
Neal  Grubb 1977 Downloading some Photos of Spring 1997 OOPS! dates wrong... (1977) and I had trouble on this site... I did down load a bunch to the Facebook Grahm Jr College Group site... Check 'em out!  huh??? great to find a page like this... I been looking for years!!! What fun Grahm was...a blurr in my 50+ year old me to remember. Neal Grubb, 1977 Just took all day looking at the post from the past.... WOW !! I graduated, and went to Temple University (could've gone anywhere,...chose Temple)... Freelanced in Phila,PA did stagehand work, worked for a production house doing lots of commercials(production) rock and roll videos, did baseball,football, boxing matches, stockcar races... back to freelance... work for the WWF, Gripped for feature films in Philadelphia... Now have been working for WPVI tv6 in Philadelphia,PA for the past 16+ years. Married/divorced... 3 kids Girl 14... 2 Boys 8 and 10... GREAT SIGHT !!! Looking for Bill Vandenoort, Mike Troici... hoping to be at any reunions planned in the grenades..trying to pushing a VW down the subway stairs(almost had it too!)running through taxis at the taxi stand across from Levitt hall on the way to dinner... waffle house...throwing frisbees across Commonwealth Ave. Red Sox game from the roof. KEEP IN TOUCH! (class of 1977)
Harriet  Gruber 1971 How is grand old Graham and Kenmore Square? Does anyone remember the class of 1971? Fred Antonelli communications major? Just wondering Wow, 1969-1971 where is everyone? What did most people do with their lives after Graham? I went onto a 4 year college, became a teacher and still teaching. I live in New Jersey. Anyone know where Fred Antonelli is? or Doug MacComber? Would love to hear from them. What a time at Graham? Burning the bras? Remember; Always wanted to know what happened to all those people who were in Liberal Arts, and Communications. Would like to email some people and find out what's the scoop. Graham was great. Kenmore Square, fraternity parties, taking the trolly and roomming with some great people. Went on to Curry College. Met my husband at Graham, divorced after 7 years. Went on to work at U.of Mass and then on to bigger and better things. My two years of college enabled me to succeed in life. Thank you Graham.  Anyone from the Liberal Arts Department. Grand Funk Railroad, Graham's Dating Game Show, Fred Antonelli, Joan Capato, Cathy Hersey, where are they Now? Keep in touch
LIZ  GRUBER 1972 Hi fellow Grahmites.....Thrilled that an old friend just found me via this site. He also informed me I had written the wrong graduation year. I was class of 1972. Currently, outside Los Angeles. Followed my dreams and moved west from Mass. in 1984, to pursue an acting career. Some success....small roles on ER, General Hospital, Unsolved Mysteries, and a somewhat recurring role as a bailiff on L.A. Law.......Now, that i past 40..ha....I am segueing into writing scripts. I am also, as many of you know, the author of the book, "Little Fish in A Big Pond - A Support Guide for Actors"....thank you to Grahm for laying the foundation on which I treaded....Where are all my old friends??? Checking in, waxing nostalgic...since this site have reconnected with a few special guy friends, Skip and Jack...i would love to reconnect with more people like my roommate, Karen Jewell, and where is Joyce, Stephanie...memory cloudy, always was...just produced my first independent feature, starring role and wrote it..."Fixing Rhonda" about women and addiction....keep you posted. 
Peter  Grunwerg 1973 Wow- a Grahm site! "Burnt" I found the site. Mr. Feldman, I see you have added your info as well. Leavitt Hall, Rm. 633. Some of you might know me as the guy who got shot through the window in that room. "Reet" where are you today? You saved my life that night. Hey Mike, I'd still like to build that sporting complex on Mars if we could. I wonder if that Ziggy tape we made with Culver is still around? The Wall of Shame, Bobby Bozo and all those b%*g hits!!! Never went into the field, ran my own mfg. business for close to 30 years and now work for a local oil co. kevin, keep the jpgs comin' and Mr. Feldman...I'll speak to 'ya. The Grun  
Rosemary(Ro)  Guelpa 1973 Hey, y'all...I live in Winsted, CT with my husband, Steve (a cable guy with Charter Communications) and 2 daughters. I'm unemployed currently, but looking for any? Seriously, my last position was as a tutor in the public school system, but I also spend many hours as a volunteer with youths, and do a little storytelling, as well as living history stuff in costume..and I'm Mother Goose..I bet you didn't know that! E-mail me, classes of 71-73!!  
E.D. \Crockett Guevremont 1969 Yo, Delta brothers. I ain't dead yet. Super-6. Best years of my life.  
Tom  Guimond 1979 It was nice to find this site. I guess we all get a bit nostalgic as we get older. It would be great to hear from old friends. Tom  
Al  Gunderman 1975 Just an update with new email address. Now working for Medrex LTD in Port Ewen NY but still reside in Albany. If anybody needs data or do #$@%! stored off-site, put on CD Rom, microfilm or the web, get a hold of me Great memories of WCSB/ WINR,the Sheik,Kenmore Squares and all the great talent. I've had a sales career the past 23 years and presently work in Albany for a Framingham based business ( For a whole year after graduating, I had cardboard cut-outs of Scientologists up and down my street. It just wasn't the same as being attacked in person while in Kenmore Square. Thanks to all that worked with me during my time as P.D. at WCSB. You guys were the best. Great memories of WCSB/ WINR,the Sheik,Kenmore Squares and all the great talent. I've had a sales career the past 23 years and presently work in Albany for a Framingham based business ( For a whole year after graduating, I had cardboard cut-outs of Scientologists up and down my street. It just wasn't the same as being attacked in person while in Kenmore Square. Thanks to all that worked with me during my time as P.D. at WCSB. You guys were the best.
Barry  Gurman 1972 Hi to my fellow classmates and people who attended Grahm I graduated in 1972 with an AAS in retailing.I worked about five years in the business. In 1975 I took a part time security job with the Boston Red Sox. By 1979 Iwas in charge of uniformed security at Fenway Park. Alsoin1979 I became Howard Cossell's body guard for ABC Monday Night Baseball when they televised the game from Boston. In the winter I worked as a security guard for the Boston Garden for Celtic's Bruin's games the circus and concerts. Today I currently work for the U.S. Government in Homeland security in M.A. and R.I. I invite my fellow classmates and Grahm students to contact me at I spent a lot after graduation in Kenmore Square. Today their is a brand new hotel commonwealth between what was kenmore hall and leavitt hall the square has changed alot.That's all for now great site.  
Jerry  Gutlon 1974 Good to see this!  
Steve  Hadd 1969 Hey Grahmites... There's a new Grahm web site up and running. This was put together by Roger Funk class of 1969. This is not meant to take away from either Matt's original Grahm web site nor Bill's superb yahoo site. This is just another way that Grahmites can relive those wonderful college years in Boston. check it out The new web site is Be sure to check out the old TV video WINR TV NEWS and the mp3 players featuring "Dirty Water" by the Standels and the photo gallery. I've started an oldies show that's on the internet. The show features both familiar oldies and rarities from the 60's and 70's. The Show is every Sunday night. you can listen on line using Real Player or winamp. check out my web Stop by and listen to my oldies show on the web Sunday nights. streaming live 8 till 11. go to the web site for more info. Like so many have said..Grahm was probably the most memorable time in my life! I still love Boston and return several times a*I just wanted to let everyone know that Ken Meyer Class of 1969 had a massive heart attack on Nov 29th. He is now on the mend and being sent to a rehab hospital.***************************************** Just wanted to let you know that I just returned from meeting with Matt Hasson and Roger Funk to discuss issues for the Grahm junior college . org web site. The board of Directors meeting convened at Joe's Bar & Grill in Copley Square. 11/19. 7;  
John,  Haley, 1975 HI all my friends at Grahm, Leavitt Hall and Brothers of Kappa Sigma Beta. I would love to meet you guys again and would love to be a stdent again at Grahm and Kenmore Square in Boston. I went fours years at Salem State College but I have to say the best college experience was at Leavitt Hall and Grahm. Write Soon, HUGGZ Jon Go KSB!!!! 
Sabina Weisberger Hamilton 1979 I enjoyed looking over this web-site. I was there for the finally days at Grahm. I had a wonderful time being apart of the "grahm mites"  
Wandra Roderick Harmsen 1970 Greetings to all Grahmites! Looking for classmates and friends who were at Grahm from 1968-1970. Just found Peri Fescier! Looking for Elva Russell, Debbie Mitchel, Phyllis Woodhouse, Bruce Womer, Sheila Shenoy, Charlene Daniels, Abdu'l, Robert Grossman, Burt Diamond, and especially Susan Santangelo. What an exciting time to have been in Boston! Jack says, "Hi" to everyone from those years.  
Lisa Polimer Harned 1972 New email address Where has the years gone? It seems like only yesterday. Those years were "THE BEST TIMES" The website is GREAT! It brings back lots of memories...THANKS! Is anyone interested in helping put together a reunion? The last one was great!
Jay  Hartigan 1973 I enjoyed seeing this page and the photos. I'd also enjoy hearing from some of the people I knew from 71-73. Especially Gayle LeBritton, Pete LaRosa, Neil Millstein and Scott Pettinger. Now I own a large production facility in Philadelphia, Shooters Post & Transfer.  
Vivian  Harving 1968 Was a student at Grahm in 1968. What a year. So many memories. Keep this website going.  
Norm  Hassinger 1972 Think about Grahm every so often the people there. Get back to Boston/Kenmore/Fenway Park every so often.  
Matt  Hasson 1978 Hey Bruce! I joined Facebook just the other day. For those who haven't, here is the address for the Grahm group on Facebook:  
Stacy Lee Hawkins 1973 This brings back lots of memories!  
David  Hayes 1976 Communication Electronics and TV Production Class of '76. What a surprise! Grahm lives! Looking forward to sharing memories at the reunion.  
Stephen  Hayford 1977 Wow...this website is such a great find...and all those memories... hanging out at Libby's Deli or Pooh's Pub between classes...television production classes with Mickey Dickoff... (I attended Grahm (off semister) 1975-1977 and majored in Television Production. When I left Grahm, I was asked to create a video communications department for my employer Purity Supreme supermarkets, which unknown to me at the time was the first such department in the supermarket industry ... I guess I was a pioneer (thanks to the education I received at Grahm!!) I designed, built and managed the video department at Purity for 12 years producing, directing, taping and editing training, communications and marketing videos until the early 90's when the economy went bust and my department was eliminated. After a short stint in the motion picture exhibition business (manager and projectionist) I relocated to New York to manage and upgrade yet another supermarket video communications department (one that I had provided consultation services to in the ear  
Alis (Alice)  Headlam 1965 Originally from Orchard Park, NY. I would love to hear from others who wne to high school there. These are turbulent times, old friends mean a lot.  
Mike  Hemeon 1974 I was a member of the Electronic Communications progam at Grahm. Worked at WEMJ, Laconia, WCCM/WCGY Lawrence both as News/Engineer. Got into TV a few years later because it seemed a bit more stable. Worked at WNAC (now WHDH), KOAT-TV, WENH-TV, The Satellite News Channel, Lifetime, ARTS & Entertainment (now A&E),and the Travel Channel. Spent the last 19 years at NBC as the Manager or Network Distribution among many other hats I wore in the Satellite area. I have been lucky enough to travel the country and world because of this wacky business.I have also bumped into many, many Grahm graduates along the way. It was certainly a very unique school as I have come to realize. The Communications Dept. was operated like a broadcast facility rather than a college. The politics of any station or broadcast group is usually the deal breaker when it comes to survival and whether we knew it at the time or not we were being introduced to it at Grahm. Let's face it Broadcasting people are a bunch of crazys and I'm proud to count mys  
Grant  Herbert 1975 Looking for Kevin Hensley (75), Katie Scattergood (75) and Wilette Picozzi (74)  
Kay  Hessel 1970 Only attended Grahm for 1 year. 1969-70, but it was one of the best years of my life. I have many fond memories, the Boston Tea Party, Brighams, and great friends.  
Myron simon simon Hickok 1968 I signed in again! Looking for Kappa Sigma Beta Guys. E mail me. I found Cindy Thank GOD! Great Job here.  
Don  Hicks 1976 After leaving Grahm, I moved to South Florida to work for several years as a violin teacher and nightclub musician. Grahm's teachings are still in my life... I now teach Second Grade, where my classroom is also the studio for my school's television station.  
Ross  Hochstrasser 1977 Well, if this isn't a blast from the past!! After Grahm, I worked in Marine electronics for 7 years, then held a few odd jobs till '85, started my own clock repair shop, restored the Custom House clock in Boston in '87(where we all took our FCC exams!) took a job from 90-95 at NESN (located at Fenway Park,got to see the old alma mater every day) now back to clocks full time and restoring vintage German tube radios on the side. It's nice to see some interest brewing in our past educational experiences.  
Larry & Nan  Hoffman 1974 Larry and I both went to Grahm Jr. College we didn't really met there, we were classmates at Syosset High School but met on Commonwealth Ave the first day of school in 1972. We have been married now for 28 years with three sons. We just flipped when we saw this site. It brought back so many memories. Thanks  
Tracy  Hoffmann 1977 I have been quite fortunate to have lived a good life. It's mostly from the joy and laughter I've shared with others along the way. No one place has been more enjoyable than Grahm... Jeff Mello, Jane C, Jimmy C, Jewels, Harpo, Ace, Laura, and all the other names and faces that make me smile every day. Society will never re-create a time like that. Had some great years at Grahm. I do remember most of them. Memories of a lifetime.
Rick  Hopper 1977 You only live twice. Today Marketing Consultant/NTR Director for WLNH/BIG 101.5/WEMJ, Laconia, NH. (Just finished 3 boat shows in 3 weeks!) I've a wonderful wife Kathi and two kids, Dan 11, Megan 9. However........In my previous life, my year at Grahm was the most extraordinary of my life. Did I dream it? Could you call an order into Capone's for one or 1,000 steak and chesse subs and the response was always "10 minutes" ? First floor Kenmore. Jimmy Clark getting us eighth row at Garden for Queen and Thin Lizzy! Zhoom Squad. Harpo's parties. The Boston marathon from Spankey and Dave's patio. Starsky taking us to the Combat Zone. (just once, honest) Was the wrestling show on csb/klb sunday afternoons? The original smut boys band with Chuck Igo. The Ramones at the Rat. (Scot, you were great on LVI) In another life I was Mott the Hopper, and I had the time of my life. Thank God for Grahm Junor College. I hope to see Chuck, Bill Martin and others at reunion.  
Craig  Houck 1974  I learned so much at Grahm about life...and even some in the classroom. Many firsts for me at GJC.
If my name looks familar write me I am trying to connect with old classmates. Lisa Star (who sang the best of anyone I knew), Dave, Mike, Lou, Izzy, Tony (with the long hair and great stereo), the guy that played mandolin and liked the Dead, and others I forget.
I worked at Dimension Sound Studios while at GJC, does anyone know about where they are today?  
John  Houde 1979 Last class  
Granville  Houldsworth 1972 I attended the Franklin Institute of Boston; the Wadsworth was a dormitory and I lived there. I always regretted not taking a picture of the building, and just for kicks looked in for an image of it. Amazing... found it right away. Fortunately for me I lived on the third floor. I was bored one day and crawled out of my window onto the tiny balcony. I held onto the metal ball on the corner of the railing and leaned over a bit and found out the hard way that the ball was not attached. I fell onto the sidewalk and landed on my feet, rolled into a ball and into the street. No broken bones but severely bruised feet - I never found that metal ball. I used crutches for the last three weeks of school. (I missed the stairs going to the basement and the railing in front of the stairs that had spear heads on it!) Glad I wasn't on the seventh floor! I sure would love to have a picture of that side of the building - facing the turnpike. Thanks for letting me visit the site. Granville Houldsworth  
Barry  Howard 1975 Career firefighter since 1985. Left radio after doing stints in MA, NJ, ID, IL, TX & NY. Keep in touch & be safe!!!!. After Grahm, I came back to Joisey and worked local radio for a few years and then hit the road and did radio stints in Idaho, Illinois, Dallas, Albany and then came back home to get a real job. Now I'm a career Firefighter/Fire Marshal in North Jersey. I'm partners in a computer firm and still get on the radio by doing voice over work for a local ad agency. Recently heard from Rick Carlson... Talk with Fitzsimmons & Tom Ulicny every once in awhile. Where's Al Freeman, Alison Arnold, Mark McMillan, Lou Goldberg and Jack Nash? PS When's the next reunion? 
Volora  Howell 1975 I am trying to locate Carol Anne Mobley, Sandra Jemmott Class of 1975 and Geneva Garvin class of 1974.  
Ann Intinarelli Hurley 1970 Nice to see this site. It brings back lots of nice memories.  
Ann  Intinarelli 1970 Married name is Hurley. Happy to have found this site. Didn't see many '70 grads sign the book....where are you? I was a commuter from Cambridge, so was a bit "out of the loop." Still had many good times. I remember the deli across the street, where we often hung out between classes...and their deliciously grilled bagels with cream first taste of a bagel! I graduated with an Executive Secretarial degree (Associate in Secretarial Sciences) and am thankful for the education I received while at Grahm. Was sorry to see it close, of course.  
Melissa  Jabore 1974 Had the best time / remember hanging out front of Kenmore Hall after dinner/ looking for my former roommates/Nancy L.and Sandy r. also Looking for Brian / Rick and who can ever forget Frankie (boy) Brett Does anyone out there remember Frank Brett the Biggest DEAD-Head that ever lived Does ANYONE REMEMBER Frank V. and his room mate the OLD MAN
Gordon  Jackson 1978 20 years later I'm still working in television...  
ralph  jacobs 1970 what a rush to see the old building. what ever happen to KSB fraternity  
George  Janowicz 1972 A great web site. Enjoyed looking at the pictures of the old school.  
Everett  Jarvis 1969 Attended GJC 1967-1969. AAS Television Production. Kappa Sigma Beta VP 1969.  
Big  Jewels 1977 Great Time at the Grahm Invitational Golf Tournament. Jim-Man with a strong 81, albeit using the questionalbly legal ERC 625. Meanwhile Scott-Man, a very strong 82 with great shotgun technique. Look forward to next years event. It's Reunion time! Lets do it around a Sawx Game with several shooters at the Cask, and my new fav. hangout The Baseball Tavern. I put Jimmy Carlson in charge of the details! Lets say a Sawx game, Booze Cruise, Springsteen Concert wrapped around a Steak and Cheeze at Capones. Contact Carlson and Clark Productions at; Go Buddah! dot com. 
Barbara Molaver Jinkerson 1971 "Learn By Doing".....boy did was fun while it lasted....loved room 105 (our suite)  
Ralph  Johnson 1970 Looking for Joel Perron(Northbridge,Ma),Jim Kennedy(Pittsfield, Ma),Harold Kratz(Philadelphia), Paul Bailey(meridan,Ct), Gene Fisk(Binghamton, Ny) and Bill Figenshu(Philadelphia) so long for now.  
Rich  Johnson 1976 I commuted from Cambridge but had a good buddy who was from Keene,NH who lived at Grahm. Called him Keene and he called me Cambridge. Had another buddy who lived on the North Shore. Think his name was Frank but can't really rememeber. (Gee, I wonder why?) Didn't get into television at all when I graduated. Been in the printing business ever since. Probably quite a bit easier today getting into the business with cable and ESPN. Remeber hanging out at the King's Row, especially between afternoon classes. (Ouch!)Went to the 6th game of the '75 World Series. Bernie Carbo's homer landed a few feet away from me. Time goes by too fast!  
Adrian  Jones Unknown Well I guess I should say something about myself. I'm an artist/photographer in New York. My work has been published in Australia and Germany. Just returned from 5 weeks in Australia, I had a very sucessful show there which will tour the country starting with the American Consulate in Melbourne, Australia. On the side I shoot fashion, hey its a job. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.  
Kris  Kane DNG  Herb Damm and I got into cherry bomb trouble...left early to grow up some. George Kyoomjian..Stan Alton..Super Lou Sarafini...The falling out of the Prue... What a time  
R.J.  Kane 1973 I have a new e-mail address since my first posting on the Grahm site. Looking forward to the next and my first Grahm Junior College reunion. TV Production major.  
Ric  Karlson 1975 Hello to all my buddies from GJC. Still at Disney MGM Studio, but now at the new Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show. Stop by and say hi if ever in town. Ernie you still alive? Working for the Mouse Anyone know where Gary Rainey is? Surfing and found this great web site... Would like to hear from anyone who left Beantown in '75. Have a great job blowing things up and making it safe for the cast and crew at "The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" at Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando. If you're ever at MGM stop by and say hello. And yes, Barry Howard is alive. Hope there will be another reunion. Married with two kids(one of each),two cats,a hamster,a guinea pig and one stunt dog(collie). It great to see Graham still lives on - in all of our hearts.
Robert  Karr 1960  to bad the old school is gone. I was just visiting Boston
last weekend, memories!   
Wade  Keller 1975 Would love to hear from former classmates  
James  Kelley 1970 re: Neal Schiff Deceased, 1/19/13 
Debra Phoenix Kellogg 1972 Married fellow Grahm Grad, Stu Kellogg in 1973 (still going strong), now working as a legal assistant at a law firm in El Paso, Texas. Moved from the New England area to the desert Southwest in 1980. Grahm was the start of it all. Stu and I are both 1972 graduates of Grahm, where we met in Oct. 1970 (see, college is good for more than just an education), and have now been married 32 years (33 come February 2006). I'm working as a legal assistant at a law firm in El Paso, Texas, where we have lived since August 1980, having moved from Norwalk, CT. Stu, owns Production Direction Advertising, an advertising agency/production studio focusing on radio and television advertising and industrial and fundraising videos (he is also called upon by various other agencies and stations in town to provide voice work). We have many fond memories of our years at Grahm including many freezing nights standing out in the cold due to the notorious "bomb threats." We're sorry to learn that so many of the landmarks we recall are long gone (Homer's, CVS, Brighams, Sizzlebord, etc.) but memories are rekindled each time there is an aerial shot during a Red Sox home game. We would love to hear from fellow 1970-1972 alumini. 
Stu  Kellogg 1972 Married fellow Grahm Grad, Debra Phoenix, now own my own ad agency/media production facility. Moved from the New England area to the desert Southwest in 1980. Grahm was the start of it all.  
Shelia  Kennedy 1978 Hi all, It's August 2006, we are having our own Grahm Jr. College mini reunion in Los Angeles. We want to give a shout out to the graduates of Class of 1978 and 1979 from: Shelia Kennedy, Leona Eagle, Monica B. Lewis, Rick Martin and Andre "Magic" Campbell!!  
Deb O'Connor Kerchner 1969 Bob Farman sent this to me. Awesome trip down memory lane. I worked for Filene's in their work-study program. My room was right above the flag pole in Kenmore. I have great memories sunning at the river with an aluminum foil covered album cover!, sitting in my front window watching the party in the square after the pennant win, The Deli, Libby's, a city of 18-20 yr olds. A wonderful time...  
Vinnie  Kice 1976 Reunion info coming soon I hope? Hey..I'm writing this while on the air doing an AM Drive morning show...(so what if I have dead air!! The listeners are used to it!!!) John Spreer sent me an email telling me about this web site....Great stuff...I haven't been back to Boston since early 1976 when I left early to do an internship at a radio station in N.J.....I've been doing radio ever since(someday I'll get a real job!)..It was great to come across some of my old friends' email addresses too...I'll be contacting all of you because I think you still all owe me money from betting on the '75 Red Sox-Reds World Series....Stay in touch... Hey...any former WCSB jocks and/or Hockey Team members from the 74-75 team or residents of the 4th floor of Kenmore Hall...give me a shout so I know you're still alive and kicking!!!
ATA  KIRMANI 1976 Hi to all GJC can some of the GJC CONTACT ME. Thanks Ata Kirmani  
Philip  Kittredge 1972  Great times, but soooo long ago. WOW!!!Great site and memories. Lived at 645 Beacon Street, 4th floor overlooking Kenmore Square, KKK Katys, Lucifer and the Kenmore Club, had pizza at Bonjourno's and waffles at The Buttery. TV and radio production was where I spent my time. I still don't like my old psychology teacher Goldie Koronberg - she never understood me. I got interested in the fire service while reporting on a fatal fire on Peterborough Street for WCSB. Been on the Westborough Fire Department since 1974 and looking forward to retirement!! See you at the reunion. 
rick  knapp 1971 mailman/ member kappa sigma beta left april 1971  
Terry  Knuuttunen 1975  Enjoyed my 2 years there. Spent a few years in instructional media, then got into high tech and electronics, and became a technical instructor in the semiconductor business. Moved around a bit, working in networking and for the military, still doing course development and training. Now I'm the Training Manager for Segway in NH.
Drop me a line!  Currently living in southen NH, working as the Training Manager at Segway, and working part time as a hockey ref. Now a DoD contractor working in avionics and aircraft training systems for the USAF. One kid in college, and 2 more right behind him. Looking for some of the old ;Class of 75, haven't been to this site in a while. Recently started a new job as the training manager for Segway up in Bedford NH.... Hey Mr Kice, I'm still alive, but I've gone to the "dark" side, not playing much hockey but now I'm a ref!Grahm hockey players from 73-75.
Steve  Koroskenyi 1977 The CITGO sign was my nightlight. I remember Killer Frisbee in the hallways... homework parties in the dorm... but, do you remember: the creepy, nerdy guy who listened to Hitler speeches in his room? the Martial Arts guy who did the splits in the hallways (who supposedly was Roone Arlidge's kid or something)? the hot girl from Venezuela named Eliane? the guy who pretended he was a state cop to impress people? the jerks who threw toilet paper at the Marathon runners as they went by underneath our windows? the hot, 40-ish nurse who slept with all the students? the bum who gave me a legit. ticket to the sox game that day? the softball games at the Fens? what was the name of the black singing group at the club around the corner? did they become a famous band or something? how about the smell of pot in every hallway of every floor of both dorms? where is Steve Strick? Butch Dreher? Tom Shear? and what did Butch Dreher do to not kill himself when the Sox came back in 2004 to beat his Yanks? It must have been powerful. w Great site! I attended Grahm for the tumultuous 1976-77 school year. Many memories like: wearing slippers to classes in Leavitt watching the marathon runners under my window yelling at the idiots who through stuff at 'em a hundred foot night light called the citgo sign waving to the revolving people at the up-and-up shocked by the bold & blunt Narcissus marquis being handed a free ticket to Fenway by a bum cleaning four dozen large baking trays in kitchen cooking eggs & french toast for hundreds on line seeing absolutely no one under 18 for 7 mo./yr. Steak & Cheese subs at 1:00 am breaking up fights at keggers one sick student who listened to Hitler speeches Donna Summer giving us unforgettable music the Jesus revival at the area music conservatories bringing home the floor cat when we shut down being told we had 24 hours to get our stuff out playing killer frisbee in the hallways - INTENSE! arguing sports with Yankee fans the freshman reception cruise in Boston Harbor playing ping pong in the student union to 
Michael  Koski 1972 Lived oan 4th floor 645 Beacon and then to 2nd floor Kenmore. Raun Harnden and I dropped out and went to Maine. Before that the Arlington house, with Jay Seslowe and Marshall M (was he really a student or just a Grahm groupie?) Anyone heard from Gary Katz, Steve Martin, Joanne Decidue? Where are we all now? Mike & Al, Jon Butcher, Barbara, Marybeth Infusino, Toni F. Did some TV production work in Maine, but turned that into acting, live theater in ME, CT and AZ. Now run a business in Tucson. As much as I loved Boston in the 70's I love AZ more. Would like to see it once more. I see a lot of names from those blurry years in Boston, are the faces a blur as well? It would be so cool to catch up with the old crowd.  
Stan  Kotulak 1976 God...those shots bring a lump to my throat! I graduated from the Communications School...Broadcast journalism. Wonder if Mr. Fisher still wears boots, jeans, flannel shirt, and long blond locks with wire rime glasses. I always thought he should have been carrying an AK-47 slung on his shoulder as he passed through East Cambridge. Where are Fred Brown, John Spreer and John Lynch?  
Mary  Krotki 1979 Pit fight........  
Gail Singer Krumbholz 1972 Must have been all the "meds" to have remembered so little and so much as well of my years at Grahm...Being a commuter, spent many hours in the lobby hangin' out with Chris Davitt, Fred Antonelli and many others. Does anyone know where Bubba Barnhart or Marc Shemish are? Found Chris on here and will email him today. Had many many hours of fun at Grahm,wish I remembered ALL of the good times. Email me if you know me...Love to hear from any and all  
Craig  Kuckens 1976 It would be good to hear from anyone from my era at the school.Remember the overpriced Kenmore Market or that great sandwich place-ElGauchos?  
Jeffrey  Kurkowski 1974 Roomed with Skip Williams in Kenmore Hall. Good friends were Alex Paine and many others on the first floor..  
Richard  L.Krolak 1971 It's nice to see the old photos and information about Grahm. Thanks for putting this together. I hope I get to meet up with some of my old friends through your site  
Franco  La Pietra 1974 Class of '74 working TV in Boston and would be happy to hear from other class of 74 ulumn  
Pete  La Rosa 1973 Hey Gang, It's Pete La Rosa, I just talked to a good buddy Paul Lazarovich (was in my freakin wedding 30 years ago) and he told me about this site.. Anyone remember me? If you do drop me a line and if you don't then don't write... Take Care, Pete La Rosa Cool hooking up with Ro Guelpa & Cindy Mace - Not actually hooking up with them (nice thought anyway). Where is Juanita Malone, Cary Paul??? Pete La Rosa Hi Grahmites, Any of my classmates around? Drop me a line Pete La RosaGlad to be back....Love to hear from my Cindy again and other graduates from 1973. xoxoxox Pete La RosaHi Cindy and other '73 Graduates! Write when you have a spare minute! Peace, Pete La Rosa
Jorma Jace Laakso 1968 Would love to hear from any frineds from 66-68, especially Myron Hickok, Duke Morton. Boston was a fine time to be 18 and in love. Red Sox nation, I'm still a long suffering fan and will always be. Filthy's subs were the best, with everything. And that Ice Cream shop with the "jimmies". Radio was my major and I've done Public Radio for over 14 years, only part time now. Got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at University of Montana, ran my own business, an "Art House" movie theatre. Great site!  
Ron  LaForce 1970  Reitred from Eastman Kodak, Married 37 yrs, 2 kids, 1 Grandson!  
Paul Chops Chops Lamson 1968 Updated email. Delta member. Took hardest hit in pledging-still not right. It was good for 50 points and still have pledge book to prove it. Like to hear from former Delta members.  
Gary  Lapidus 1974 Great memories. Wish Joanne Schreuer and Kathy McCullen would sign in. I have lost track. Peace - Gary  
Bob  LaPierre 1975 What ever happened to the Kappa Sigma Beta? Do they have a national chapter or did they go the way of Grahm Junior? Nickname in College was "Radar". Pledge Master for KSB, spent time on WCSB radio doing news. Started out in the newspaper business, worked for an ad agency in Boston, now selling radio for Saga Communications in Brattleboro, Vermont. Would love to connect with more fraternity brothers! 
Rick  Laurito 1978 Didn't make it all the way through to graduation but did attend GJC ... but ended up landing several full time jobs in radio. For the past 13 years I've been working part-time as "Rick Lyle" Saturdays 2p-7p on WWBB-FM (B101) in Providence.  
Bruce  Lavoy 1973 Just happened to stumble onto this site while killing time...I mean my desk. Good stuff. Lots of memories. I graduated with a degree in TV Production in 1973 and have been at WKXL radio since 1976. Funny how things turn out. Now that I've found this site, I'll be back. Good luck to all.  
Jon  Lecornec 1970 Just an update on my new e-mail address. Thanks again Matt for the site!!  
Phil  Leduc 1973 Liked your pictures and comments regarding Lucifers and the Kenmore Club. I attended Bentley College and from March 1970 to April 1973 I bartended at Lucifers and Yesterday's. Met my wife in Lucifers in December 1970 and were still together after 36 years.  
Jacky  Lee 1978 Received an Associate in Science, majoring in Radio Broadcasting from Grahm. Enjoyed the years there, especially the night that me and eight guys from TV production class went to the Rat Skeller and had beers! Miss the days there and spending time in the dorm. Remember the blizzard of '78-I still have pictures of that year-snow piled high in front of the dorms! Would like to hear from anyone from the class of 1978.  
Albert  Lehmann 1962 Anyone hear from or know whereabouts of classmates from 1962?  
Sandra Freimont Leifeld 1968 Very interesting finding this site. Came across it as I was looking for when Grahm was accredited. Am now attending Lesley Univ. to finish my BA, hopefully continue for MLS.  
Nita Maloni Leslie 1973 What a find! Such a trip down memory lane to read so many familiar names. Anyone from 1971-73 know what happened to Brandon Brooks and Pete LaRosa? I am currently teaching creative drama to children at the Children's Theatre of Charlotte and with Matthews Playhouse. I love it. Still rely on my Grahm education in performance to help me teach. Also working on a BA in Speech Comm.  
Christine Dwyer Levandoski 1970 What a blast from the past. I was on the second floor of Kenmore Hall and did numerous Brigham's Ice cream runs for the dorm.... Went back to school in the '90's, worked for lawyers. Enjoying my grandsons. I do remember the sit-in in the Lobby...what rebels!!! Still keep in touch with my roomie Karen Slade. Where is LouAnn Cotugno? Maddie Jacobs? Helene Stempler?  
Rich  Limato 1973 Thanks for hosting the site for so many years! Update of my email address since 2002 post. After learning years ago that Grahm had closed its doors I could not find information on the school or why it had closed until I found this website. It's great to see some familiar names from the 71 - 73 group. What memories.....and a really neat time period to be in Boston. I went on to work at WPDC AM-FM in PA for a few years after graduation. I have worked for a global corporation in the electrical industry for the past 15 years. Hello to some old friends if your out there - Marc Shemish, Jack "Bubba Barnhard", Rich LaRose, Cheryl Arena, Arnie Friedman, Gilbert Epstein, Bill DiFabio, Hank Sandlas, Ed Abel, Alan Grant, Doc Pinchanski,Pat Kelly, Pat Ho, Bruce Wettinstein, Flip Holt, Mark Wertzberger, Richie Sprite, Larry O'Toole. Kevin Shea, Kathy Valey and the rest of the crew of KSB. 
Graham  Linberg 1977 Thank You for this sight:) I studied at Grahm in Communication Electronics / Broadcast Engineering and continued my life in Northern California after "finally" was quite an experience at Grahm. We had to fight to earn our right to graduate. I must laugh at what www meant then and now. It was my inspiration to create a vast knowledge cable idea about the internet then...but it did happen there. But I ended up designing radios, or Audio Assitive Devices for the hearing impaired and worked and designed for the best in the industry for 30 years, helping the deaf learn is a great source of satisfaction in work. The company was bought out by a leading hearing aid industry manufacturer and eventually my job was taken away back to them. It's in Denmark now. I love Northern California and want to stay... I've been unemployed for almost a year now...still searching... But www is still a passion...still single! I thank Grahm for teaching me to learn by is the way to go and what enginee Been in California ever since... Doing well and love to meet up with y'all Best Regards Graham and to you dead was a long strange trip..nice to be "home" 
Duff  Lindsey 1969 Graduated class of '69. Nearly 2 years afternoon drive on WCSB under my assumed (actually real) name led to now 30 years in radio. Changed my name in 1979 to Duff Lindsey at a station in Cincinnati and never looked back. San Diego, Miami, Orlando and back to Miami at WQAM 4 years ago. (funny how a guy from Norwalk, CT spends most of his radio time in the sun!)Have the pleasure of programming sports radio and the famous Neil Rogers show now. Now THIS is real personality radio. Everytime anyone asks how I got started, I always go back to my days at Grahm JC. That staff of teachers had the insight to tell us the real deal about how to make it. All you had to do was listen....TA  
Janet Wohlen Linehan 1967 I graduated 1967 from Cambridge School of Business, Exec Sec program. Would be interested to hear from any classmates. I also worked at the school until 1970.  
Darry  Lockwood 1970 Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.  
David  Logan 1971 Thanks for bringing this home page, Graham College. Would love to hear from any of my old classmates. You may contact me through this e-mail.  
Carol Ferrone Lombardi 1970 Didn't know there was an alumni site for Graham Jr. If there is any alumni from 1970 out there I would love to hear from you. I'm Married and have two wonderful boys. The years at Graham were some of my best memories.  
Amy  Lopes 1979 It's unbelievable to see these pictures after so long. It's also unbelievable to know that so many people survived Grahm. Of course I lived there 1977 to the end. I went to Mass Art, and just lived in the dorm. What a place, from a small town, to Animal House. Steve Williamson, Mike Lee, Tony Novia, & Dave G., Hi to you all. Would love to see you all. I'm a part time graphic designer, I run an art gallery, I'm writing a children's book, and I'm a single mother of Nick(11 years). I lived in Colorado, Virginia,Kentucky, etc. I've finally settled back in MA. I can't believe the wild times at Grahm. Stories so good that I still tell my friends. We need to hear from Mickey O'Halloran. Last I heard, he'd been ill. Does anyone keep in touch with him?  
Doreen  Lopes-Smith 1969 This is such a great idea to have this website on line. I hope more Grahm alumni hear of it, as it would be such a great idea to finally connect with all my Grahm friends from back in the day. I will certainly do my best to try and forward this information on to as many as I know.

Good Job! Wonderful Memories!!!!  
freddy  lowry 1977 WoW!! What a blast from the past......Great Stuff!!Great to see everybody from '75-'77 checkin in ...Well, I went on to the U. of Arizona for a year and then ended up back in the Bronx to work out of the stagehands Local N.Y.C. for 10 before moving to Fla. to do some freelance work, (Tv and Movies)....and still here presently working for the RAT !!(Disney's Animal Kingdom )Tarzan Rocks Show......Yes you could probably say I'm semi-retired now (yeah right).......Tracey Hoffman thanks for the info on this site...Kenmore Rules! Later, Freddy Springsteen  
Rene  Lushington DNG   Went on to persue baseball calling.Would like to know the where a'bouts of my ex teamates from the baseball team and coach. I was voted the MVP in my freshmen year and made Massachusetts Jr. College Allstar Team for Grahm Jr. College.I did play baseball in the minors for three years for Pirates And then the Twins.Short baseball career,tore hamstring to streads. I would love to get my hands on our year book. The of 74/75.Please give some feedback. My room # was 334B.For more details please contact. Thanks.RL  
Christopher  Lynch 1975 Currently working in the Dispatch center for the Connecticut Light & Power Co. dispatching line crews to outages and emergency calls.

Enjoyed the 2 years in Boston. In February 2009 had a chance to return to Leavitt Hall when my son & I stayed at the Hotel Buckminster. Brought back a lot of memories...  
Christopher  Lynch 1975 Hello Bill! I can remember you from our years in Boston. As for me, I have been making a career out of putting in a lot of time at a company, then getting laid off with nothing to show for it. Happened three times so far... I'm now working as one of the control center operators for the Yankee Gas subsidiary of the Northeast Utilities Company. Just celebrated our 11th anniversary and have one son Patrick who is 8. I believe that the electronics instructor you are referring to was Joel Altstein. I remember how he used to commute on an old 3 speed Raleigh bike, regardless of the weather. I remember Chester too, although I can't remember the name of his running buddy (Pat?). I think that they lived under the bridge between the Braemore and the Somerset. I still hear from Mark McMillen and Gary Warzala at Christmas every year, but have lost touch with everybody else. Good to hear from someone from the electronics class of 1975.  
John  Lynch 1976 1976 Wow! How great it is to see these old pictures and even a few names in the guest book. What many wonderful memories of Grahm and Boston. I started out as a weather man on Grahm TV and now do weather for the Federal Aviation Administration. Who knew? I have a wonderful family, Susan my wife, and Kristi and Kevin our children. Life and children have kept me very busy as I am sure all you are also. Would love to see you all, hope to swing the reunion.  
Barbara  Schoff MacCormack 1963 I am looking for Jean Leonard and Sandy Barrows who also graduated in 1963 - any information as to their address would be appreciated.  
David  Macdonald 1978 Michael LeBlanc, are you out there??  
Cynthia Arnett Mace 1972 THE BEST TWO YEARS OF MY LIFE HELLO SANDY LEDERMAN, MARK MENDELSON AND DEBBIE PHOENIX!!!!! Remember sitting up all hours into the night in the lobby at Kenmore...chit chat chit chat. We had an unbelievable reunion back in 2001..............c'mon...after know what's next. Who wants to help start planning???????? HI TO ANSWER THE QUESTION BELOW.... YES... JOANNE PETERSON HAS EVERYTHING....WHAT I didn't get to complete...."Talk about SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION at HOWDY.....HEY IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER REUNION.... WE HAVEN'T HAD ONE SINCE MAY 2001. ANYONE??? JOANNE???? I KNOW JOANNE WOULD APPRECIATE HELP..I'M READYHEY....ANY YOU GRAHMITES OUT THERE GOING TO BE ON THE 77WABC REUNION DINNER CRUISE THIS FRIDAY NITE JUNE 8TH?????????? JACK ROTH AND I ARE TAKING SOUPY SALES AND HIS WIFE..., COUSIN BRUCIE WILL BE THERE, JOHNNY DONAVAN,MARK SIMONE (OLD ROOMATE OF BILL LALLY'S) AND IT WILL BE NICE TO MEET ..(WHO "ARE OWN" BOB CRUZ REPLACED)....DAN INGRAM. LOG ON THE WABC SITE AND COME A SAILIN!!! WE'LL BE AT SOUPY'S TABLE AND WILL HAVE ALOT OF PICS OF BOB CRUZ.. Love, cynHEY< I remember JOHN BUTCHER !!!!! (did I date him???) Lord, I am SOO menopausal!! Love, cindy we need another reunion, before we ALL are dead!hey Dave, when my daughter was 5 she did a POST SUGAR CRISP commercial with that "sugar bear"...remember him?? did you write that one,too???? (at least something rubbed off at Grahm) My daughter is in graduate school now.. aahhh!!Grahm Junior College!! love, me Hey AL>>> speaking of West (by God) Jim, I believe I remember you, ..we all had a ritual on Saturday nites... Archie, M*A*S*H , Mary Tyler Moore, Newhart and Carol Burnett,, remember??? do you still keep in touch with Paul??????????Virginia...myHI PETE LAROSA!!!! I REMEMBER YOU!!!! Infact the last time we spoke, was about 15 years were working for Boscov's.. I think in the Scranton HEY BRANDON BROOKS!!!!! I've been trying to locate you for FOUR years!! (I've just tried to email you and it won't go thru ..'I must have been educated in Kenmore Pa area??? Correct me if I'm wrong. HOW ARE YOU and how come you never attended any of the GRAHM reunions???? Love, Cindy (Mace)daughter is in graduate school at West Virginia University....ironically where I went after Grahm!!... I'll tell her to take a "listen" to you.... oh, by the way, when I was in Morgantown (ahem...some 35 years ago...I worked at WCLG) do you know Larry Nelson?? He was a DJ there in Morgantown when I was there..and for over 30 CLG...and WAJR. I know him and his twin brother (LeeJay) very well.. Infact his brother lives in the Poconos where I do and is an entertainment director with one of the Resorts. Lord.. the story gets better (and the world gets smaller).. when he relocated to L.A back in '74.(Larry)..he went to work for CBS and I hooked him up with Berkowtiz and Fusco at that time.....because his father other than..."JIMMY NELSON"....remember "Danny 'O Day and Farful".... N. E. S. T. L. E. S. Nestle's makes the VERY Best.... CHOCOLATE!!!! Burt DuBrow has know their father for years...even booked him on the Alf talk show last year. ab
Dean  Macheras 1968 Thinking about old friends Jim Schermerhorn, Jim Gagliardi, Kerry Stutz, Charlie Flanders, Rick Parker, Sheldon Lapin. Hope they are well I attended one year then went to college in La.  
steve  maclauchlan 1979 who threw that bottle at me from the 6th floor on patriot's day, 1978?  
Maureen  Malone-Reed 1979 Class of 1979. You knew me as Maureen Riordan. I lived on the 7th floor but you would have guessed Room 218 from the many hours spent there hanging with the Mole People. Thanks, Chris Worthen for conjuring up that memory! You know who you are, people: Carole Blackman, John Kreta, Ray Conley, David Donlin, Seymour..... hope you all write in to this site. Also special thanks to Maureen Sullivan and Steve Carro who left me know about this!! And to Jean Drabisin: you really have to come to this thing! Would love to hear from all of you. I left Boston in 1981 and got transplanted to the Midwest. I've been here ever since. Eventually gave up trying to work in TV but have always been an avid video hobbyist and continue to this very day. Have made a decent living in printing and work daily on a Mac. Married twice; happily now, for the 2nd time. Never gave birth but have enjoyed being a part-time step-parent to three kids. Will do my best to get to the reunion!!! Thanks for the memories!  
Dirk  Manspeaker 1975 My good friend Mr. Bill Quinn hooked me up with this site. Good to see there is still something happening with our old school. Too many good times to forget. If anyone know the where abouts of Chip Adams please drop me a line. Good times, lots of memories, lots of frends, man it though to get old. Wish I was back in Kenmore Square buying albums, Gaucho subs, and watching the Fenway crowd come out of a game. Anybody know if Richard Walsh (Comm's director) is still about ??  
Mike  Margolis 1973 Just stumbled across the site looking for Kenmore appliances, wow!! Does anyone remember the old student union and the jam sessions and free concerts we had there. Some great times! My room mate, Andy Hooker, ran the union in '73 and we still keep in touch - we were both viet vet and a bit older than most of the class. I was a performance major, never worked in the industry but have kept up with occasional acting and singing. Looking forward to hearing from fellow alums - may be at the reunion.  
Barbara Paolini Marino 1968 Can't believe I found this site. Fabulous! I was a commuting business student (legal) and still live nearby--about six miles from Kenmore Sq. Remember the craziness of the '67 Red Sox pennant win. Still a fan -- Go Sox! Fondly remember Libby's... spent more time there than in class! Where are you Joanne T., Maureen B., Donna R. and Anthony Alicata and Tony Sutera???? And my fav, Mr. Corbosiero. Class of '68 Please Sign In!!!  
Phillip  Mark 1978 Hello! Thanks for the connection, Matt! Talked with Rick Warboys not long ago... he's hanging out in NY state (you can reach him thru his mom, Carol Warboys in Rochester, NY phone listings.) I'm searching for Jean Drabasin... poof! She's gone! After graduation, I worked some TV, radio and newspapers... and most recently just finished a 5 year stint doing a trivia show in Orlando on Real Radio 104.1 as 'Phactual Phil'... Hey, Pa, Roger, Steve, Carol, Sue and the rest... be well! Phil  
Glenn  Marlin 1977 I was doing a camera job and found a fellow alumni.He told me about this site.I think it's just fantastic.I'm always looking for more work,so any producers and or directors out there please drop me an e-mail.  
John  Marshall 1975 Wow, a Grahm guestbook. Yes, it has been a long time, but Grahm, Kenmore Square and the Red Sox have always been a part of my soul. Attended in 1973 to 1975. Lived on the third floof of the dorm on Commonwealth Ave...believe it was called Kenmore Hall. Sadly, have lost contact with a lot of old friends....Chester Lee, Dean Klimek..went to Art Institute but lived in the dorm. Joe Chariell..lived off campus. Used to go out with a really cute girl named Barbara Sheldon. Though I have rarely returned to the area in the last couple of decades, did stay in a hotel in Kenmore Square a few years ago. A lot of the old places are gone, but area still has same feel to it. Anyways, glad to hear from any former Grahm grads. John Marshall  
Kathie  Marshall 1969 Class of 1969 - Television Performance Major - what a great time I had at Grahm!!! Would love to hear from some of my former classmates, especially Sandy Sabatino and my very best favorite teacher of all time, Nancy Dolph Kohn.  
Robert  Marshall 1979 We closed the place down. Towards the final days, you could sense the salt and peppershakers gradually sliding off the cafeteria tables, as you knew the bow was about to go under. I remember quite distinctly on the last day of school, being frantic to wrap up a class project, as a stranger perched over my shoulder gripping a monstrous pair of wire cutters. Jim Lockridge and I were breaking into a sweat trying to complete our last edits, as we knew this grim reaper wannabe was becoming seriously impatient for us to finish. He definitely had bad intentions. No sooner after Jim and I gulped, “Finished!” in unison, Mr. Sunshine swooped his cutters right past our heads and headed for the cables. With an astonishing look of determination he clamped down on the cutters, which let out the loudest SNIP. And with that, the end of my Grahm experience. We didn’t even rewind the tapes, eject had to do. The bank repossessed the equipment and I learned to work under pressure. Thanks Grahm. Best wishes to all!  
Michael  Martin 1974 I am in the picture of the 1972 WINR election coverage. I am the guy standing on the right just off the set. Starting at the left is Harvey Kaplowitz, Teresa Howell, who were the news anchors, then the sports anchor, but I can't remember his name. The winner of that year's Communication Student of the year was Marc Berkowitz, who became known as Marc Summers on TV's Double Dare and currently hosting the Food Channel's Unwrapped. The picture brought back many happy memories.  
Richard  Martin 1979 I had a great weekend with my Grahm Girls in LA, Shelia, Leona & Moncia, 30 years later and they are still fine as hell. Give some love to Andre we spoke on the phone so he gets a shout out  
Steve  Martin 1972  First year in Leavitt Hall, second in Kenmore. Great memories from Kenmore Square during quite exciting times/anti war protests etc. and doing the news on WCSB. Began my now nearly 40 year career as a broadcast journalist. The past 20 in public radio. Started my own consulting/marketing company in 2001.  Updating my earlier entry from 2000. Great memories from my two years at Grahm. Lived in Leavitt Hall year one and Kenmore second year. Spent many hours at WCSB, as newscaster and co-news director with Ron Vecchia 71-72. Spent the 70's at radio stations in Connecticut; WAVZ,WDRC, WPOP,WWCO, WQQW. Moved to DC in 1980; spent 5 years at Q107 doing morning drive news and a late night talk show; 1986 moved over to public radio, WAMU at American University;1987 became PD; Got a masters degree in Organization Development in 2001 and opened SFM Consulting. Live in Herndon Virginia, married 26 years, two children 17 & 14. Would love to hear from old friends. Anyone know the location of Robert Crock? 
Jeff  Martini 1976 Just checking in. Would love to hear from classmates. Hi class of '76. Hope all is well with you. Seeing the photos on this site bring back many great memories. Life has taken many twists and turns but currently finds me doing multimedia/web development for Harvard Business School. Before that I spent many years as a sound engineer working for Harvard, NPR, and Monitor Radio. I still do freelance sound engineering for local theaters in the Boston area. Finally got married last Sept. to a junior high sweetheart (my best man was Joe DiRocco '76) . It was also great to have another Grahmite, Steve Donahue '76 drive in from Minn for the party. The friendships I made at Grahm will last a lifetime. Anyone ever hear from Rich Murphy (originally from CT)? or John Spreer? Stay healthy, be happy. Will try and make the reunion. 
Carole Moss Mason 1968 Thought I'd sign in once more. Don't see a lot from Class of 68 - we must be getting old. Have a lot of memories of fun times at Grahm most of which involve beer kegs and parties at MCP. Keep in touch with Cindy Schomp. Would love to find out where Jimmy Simpson is these days.  
Carole Moss Mason 1968 What fun this is! Thanks Cindy and Simon! I have a lot of crazy memories of Grahm -- fire drills, panty raids, hot fudge sundaes from Brighams, Red Sox games, not being able to wear slacks, let alone jeans, outside of the dorm! Stayed in Massachusetts all these years -- just love New England. Working for software company as Administrative Coordinator. One husband, one son, one dog.  
John  Mason 1976 Found site and it brought back memories of days gone by. Early morning rides from Brockton, the T, and the square during Red Sox playoffs. Was back in the square in 2000 forr a Red Sox game. A lot has changed. My boys couldn't beleive I went to school in their and that close to the ball park. Finally got my Bachelor's degree this past May from Daniel Webster College in Nashua in Organizational Management. Never hooked up with any TV/Radio station or school dept. Went into Air Force and retired after 20 years as a Radar operator. Changed one screen for another. Would like to hear from anyone in the class of 1976. Really miss the old place. Was in Kenmore Sq several Years ago for Red Sox Game and was amazed at what has changed. Did 20 in the Air Force as a radar operator. Graduated in May 1976 with an Associates in Television Broadcasting. Enjoyed the early morning classes as I rode into to Boston with my dad from Brockton, MA. Still remeber my way around the subway. Was in Kenmore Square last year for a Red Sox game and was suprised by the amount of change that had happened. Not all for the best. Tried to find a job and went looking in the Air Force for a job with Armed Forces Radio and Television. Ended up as a Radar Operator and spent twenty years traveling. Married with 2 boys 16 and 12. One of my cousins married a 1978 graduate of Grahm Jr. Would like to know when the next reunion will be.
Mark  Mattioli 1977 I was a TV Prod/radio prod/Quad recording student while here. I held jobs in these fields until late 80's. I'm a writer now (Always have been) published my first completed novel on 11/11/11 titled Boston Accent. Available on If you were here 75-77, you remember me whether we were friends or not. Most people didn't know my given name but knew me as Kaiser. My best friends here were Mark Mcdonald & David Ace Moore. Security knew me better than anyone as I was banned from the dorms twice. The 2nd time for life. I was an honor roll student. I studied hard but played even harder. Some of my Grahm "Incidents" are in my novel including a brawl I was the center of at the student union. I would luv some people that remember me to contact me. I have been trying unsuccessfully to locate alumni on Facebook. If I'm still alive (By the skin of my teeth) than some of my classmates must be. Ring me up. We'll hit the rat for a draft. Maybe you remember the night Helter Skelter was shown on TV for the first time in the student union  
Lizzie Gruber-Harris Maxwell 1972  I loved the two years I spent at Grahm...Boston in the early 70's!!! I'm thrilled to be found by fellow Grahmites. Keep finding me!!  
Lyn  May 1970 I am looking for the woemn in the THIRD FLOOR 'T' @ Kenmore Hall, Karen, Dorren, Shirley, Idola, Maria, Betty - I miss you guys. Life is good.  
Dan  McCullough 1977 Great work on the website. Wow!! What a flood of memories. I was on the faculty at Grahm from 1967 to 1977, teaching math, English and Philosophy. I was also the faculty advisor to KSB fraternity and faculty advisor to the Karate Club. I'm still a full-time college professor. Keep up the good work!  
Frank  McDonald 1976 Didnot make it to graduation. Ran out of money I did finally finish college in the berkshires thought where I reside. have hosting/webdesign and internet service. I have fond memories of Grahm and especially remember our neighbors in Leavitt Hall borrowing the light from Fenway to light up the night and the room and the television audience one night. Would like to hear from Bob Hickson or Ed Gray I see your name on occassion on CBS Sports drop me a line sometime, Remember yelling out the window to the auto thieves late at night?  
Dawn  McDowell 1971 Talk about a rush...looking at these photos and reading some of your comments brings back so many memories of "Cravemore" Hall and places you just can't go back to. Those days in Boston were some of the most memorable (or is that impressionable?) times of my life AND I met some of the most incredible people to boot. OK so where are you....Leslie Firestone, Michael, Nancy, Petie M, Tarzan, Peter K, Larry, Helen B, Beth? Talking doorknobs, sit-ins, doing the late night radio shift, sitting in Libby's for hours, the Charles in the spring, the first Earth Day on the strip across from Kenmore, cheap seats in Fenway, Zappa on Lansdown St., and all those wasted days of wondering "whose movie is this?" mortgage, no bills, no worries....yeah, those were the good old days, for sure. Working in Austin, doing software business consulting/designing for large insurance companies and wanting to string pucca beads on a beach as soon as possible. Drop me a note if you care to.  
Ed  McFarland 1979 Part of the last class out the door.  
Al  McGilvray 1972 Just in case anyone is passing through West Virginia on Interstate 81, I am on AM 740, TalkRadio WRNR. Three more paychecks, and I will have my Grahm tuition paid in full. Just wondering if any Grahmites ever stayed in Boston during the summer months between their years at school to work, or did everyone "go home?" 
Carol Robinson McGuigan 1972 Great memories!All you 1972'ers...can you believe it's been 30 years??I have kept in touch with Deb Loitz (DeSenti) all these years,and she has kept in touch with alot of others,so I get alot of second hand info.I have been married 24 years,have 3 kids 22,19,16 and managed to stay in my field since graduating.I am a sales manager/trainer for Sears,and have been in Fl. almost 20 years.A few years ago,I saw Bill Defabio when he was in town for a Steelers/Jaguars game.Other than him,haven't seen anyone for 30 years.Would love to touch base with some of the gang!  
Mike  McKeever 1970 I'm wondering the whereabouts of Bill Boutwell and Al Lefebvre (Sp). Would love to hear from them. I have great memories of my time there. Cool Site!!!!! Brings back lots of memories. Class of '70 rocks! 
Jamie  McKeon 1979 This is great! we needed this.Great job . Hope all is well with Gramites.. where is commander cote?  
Dave  McLaughlin 1973 All my years on the internet never thought of Grahm site. Was looking through my Yearbook last night. What a time warp. Commuter also anyone remember Alpha Phi Omega? After Grahm got job with Warner Cable of Somerville MA then hit the big time. 4 Yrs WXNE TV Boston then 15 Yrs at WNAC/WNEV/WHDH TV Boston. Not working in TV at moment but trying to get back in. Good to see some old friends on here. Anyone remember me drop me an email.  
Kathy Buckley McNerney 1969 Great webpage. There was nothing more fun than Boston in the 60's. My son attended BU and lived in Myles Standish dorm which was connected to 632 Beacon. Would love to hear from anyone from this class, especially the whereabouts of Maggie Ford, Sue Besse, Marilyn Lutzer.  
Tom  Meek N/A I waited years to go to Grahm, only to arrive just in time for the meltdown. Met some great people in Boston, including Micki Dickoff, one of the instructors there. R.I.P.  
Ann Reap Megna 1971 Thanks forkeeping up this site. It brought back such great memories. It seems like it has been such a long journey from Grahm. Knocked around in TV production, acting and finally found my niche in the field of psychology. I have lost touch with all but a few graduates. Hopefully some may reconnect, would love to get back to Boston someday. I am very interested in hearing what people have done since the wild,purple haze days of Kenmore Square.  
andy  megroz 1974 ANY OF MY CLASSMATES WHO ARE IN VERMONT, STOP BYE THE PANTON GENERAL STORE, PANTON VT 802-475-2431 AND SAY HELLO.. Would like to hear from any of my classmates. 
scott  menario 1978 Where is everyone? Wanted to post new e-mail address. Hope to see you all at the next reunion. Still at Verizon, 25 years and counting,yikes. Hi to Jewels and Jim Carlson... Where is everyone? I think I'll be dead before we have another reunion. Would like to hear from all my party friends. Its been 30 years, yikes.  Great School, Great Times, Life Long friends Jim Clark and Jim Carlson. Many others, miss you all. 2008 will be 30 years since graduation, where has the time gone. The memories are still there. Looking forward to retirement from the phone Company (New England Tel/NYNEX/Bell Atlantic/Verizon) in a few years, been here 28 years . Retiring to Cabo San Lucas, good bye New England! Face down in Cabo, kissing the ground.
Teri Pratt Mendenhall 1974 hello to Donna, Robin, Doug, Tony, Brian and all who partied hard in 73-  
Tim  MERCHANT 1973 Great Site.... Thanks. I married the Scientology girl and we run a video store and have been watching FREE movies for about 30 years. (THE PREVIOUS STATEMENT IS JUST A RUMOR.) Great to read about former Grahmites and see what's happening. Never thought we exist without watching TV 38 - 3 Stooges everyday & 80 Bruin games each season, our Hall Hockey nightly competition, or our break up weekends down at the Cape. For all those who may wonder - things are great - landed in Oklahoma about 10 years ago after a previous life in NEW YORK. Did Radio & DJ stuff in the last Century (even did Politics - hard to believe). Keep in touch - you all. Once again ------ thanks for a great website.  
Gene  Miglio 1974 This is Gene's sister Donna. Gene attended Graham in 1974 and lived in the area for several years; unfortunately due to financial constraints he was not able to finish his degree. But he always loved Boston and the time he spent there. Following this he returned to New Jersey and became a police officer; tragically he died in the line of duty in the mid 1990's. I just wanted to post this information for those who may have met Gene during his time at Graham. Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you knew him during that time and have any memories of him to share. Thank you.  
HelenAnne  Miles 1970 What a surprise to see this site- Would love to hear from any of our former card players. This really brought back great memories. Sorry to learn the school is gone. Looking forward to the next reunion. I forgot alot of names--Barbara Poretsky where are you?? Anyone else from our class please email. God Bless  
Lynn  Miller 1971 Hey, Patti Brown showed me this site and is very cool and brought back so many fond memories of the Good Ole days at Grahm. It was great seeing so many familiar names Alfie, Terry, Burt Diamond, Dr. John to name a few, o.k. Four lol!!! and loved reading everyones comments. Fondly, Lynn H. Miller  
skip  miller 1974 where the heck is rich howley?? "goose", jeff fitzsimmons (pizza man), rolly "tv" lajoie, gene miglio, "sheik", i remember working long on-air hours at wcsb. how about ray deulio or claire from lewiston me? the list goes on.....  
Skip  Miller 1975 Wow!..10 Years since I last was here??...Holy @#$@@.... So, I worked in Radio & Private D.J for 25 years, now I'm Njoying Fantastic Weather here in Barefoot Bay, Florida. I now own a Micro Beer & Boutique Wine store and Living The Dream!! Where are you "Goose' Melchior??  
Beverly  Mire 1967 Loved finding this page. Put me on a mailing list! Is there an alumni questionnaire? I've had a great career and it started at Grahm, then Cambridge School of Broadcasting.  
Charles  Molinari 1973 They were some of the best years of my life. I'd love to do them all over again...(or maybe I just wish i was 35 years younger)  
Mary  Morrison 1968  Those years were a happy time. Made some great friends and managed to move on to a fullfilling career.   
michael  morton 1974 broadcast journalism major, class of 74... many fond memories of ths chool and folks who attended there. kenmore square is still the best place in the world  
steve  mottram 1970 any of my fraternity brothers out ther from kappa sigma beta. i would like to hear from you i would like to hear from any graduates from class of 70 or any of my fellow frat brothers. i have red hair and wear glasses,that may help you remember. 
sandy pollack mounsey 1969 i miss boston  
Arlene  Muller 1971 Class of '71. It was a really great time! Libby's, Brighams and very cold mornings walking to class in Kenmore Square. Remember my dear friends Ilene Lancelotti, Donna Rouisse, Sue Ann Rosen, and Annie Walk? I was also in the class with Andy Kaufman. I remember Andy as a very nice guy, shy and funny. Hi Paul Pasquerosa, Rick Myers, Ray Mierta and Tony Lachapelle also Ron. Moratoreums to the Common/Red Sox Games in the bleachers/Newbury Street/kkk katy's,the DeliHaus, and weekend trips to the Cape. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Chicago, and James Taylor. It was all alot of fun, and have great memories. After Grahm went on to graduate from Northeastern, School of Liberal Arts. I have two wonderful kids, a daughter 25, graduated BU School of Communications and a son, 20 at Roanoke College. I sell Residential Real Estate for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. Call if you need real estate advice. 781-729-7290. Love, Arlene Muller  
Laura  Mur 1972 Stumbled on this website. I am looking for Peter Collette from West Townsend,MA. He was in the class ahead of us. I was friends with Susie Cohen,Gail Fitzpatick(roommate), Rosanne Yarusi, and Leslie Prager. From West Hempstead, NY originally  
Anne DeMusis Murphy 1976 Because I have changed my name several times I think it might be difficult to reach me. I graduated in 1976 in communications. Unfortunately, I still work in television. No holidays, no weekends. I will be going to the reunion. Thanks, to the people who put this together. Anne DeMusis Murphy  
Eileen Silver Murphy 1971 Had a great time in Boston. Where is Joy Iodice, Carol Berkowitz, Patty O'Grady. Have a twin sister who attended. Karen Silver  
Marte Mason Murphy 1972 Looking forward to reunion October 2012. Life in Kenmore Square was the best! ETS Sorority. Still having fun....  
ERIC  MYERS 1970 I was in Delta Omega Delta with some great guys and just wondering where they have gone!! Also dated the love of my life while at Grahm but wasn't wise enough or smart enough to marry her. If anyone knows her whereabouts and her name was Marglyn Harris then Marglyn Rogers please drop me a line as i would just love to see how she is doing because i found her once in 1983 and let her slip through my hands again!! I don't remember everyones name after all these years that were fraternity brothers of mine nor some of the girls that we were friends with but if anyone remembers me please drop me a line as i live in Wilmington, Delaware and would love to hear from you.  
KATHY LABATE MYERS 1970 New email add. Does anyone know how to contact Vicki LeDoux McNeary from NH class of '70?  
Kathy LaBate LaBate Myers 1970  Loved Grahm, met my husband David J Myers at grahm  
Steve  Myrick 1977 Watching the Sox from the roof of Leavitt Hall (we could see everything except home plate)... $1.75 bleacher seats, but we scaled a 40 foot wall to sneak in ... almost arrested in infamous VW down the subway steps incident ... Great TV production classes ... the time I asked Arthur Fielder if he knew any Led Zeppelin ... ski trip with Monica, Mickey, and Doug ... wearing shirts sure to annoy the scope guy during newscasts ... internship at WBZ-TV ... salt and pepper roomates ... frisbee in the 4th floor hallway ... pool in the basement ... what great memories!  
Jim  Naklick 1975 Haven't read a single comment from a fraternity brother on this site. Where is everyone from Kappa Sigma Beta? Had some great times in Kenmore and Levitt Halls. Went on to attend forestry college and never did anything with my degree from Grahm, but wouldn't have missed it for the world. would still like to hear from any KSB Brothers 
Douglas  Neatrour 1971  I had many fond memories at GJC. The school gave me insight into the broadcasting business and I met many people and am still in contact with several.

I was saddened with the closing of the school in 1979. I always felt the concept behind the school, using former hotels as dorms, and a college in a neat downtown environment was a good one.  
Frank  Nelson 1975 Engineered at WBOS-FM/WUNR-AM, Christian Science Monitor, and Ch.19 Cuencavision in Boston. Also Hosted several Jazz, Reggae, R&B, and Disco shows on WTBS in Cambridge at MIT. Produced/Directed/Hosted Fresh TV. A local talent show Cablecast in Lynn, Waltham, and Boston. In 1997 moved to Washington DC to work as a Satellite Tech at National Public Radio and a Master Control Operator at Radio Free Asia. My daughter "Elyse" now host Fresh TV on community access in Montgomery County Maryland.  
Jack  Nesson 1970 Your history is accurate but you neglected to mention that I (Jack Nesson) was the first Director of the Cambridge School of Business and Broadcasting. I inherited the 9 students and after travelling all up and down the East coast for many years finally had a student body of 1300 students. It was under my leadership and Ed Kerr's deanship that the school received its accreditation and thus we changed the name to Grahm Jr. College. I was the first (and only) Vice President leaving in 1970 to begin a new venture. Milton Grahm was a very nice man and was well respected in the Boston area. It is a shame the college went into bankruptcy and closed. It should be noted Mr. Grahm nor I was involved in the financial affairs. Had we been - the school would still be functioning today, graduating the finest in business and broadcasting. By the way, my office was located on the first floor corner. I wonder where the placque with the school name is now? If anyone is interested in a complete history of Grahm Jr. College feel free to e-ma  
Hank  Nevins 1968 Hooked up with classmate Steve Brown recently and decided to surf in to see who is hangin' around the GJC site from the late 60s. After talent and programming gigs in Buffalo (WGR, WKBW, WBEN), Burlington VT (WQCR) and Albany (WGY/WRVE); a stint doing independent record promotion and several PR/Marketing gigs, I am semi-retired. Still service a few accounts while hosting Saturday a.m. on WBEN in Buffalo. Did a year with AFVN in Saigon and Pleiku (1969-70) and used the GI Bill to matriculate at Buffalo State in the mid 70s. My bride and I celebrate our 35th this May. Both our son and daughter are married and live here in glorious Niagara County paying taxes and raising rug rats. One grandson and one on the way. Anyone know if Stan Alten (Dean of Comm) is still in Syracuse? Matthew - Thanks for the Great Grahm memories! I have fond recollections of Stan Alten (B4 he left for SU), Filthy's Sub Shop, the Sox-Cards '67 World Series (still have my stub from the 7th game), my apt at 62 Bay State Rd, Boston Marathon, parties everywhere (esp Marlborough St). Boston is world class. Was there a more exciting time or a better place to be in school in the late 60s? Hank Nevins '68 From Grahm to Vietnam to a 30+ year career in radio, PR and marketing. What a ride! Flashin' back to Kenmore Square, Fenway, the Commons, touch football on the Charles and parties on Bay State Road. Thanks for the memories! Great memories of Grahm and Boston. Lived at 62 Bay State Rd in my second year. Saw the Sox lose the 7th game of the '67 World Series. Glad we got that monkey off our back. After Grahm, did a stint in Vietnam with AFVN Radio/TV. Worked radio in Buffalo (KB, WGR, WBEN), Burlington VT (WQCR) and Albany (WGY/WRVE). Do a Saturday a.m. shift at WBEN these days. Have lost touch with most classmates: Wayne Merrick, Steve Brown, Jeff Foote, Bob Dunn, John Rish, Eddie Pellegrino, Leo Russo, Bill Gould.  Happy New Year! It's '007 The Year of Bond, James Bond. Shades of WRKO's 1967 midnight screening of the original Casino Royale. Free admission if you wear a trench coat-16,000 did! Ironic that I surfed in to Matt's excellent site on 1-1-07 with a Twilight Zone episode on the Sci-Fi channel playing in the backround. Been here before. Anyone from 66-68 check in here beside me and Steve Hadd? After air/programming gigs at WGR/WBEN/WKBW (Buffalo), WQCR/Burlington VT, WGY/WRVE (Albany) now doing PR/Marketing for OTB in WNY. Finally a pension and good benefits! Did AFVN in Saigon and Pleiku (1970). Anyone know if Stan Alten is still at SU? He was the best! Hope your '007 is shaken...not stirred!
Charles  Newman staff I was the Dir of the Campus Police  
Robin  Nichols 1970  40 yrs since my first winter in Boston. Spent short time as a broadcaster - became a NYS Sheriff's Deputy in November 1970. On to graduate school in 1991 and joined academia in 1994. With over 27 yrs with my partner its been awesome. Retired from SUNY Upstate Medical University in 2008.
All those awesome members of GJC: Dale Quinn; Bill Figinshu; Paul Baily.
I'm certain that there may be some that need my apology.
Boston in 2006 was so nice to visit - Village People concert at Government Center, Back Bay, Kenmore, The Green Line; Newbury St and my old apartment on Irving Street on Beacon Hill were highlights. BTW the rent was $160 a mo. in 1968.  Retired: Living with partner for 27 yrs - wow what a trip - No need to knock - there is no paper on this side either. What a fun learning experience. The surprise I left broadcasting to become a Police Officer then an Educator. I believe the time spent at Grahm was well spent. To those who made it FTMF - Bill Fignshu (Powers); Paul Baily; Dale Quinn. Returned to Boston July 2006 for American Federation of Teachers Convention - walk around the places I had not seen 36 yrs. (OMG I am old- it took three days) OH, I almost forgot - I went well with French's Mustard - most hams do!Hello classmates from 1964-1966. Great memories of the good old days at Cambridge Jr. College. Remember the dorm at 163 Marlborough St. with Miss Dill, sorority & fraternity sisters and brothers. We were a very close group. Over the past 30+ years have kept in touch with a few friends, lost contact with friends that I would like to hear from again. Hope classmates from those great sixties will sign in and get in touch. Have been back to Boston many times and always go by the original school and my old dorm. Would love to hear from people from my era. Married a guy I met at Cambridge (Grahm), Jim Nocerino, class of 66. What great memories this page brought back!What a fun learning experience. The surprise I left broadcasting to become a Police Officer then an Educator. I believe the time spent at Grahm was well spent. To those who made it FTMF - Bill Fignshu (Powers); Paul Baily; Dale Quinn. Returned to Boston July 2006 for American Federation of Teachers Convention - walk around the places I had not seen 36 yrs. (OMG I am old- it took three days) OH, I almost forgot - I went well with French's Mustard - most hams do!
Kay Majlowski Nocerino 1965 Hello classmates from 1964-1966. Great memories of the good old days at Cambridge Jr. College. Remember the dorm at 163 Marlborough St. with Miss Dill, sorority & fraternity sisters and brothers. We were a very close group. Over the past 30+ years have kept in touch with a few friends, lost contact with friends that I would like to hear from again. Hope classmates from those great sixties will sign in and get in touch. Have been back to Boston many times and always go by the original school and my old dorm. Would love to hear from people from my era. Married a guy I met at Cambridge (Grahm), Jim Nocerino, class of 66. What great memories this page brought back!  
Tony  Novia 1979 So good to see this site and read the many great memories of one of the greatest experiences of my life. Miss the White Fuel sign and Citgo sign flashing all night on my TV screen. Miss Al Capones pizza, and the punch bowls at Aku Aku. Don't miss no hot water and no heat at 490 Comm Ave. Shout out to David Giammatteo, Steve Strick, Amy "Comet" Lopes, Gordon Jackson, Chris Camp and my fellow alumni. Beginning with an incredible learning experience at Grahm along with Steve Strick appointing me PD at WKLB, I have been blessed having worked at great radio stations like WPRO-FM/Providence, WHYI(Y100)/Miami, WSTR(Star94)/Atlanta and also made stops along the way with stints at Radio & Records (R&R)newspaper (may it rest in peace), Universal/Vivendi Music. Presently I work with Ryan Seacrest(American Idol, Rockin New Years Eve etc. in Hollywood. As you can see, Ryan keeps us busy. Ryan Seacrest Productions (Kardashians, Kourtney + Khloe Take Miami), Jamie Oliver's Revolution coming to ABC Prime Time in Q1-2010.) Rya Working for the past 6 years at a radio trade Radio & records (R&R). Married 13 years and have a 2 1/2 year old son, Christopher Nicholas Novia (CNN). w-310-788-1663 c-310-770-1663 
Gary  Nowitz 1972 Looking for some old girlfriends! Stairway to Heaven was blasting out of our (Harvey Ruben my roomate "H") door at Kenmore Hall. Lost my mind at that place going to Dead concerts and meeting people: Can anyone help me find: Bobby Baker (Bozo), Carol Aronoff (Canadian). Lisa Leonard (Jersey), Mary Mancuso (Long Island), Carol Criss (Jersey), Jeff Ryzak, Barry Schwartz, Harry Dietrich.......... on a sad note, those of you who knew Bobby Goldwasser RTG (passed away a few years ago. Those were some interesting years!! Peace Love and Woodstock 
Marianne Higgins Nuckles 1977 Kenmore 4th floor... remember it well. After I graduated in 77 I became a Firefighter Paramedic in Florida and I'm assigned to the Public Information Office which means I deal with the news media on the other side. Would love to hear from other classmates Great Site, I'm a Firefighter Paramedic with Orange County Fire Rescue in Orlando, Florida. I work as one of the Public Information Officers. 
Scott  Nussey 1971 Back to radio from '06-'11. Now working for Fitchburg Access Television as the Community Liason. Hope to take this one into the sunset. I had no idea that Andy Kaufman was a classmate until a former roomate showed me a yearbook picture about ten years after we graduated. I'm still in touch with two of my roomates but haven't seen them for about 20 years. I began working professionally at WFGL in Fitchburg while still in school and spent 16 years in radio. I interviewed Milton Grahm when the school closed its doors while working at WKOX in Framingham. I used the name Scott May for all those years, while my brother Todd, also a Grahm graduate, stuck with Nussey. After leaving radio I entered the corporate world and got involved with business television. I currently manage the satellite televison network of New England Financial, located right in Copley Square and have met several former Grahm graduates who freelance in the Boston area. Whenever I visit Fenway Park I point out to family and friends the Buckminster Hotel where I had a room for two years on the 6th floor. Those of you who attended Grahm in 69-70 must remember the student occupation/sit-in at Kenmore 
Thomas  Oakes 1976 i was also director of the student union 75 / 76. Hello Grahmites, Tom Oakes here from sunny Florida. Would like to connect with some of the people from the student union. Currently, still working in TV, developing a new TV show here and just want to say HI! 
Joel  O'Brien 1972 Matt! Thanks very much for all your devoted work on this site! Howdy, boys and girls! What a nice site(for sore eyes...) Hope to see lotsa folks at the reunion in Boss-Town. For the record, after enlisting in the Army(ours)to beat the draft, I wound up doing TV production and DJing for three years in West Berlin, Germany("Wall-to-wall" music). Got out in '76, settled in Vermont for 18 years at WTSA in Brattleboro. When replaced by a computer & satellite dish, I went to work for Warner Cable doing $ale$ and scuttling cable thieves in Southern VT & Northern NH. Now I'm doing a bit of this 'n' that, plus "rip n'read" at WCVR in Randolph, VT. Married a native Vermontah(Mary) and we adopted our son Casey in 1986. Well, stay well. Hope to see y'all soon ! Joel 
Ron  Olinsky 1969  Great web site! After graduation, attend the University of Hartford (they accepted all credits) and got A B.S. degree in Business Administration. Have been a corporate controller for retail related chain and for the past 10 years a money manager/financial advisor for Morgan Stanley in Amsterdam, New York (near Albany). Many great memories of GJC and experiences in Leavitt Hall, Kenmore Square, Fenway Park, Lucifers and Boston. Hope to hear from classmates!! Stumbled on site! It's great! Still have my "Revere Bowl"! Had great times in Boston. Lived in Leavitt Hall! Best to all!! 
don  ossoff Unknown still living in boston work part time, hi tony grear site  
Tom  Pagnotti 1978 Playing the part of Tom Kelly for the past eleven years at WBIG Radio in Washington DC.  
Fred  Paine 1967  It's great that sites like this keep the memories of Grahm Junior College alive. It was actually Cambridge School when I was there.

There has got to be more from the class of 1967 out there!!!! I'm delighted that I have found Dave Putnam and Tom Perra(Fellow Accounting Major) If you were in the class of 1967 and remember teachers Marylouise Mcdermott, Paul Hussey, Fred Cowan, Miriam Lander, Roberta Kligman among others,I'd love to hear from you!! Hello Grahmites!!!(or Cambridge School for those from my era) I haven't posted in a while but I wanted to report that Dennis Baker, Steve Schouten, Dave Putnam, Bruce Reid and myself got together last month. It was actually a celebration for Bruce who is moving to California. We had a great time and a lot of laughs recalling the good old days. I had not seen Steve since 1973. Dennis and Dave I saw at the mini reunion we had in Oct, 2005. As for me I've decided to start my own business! Check out my website! A follow-up post to the one I did last year.Fantastic! I have heard from several people including Hank Nevins, Don Walsh, Dennis Shimkoski, among others.Great memories. Would love to locate some of the guys who lived on Wadsworth's 2nd floor in 1966-67--guys like Steve Schouten, Mike "Flaky" Towey, Dennis Baker, Dave Whitmore, Joe Swerk, Pete Shaw, Gil Shaw, my roommate Herb Eastland. Plus two commuter students who were good friends, Fred Wilder and Jim Prior. I check this site at least every couple of weeks to see who else has posted. Keep it coming. One more remembrance for the class of 1967--Arthur Fiedler receiving an award at the graduation ceremony in John Hancock Hall. Who remembers??Just thought I'd make another post on this website. Really great to see so many Grahmites with fond memories. I really would like to hear from and see more postings from the Class of 1967!I was one of the 17 attendees of the mini reunion on October 15 at the Pizzeria Uno in Kenmore Square. It was a great time!! Thanks to Steve Hadd for putting it together and to Matt Hasson for keeping this site going. Best part for me was renewing friendship with Dennis Baker and Dave Putnam. Had not seen these guys in 32 years! Sorry my friends Bruce Reid and Steve Schouten couldn't come. They wanted to! To all who attended, the years have been kind to all of you. Everybody looked great! Looking through the old yearbooks was a blast! Anybody from Class of 67 left?? Let's hear from you!! AHaven't visited this site in a while. Anybody out there from the Class of 1967, Business School? How about 66? 68? Anybody? We're not that old are we?Hi!! Giving a shout out to anyone attending Grahm from the 1967 era. Let me hear from you. We're only in our 60's now. We're still young!! Still holding on to those great memories Hi!! Giving a shout out to anyone attending Grahm from the 1967 era. Let me hear from you. We're only in our 60's now. We're still young!! Still holding on to those great memories
Cary  Pall 1973 Pete LaRosa...I'm still out here somewhere. Hank Nevins: never knew you were a Grahmite! Enjoyed your WNY work, although not as much as a Ted's footlong with chili and hot sauce. Somebody needs to get to Berkowitz and have him get Guy Fieri up to Buffalo for a DDD segment. I'm still playing weird oldies late at night, just like WCSB in 72, only now it's on the web. (See  
Eddie  Palladino 1977 WOW Stumbled upon this website and found some names from my days at Grahm...Vinnie Kice, John Arezzi, Jewels about dejavu...well next time a reunion is talk about include me in, Grahm days were the best days of my life...WCSB, the WWF, Fenway, the old Boston Garden, how about wrestling in the dorms on Comm Ave...we were much better than what WWE puts out today...ever in the Hub...give a shout for a beer or two...the Voice of the 2008 World Champion Boston Celtics...  
JoAnn  Pangione 1978 Hey everyone! Heard from Bob Marshall last year and he told me about this site. Traveled to Oregon a year after graduation where I worked as a typesetter/paste-up artist for various newspapers and magaizines. (those days are long gone!) Got my BA in Communication from Southern Oregon University and then moved south....WAY south. I lived in Mexico for almost 8 years where I worked as a university professor teaching Mexican students English. One of the best experiences of my life (a close second to Grahm!)Returned to the states in 94. I just finished up with my MA in Applied Linguistics. I'm an English/Speech/Spanish teacher at a dual-language charter school in Florida. I have 4 daughters - 21, 10, 8 and 6. I'm the gal who painted the Grahm "Learn by Doing Sign" outside of Kenmore Hall and the charactature/mural of Gramites on the 2nd floor wall. (I think it was the second floor?!) Who else is out there? Hello everyone. Just wonderdering who out there remembers me. Where are you Marshall? Darling? DJ? Drop me an e-mail. I would love to hear from you. When's the next reunion? I've missed them all. Our 30th is coming up soon. 
Bob  Pantano 1970 Great site. Would love to contact some old classmates !  
Andrew  Papa, 1967 I wasted two semesters (almost) of my (and the school’s) time in 1966-67, when it was Cambridge School of Business and Broadcasting. At the time, the sixth floor of the St. George Hotel (formerly, and currently, the Buckminster) was occupied mostly by misfits and malcontents, including yours truly. (I watched many a Red Sox game from the off-limits roof of the St. George, on that White Fuel sign.) It would appear that after my departure, the institution gained some respectability. Great site, glad to see I wasn’t the only one who went to that school. My daughters just graduated from Boston University; and for the past 5 years, they’ve heard me tell them which buildings I used to haunt when I was their age. Now I can show them this site instead!!!  
Donna West Papalski Unknown I never attended Grahm, but during the early 70's I met some wonderful people who either graduated or were passing through. I was up in Salem in Dec. and spent the evening with a few Grahm alumni. Hope you enjoy your gathering! A blast from the past is always good for the soul!  
Leo  Pappalardo 1972 My daughter was looking for colleges ---and just happened to google Grahm --what a nice surprise.Two great years lots of memories--would love to hear from some old friends....Al Cohen,Gary Norwitz,Chris Stout,Peter -,John many more. Funny thing all week I've been thinking of Grahm--starting with my daughter looking at colleges, I Googled Grahm and found this great site--thank you... A close friend mentioned the name Jeff Albucher--my head turned around...from Grahm Jr Colllege --a day or two later they confirmed he went to Grahm--Jeff great to hear you're doing many names such good times--the music the concerts--CSNY,Moody Blues,Bruce with David Broomberg warming you up(jazz workshop?)..and James Cotton doing the same for Santana at Boston College,Dwayne Allman with his Bro -- to name just a few.Burt Daimond my first roommate--then John Butcher..Gene,Al,MIke,Ned and Linda,Peter Grun,Chris Stout,many more--and the girls of Kenmore... hope all is well. Cindy, If you remember John--check out his web page-- Yes to a reunion.
Al  Parinello 1972 I don't know why but I've been thinking about my GRAHM days recently, so I went on the web and found this page and I'm grateful for it. It's very rewarding to recall all the great years spent at Grahm. It's good to see that so many others see those two years as very important to the careers that followed. I'm now retired from a 30 + year career in the Media. I've worked in TV, Hosted a syndicated talk show in 125 markets, Owned and operated an FM in Atlantic City for 11 years (WJSE-102.7), produced over 100 concerts with Alternative Rock artists, produced Broadway adaptations for Trump's Casino's and wrote a book somewhere in there. Now I do Media projects to keep busy and have fun. Just completed producing my first indy movie which will be released in a month or so and I am working to bring a new musical to Broadway. Would love to communicate with fellow Grahmmies.  
Linne  Parker 1969 Would like to hear from attendees and grads from the business/secretarial section.  
Stephen  Parnell 1978 Hello to all. Any one who remembers me is welcome to e-mail me.  
David  Patton 1970 Glad to see you doing this.  
Randell  Peat 1978 Greetings to all the Lions and Lioness of GJC From Falmouth Ma. I drive an Special Needs Bus,enjoy it very much. During my off time, I am a Community Producer, for the local CATV,one of the shows I have produced is a live Talk in Game show, Called Totally Trivia, ( going on our 3rd year,now) mostly do alot of TD and camera in studio and in the field. and also actived in The Knights of Columbus. Hope to see everybody at the next reunion. love to hear from you folks and Where is that Illusive Joe MacDonald Greetings: to Lions and Lioness of Grahm Jr College Alumi. Matt, Steve, and if I have missed anybody, I appolizie .it was great, to see the alumi of the sixties and the Early Seventies era there, and listen to there history, of there time at Cambridge school of Bussiness and Broadcasting, before becomming, Grahm Jr. College I was very happy, to see an alumi, from my home town, of East Falmouth there. and we were only 2-3 miles away from each other. I understand there are alot of alumni, living on the Cape, if out there, would like to hear from you. also, if anybody, hear from Karen (maiden name) Sullivan, last known area, Fall River Ma, or Joe MacDonald. please let me know. Again, it was a very good lunchion, Great Job. and Great Company. Hope we have another one, or a major reunion if do, count me in. Hello Lions and Lioness of Grahm. Just wanted to passed on, my new E-mail. I am still looking for that elusive Joe MacDonald. Michael Steup, Jacky "THE JACK" Lee Titus. " Joanne, get well soon".. During my off time, I am a Camera Operator/Producer, at the local Cable Access TV station. which is going into a second season, is a live trivia game show called Totally Trivia, when i am working, I drive a SP Bus and lovr every min. of it. If everythings goes right, will be going for a class A Licence in October. Hope to see everyone at the next Reunion. My New E-mail is see you all later. God bless everyone who survived the yrs st Grahm. It was one swinging paety is capecodhobo@netzero,net.   My years at Grahm, was really, a very educational Both
in the alumi I have talked to over the years, which I have t stay in contact with. and the Culture of the city of Boston, during the Bicentennal,(and year after)
and the challenge of college life. to the Gasping breath of her last days. Physically, the college is gone, But not it's memories . The Lion will always be roaring. Would like to hear also, from any alumni, especially in the Southeastern    Hi folks,:
love the new Site, The Spirit of the Lion
is still Roaring, Strong and proud. to all the alumni,
would like to hear from you, especialy anybody from the Cape and Islands/ Southeastern,Massachusetts, ether get me
at the new address or my old
Randell f. Peat
Grahm Grad 1978
Jeanne Gillette Peck 1966  My days at Cambridge were some of the best in my life. I am still in the process of trying to locate my former roommate, Deli. If anyone has info as to her whereabouts, please contact me. Thanks…  
Jeff  Pelletier 1972 I don't know how Joanne found me but it's great! I was a "performance" major and never went into broadcasting. Instead I became a Corporate Trainer. The education in communications and presentation has proven to be immearsurable to me. I'll always remember commutng between Danvers and Boston by train and T five days per week. NOT!!! Nice to hear about old class mates. Henry Mattson where are you?  
Sandy  Penchansky 1972 ref: Craig Borchard  
Charles  Pennella 1979 Thanks for the memories!!! Its been a long time. Great to see and read about all of you. Hope all is well. I'm working in town as a Media Technician for the Board of Education running the video/computer network. I still have the Grahm Jr. College flag which I happened to obtain.(You will notice it missing from the photographs) Are we past the law of limitations or am I still subject to arrest for stealing it? The motto was "Learn by Doing" wasn't it??? If anyone is interested in its purchase, make me an offer. Hope to make the reunion. E-mail me.  
JIM  PEPE 1970 CLASS OF 1970. To all my good friends and dear fraternity brothers of KAPPA SIGMA BETA, I say a big hello. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife, Cathy, and three great children, Lisa, Michelle and Joe. I also have two grandsons, Chris and Josh. The two years that I spent in Kenmore Square were the best! We are now in another time and another place. I miss you all. GOD BLESS.  
Thomas  Perra 1967 Delta Omega Delta brothers write...Has anyone seen Bob Hank from Pittsburgh? Terry Kish from Eastern Pa? Ann B. from Long Island, Riverhead? Sticks and (Jean)-baby cakes from New London, Ct. Al S. from New London, Ct. ? Otto Felix?  
Chris  Peters 1976 What a wonderful site! It brings back so many memories. I visited Kenmore Square about 10 years ago and shopped in the store that was the library. Graham was a great place to try out new ideas, for finding future careers (in my case many), and to recover from high school educations. It gave students like me great opportunities to test out the “star maker” machinery first hand. After GJC, I went on for a four year degree at St. John’s University in NYC. Sadly I switched my major from Communications to Business, which at the time I felt had more opportunities. I got a steady job with a Long Island Defense Contractor to fund my “electronic music” habit. I built a small recording facility modeled after Graham’s “Quad” studio, only mine had some old ARP synthesizers which I used to make sounds and music for a Manhattan-based production company. During that time I discovered the wonderful world of computers and helped work on the Doppler weather radar systems commonly seen on news broadcasts.  
Tom  Peterson 1979 I remember Luis Cruz! I finished second to him in a Dunkin Munchkin's eating contest. He was high as a kite (pakalolo) and ate 60, me being sober only managed 48. I will be back in Boston next April as I coach a couple of women who will be running in the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. I will be running my 27th consecutive Honolulu Marathon on Sunday December 9th 2007. Hey Matt! Still loving The Beatles? Yeh, this October was a dream come true for all us die-hard Red Sox fans. I ran the Boston Marathon in '78 & '79 and will be running again April 18th 2005, probably just a little slower. My first year roommate was Tom Guimond of Bow, New Hampshire, my second year roommate was Steve Maclauchlan of Rochester, NY. Born in the State of Maine, have lived in Hawaii since 1981. Aloha! 
Jack  Petritus 1976 Radio B'cast Comm. Grad. Presently an Engineer for Ascent Media in Stamford CT. Ascent provides Studio, Post Production, and Uplink facilities for A&E Networks, YES Network and NFL among others.  
Alfie  Phillips 1971 Recently intouch with AJ,Moose,Terry Sanders,Burt Diamond and DR John. I'd love to hear from anyone from those great years SizzleBoard,New England Music City,The Fatted Calf,Boston Tea PArty,WBCN....What great years they were. Looking for Karen Berkowitz,Moose,David Victorson,Michael Graves, Spook. anyone out there???? 
Steven  Pingelski 1979  Spent 23 years in Engineering @ WTEN in Albany. Moved to New York Network(State University of NY) in 2000.   
Marty  Pitler 1972 It was a great school and two terrific years. Two great years. Cindy is right time for another reunion. Two great years. Cindy is right time for another reunion.
Randy  Place 1979 I had a blast at Graham! Boston is the best... Jim Shields,Jim Lockrige,Dave Putnam...where are ya? I am in my 20th year in the radio business (Engineering). I have been at MANY radio stations and have had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the business has changed; and not for the better, in my I'm now selling Real Estate! So, if you want to buy or sell...look me up! Graduated in ' the last degree!...I had a lot of good times at Grahm; and have met many people in the radio industry who went there.I think we would all agree that the education we received at Graham has served us well in our careers. Good times! Got out of radio after 20 years as an Engineer. Now designing Video Conferencing systems for companies worldwide! Hello to Jim Shields, Tony Novia, Al palma, Dave Putnam and others from 1977-1979, I hope you are all well!
harry  platcow 1972 Oy. You don't wanna know.  
Mike  Poulin 1974 I spent a year and a half at Grahm, and it was incredible. 17 years old, fresh out of high school, and living my life all of a sudden right smack in the middle of Kenmore Square.

I made some great friends who I keep in touch with occasionally...but always looking for other old friends.

I lived on Leavitt 4th floor my first year...way down at the end of the hall (yeah, where all the parties were)...then Leavitt 5th floor for the first semester my second year. Then, with 3 other people, rented an apartment on St Mary's green line stop from Kenmore Sq.   
Mark  Powell 1975 Great page. Happy I found it. Hi to all. Trying to track down some old friends. Still out here in Western Massachusetts. Was News and Program Director at WBEC in Pittsfield for several years. I was News and Programming director at WBEC AM and FM in Pittsfield between 1999 and 2001. I was also News and Sports director at WNAW WMNB in North Adams between 1984 and 1995.
Nancy Grumbacher Psillas 1975 Ditto everything Nancy McCarthy said. How cool to come across this site! It brought back memories of lots of fun times---things I hadn't thought about for years. Wish we would have found it earlier in the year so we could have made it to the reunion. Well, I didn't really graduate, but was there all of the first year and most of 1974-75. Now I have three kids was a shop owner for many years - sold the business and became a teacher. Hope to hear from some long lost friends.  
Janet  Quinn 1970 only one year 68-69  
Glen  Rappold 1975 Communications major. Went on to work as a disc jockey at several radio staions in the mid '70- early '80's, including WACKY 102 in Springfield Msss as Glenn "FM" Stevens. For those who may have forgotten this important fact about Don Otto. Otto spelled inside out is "toot". This is the only thing I still remember learning in Don's class. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all my fellow Grahmites!
Delcia Cormier Reece 1979 Member of last graduating class. in '79 Still working in the biz. Went back to Maine after graduation, worked on-air in radio and in various television positions in Maine. Moved to Ohio with my current husband (my 2nd), also a Grahm alum of sorts. (Paul was a reporter in Boston in those days, was a Grahm trustee and interim President after Pres. Singer's departure.) In Ohio sold radio WATH/WXTQ, went back to school for a year...Ohio University, then worked for WSYX and WBNS television in Columbus, Ohio. Left Ohio for the Atlanta area more than 4 years ago. I've been with The Weather Channel since May of '99. I remember Grahm fondly...but boy am I glad I finally grew up! Thanks for the wonderful site Matt!  
William  Rego 1975 1975 Graduate. Currently working @ ABCTV New York since 1977.  
Tom  Rehkamp 1971 We never had final exams because of the war. Work at WBZ in Boston, News Photographer. Knew Andy Kaulfman, my roommate managed coffee house (basement Leavitt Hall and Andy and many others entertained there.  
Carla  Reiner 1978 Great site! Thanks. Just reading the bios gave me laughs and tears. I guess I missed the reunion. Too bad. Let's stay in touch. Life's too short. After Grahm, I worked and then finished a bachelor's in Media Communications and then on to a Master's in Journalism at Univ of Nevada, Reno. Just shy of the thesis in 1996. Moved to Bay Area in 1996 where my daughter was born. I live in Concord, CA about 40 miles east of San Francisco. I have a six year old named Abby. Hi! Thank you Matt. This is quite impressive. I enjoy reading about everyone's whereabouts and agree that Grahm was a totally awesome experience. My first away from home experience. I live in Northern California and working in sales for now. Best wishes to all! 
Monty  Reis 1973 What a time we had!! Remember recording Dead and Allman Bros. concert tapes galore. Does anyone have a copy of the Beatles A to Z that WBCN used to broadcast over the weekends?  
Dusty  Rhodes 1975 Can anyone help me find Frank Riccio (class of 75). Lost track of him after his wedding in Greenwich CT. Would love to look him up. Found Glen Rappold through this site a while back. Boston, I loved you!  
Will  Rhodes 1975 Went to Grahm in 74/75 and took broadcast management. Played on the ice hockey & baseball teams. It was one of the best years of my life. Hell-o to all the M #$@%! s (Boston Drivers)!  
Arthur  Riccio 1970 33 years later . . .and my youth comes back to me!!! This is all very exciting. Keep me posted folks. Today is 27 Nov 02. ART  
John  Rigodanzo 1976 Class of '76. What a surprise stumbling upon the guestbook! Great stuff. North Texas is my home, moved from Western MA a few years after graduation after a sales stint at WGRG-FM (true free-form)in Pittsfield. Been in telecommunications 20-plus years now.  
Steve  Riis 1977 Just a Email to see if anyone is around.  
Jim  Rivers 1969 It's hard to believe that nearly 40 years has passed! What a great two years. I'd love to hear from any of my classmates from those two years....Gagliardi, Shermerhorn, Quinn, and the whole gange at WCSB!  
Jackie  Rivet 1977 I did not graduate.Went there for one year 1976-1977.Had a great time,but lost touch with frineds made that year.  
Rosemary Drescher Ro Guelpa 1973 Still alive and kickin.' Would be willing to help out with a reunion. Hi, it's me... The Princess, sidekick to the Frog Prince. It was really fun to listen to that production again. Anyone planning to attend the AARP event in Boston in September? Imagine my shock when my 17 year old daughter laughed out loud when she came across "The Frog Prince" on the internet. She said, "Mom, is that really you?" I remember what a good time Joanne and I had pulling all nighters doing productions with tape loops all over our apartment. Thanks, everyone for one of the best times of my life. I am now a professional Girl Scout, occasionally donning vintage garb and acting the part of the founder of the organization, Juliette Low. I also dabble occasionally in story's fun, especially around a campfire. Love you all!
Gary  Robbins 1976 I ran into an old friend from Grahm -- classmate Bill Quinn -- and was stunned to learn that there's a web page devoted to the college. I attended Grahm from 1974-76 and had some wonderful times. I worked in the student union in the basement of Leavitt Hall. I remember the parties being, ah, smokey affairs. And I remember sitting on the steps in front of Kenmore Wine, with other Grahm students, drinking beer out of a paper bag. My friend Bill worked in that liquor store. Those were the days when you could buy a bottle of Screwdriver for $1.45. Nasty #$@%! I also remember standing outside of Fenway during the '75 World Series and crying when the Sox lost the seventh game. I lived on the sixth floor of Kenmore Hall in those days. I used to sit on the little iron and throw snow balls at cabs with my friends. The guy who lived in the room next to me was nicknamed Wizard. Every night -- and I mean every night -- he'd get high and crank up the song "Roundabout" by Yes. During my last semester, I took a psychology course taught by some  
Ralph  Robbins 1962 I actually graduated from Cambridge School Of Broadcasting in the early 60's,although I received an Honorary Degree from Grahm Jr.College at John Hancock Hall.I've forgotten the year but Dom DiMaggio received one the same year.Howard Nelson(WEEI)is the only teacher I can recall by name.  
Nichols,  Robin 1969 Totally by chance I found this site – Awesome memories. Thank you Matt. A Broadcast grad in 1969 – I spent one year as a DJ – guess my humor was not appreciated in Lewiston- Auburn, Maine. That and I lost my hearing and ASL is not an acceptable means of communications on radio. After that I spent 10 yrs in law enforcement in New York State, attended Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and earned my Masters, and the last twenty-six years as a graphic artist in academia, ya never know. I met with Dean Stan Alten at SU when I join SUNY Upstate Medical University in 1994. I will be visiting Boston for the first time since graduating to participate as a delegate at the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Convention July 2006. Bet Kenmore has changed. Hey anyone know if Ken’s of Copley is still open? What? Darn!  
Mike  Rodriguez 1971 Just hoping someone will remember me and e-mail me. Judy Halpern, Irene Ginter, George Purchela, Andy Basso, where are you guys?  
DENNIS  ROGERS 1973 WOW! GJC! Went one year & transferred to a state school in PA. Yo! Stu! Pops! Nancy L.! Melissa J.! I remember you all fondly. Neil Young wrote a song, " of these days, I'm goin write a long letter to all the good friends that I know..." For now, the thoughts are there. Wishing you well. YES concerts at the Garden. Roof of Kenmore with Stu. Bleachers at Fenway. Fuzzy  
Garry  Rogers 1978 Wish I'd known about this website sooner!! Won't miss the next reunion. I'll even bring the flag! Now that the statute of limitations has passed I can say I have the missing flag! Matt thanks for all the work on the website. I will tell Wayne and Godfather Tony Sortino. We always said we'd go back for a reunion of our own at the the Dunkin' Donuts with all the Kenmore Square night people. Please contact me when the next reunion will be. Worked In radio about 5 years before I figured I'd have to get a real job so I could eat regularly. Will have great Grahm memories. Let's keep them alive!  
Jim Bedford Rogers 1975 I don't see much of my crowd in here-Shaner, Perks, Skins, Rocky, Root, Shandorf & Victor the Bear. Could it be that the 10-cent dogs and countless dollar pitchers at Fathers Too have taken their toll? Nah. I'd love to tell you all how grown-up I have become, but I'm out the door to see Pearl Jam at the Tweeter Center now--party on (and great job by the webmaster)!  
David  Rohde 1962 Graduated "Cambridge School of Broadcasting" and stayed in then "dorm" Lennox Hotel, suite 523. Worked in radio from 1965 til late 1990's in Lebanon/Honover, N.H.-White River Jct.,Vt. area. Retired to Nova Scotia in 1999 and winter in Az.  
Kimberly  Root Unknown Lots of great memories from my years at Grahm. Would do it all over again. Provided the foundation for my career in television.
Spent the last 28 years working in a television newsroom for the CBS affiliate in Buffalo, NY.   
Suanne  Rosen 1971 Those were the good old days!! Seems like yesterday.  
Frank  Rossi 1974 I majored in hotel management, played baseball and was president of Delta Omega Delta.My best friend was Larry Franko. What a time we had in kenmore sq. Any one that remembers me send me an email I'm trying to get back with old friends.I still live in Boston, I'm retired and have plenty of time on my hands. I would also like to find a 73 or 74 year book and old pictures of the baseball team I also worked with the hockey team. Let me know about reunions. Best to all you Gramites  
Chris Lassins Rothenbach 1969 How great to find the website. I was retailing major (69) and cheerleader. Been looking for my roomate, Pam Rossi. Also Sue Besse and Marguerite Ford. I have terrific memories of Grahm Jr. Remember the "Grahm Jr." at Libbey's? The Ratskeller and Sr. Pizza. Hope to hear from any classmates and reunion update.  
Richard  Rotz 1977 Just wanted to update my email address. If any one knows where I can get a 1977 yearbook that I could borrow to copy, I would be glad to pay for shipping and handling. Thanks The summer of 1976 me and a bunch of guys stayed for the summer. We rented an apartment and I think it was on Nottingham Lane or Street. I worked for the school that summer. Just wanted to update my new email address and say Hi.  Does anyone know where I can get hold of a 1977 and 1978 yearbook? If you do just e-mail me please. Thanks
Paul  Ruggiero 1977 Didn't graduate, a year was enough; regret not taking the opportunities offered now though. Finally listed Graham on my resume' after recruiters constantly insisted I miss-spelled Grahm. Looking for Charlie Watts (class of 1977)  
Bill  Russo 1964 I graduated in 1964 coming to Grahm (nee Cambridge School) via the Huntington School for Boys in the Y near old Braves field. I don't remember school or really much of anything from the 1960's...but I'm pretty sure I had a good time.  
Keith  Salo 1977 I really enjoyed my time at Grahm. Loved living in Boston. Lived in an apartment on Beacon St. Worked at the TV Station.  
Bill  Sample 1970 Sad news to report - I recently learned that Dr Don Erickson, who taught radio and television, passed away after a battle with cancer on 25 August. Although his Grahm experience was only two of his 40 year teaching career (1968-70), he stated in his posts here that they were the best. Check out his posts on this site, locate them by name under "Don," "Dr" or "Erickson." He did manage to locate many of his former students around the time of his posts, and I had a couple of conversations with him. Whoops - didn't get my comments in the last time- hit the ol' enter key too soon! Attended Grahm 1968-1970, majored in TV Production. What a nice site - thanks to all those who have contributed to make it such. Following Grahm I went to the U of Miami for a year, then into the Army. Ended up working for Amtrak since 1974, currently running the Berlin, CT railroad station, a nice "retirement" job! Although I never went into communications professionally, I married former Maine D J (WKTJ) Sue Waldron in 1999. I still try to keep up with current events in the radio industry, can't say I'm too happy with the decline of local ownership. Looking forward to attending the next reunion! 
Hank  Sandlas 1973 Wow! It seems so long ago. Great memories. Wouls like to connect with some of the guys who played basketball and baseball for GJC from 71-73.  
Tom  Sanfilippo 1977 Hi all from 75 through 77, life was good back in the day. Zhoom squad, hey Joe and hit the pike were phrases of the day. I would love to hear from any of you guys from that time period. It sure was fun. I kind of came across this site as I was searching for radio clips to download. I cant believe some of you are still out there. A lot of folks list stations they worked. I worked for years in the field. Im now a Telecommunications Engineer for a large world bank. I would really like to hear from some of you. Hey Joe! where are you. CB wants to know. These were two of the best years I have spent!! I still remember some of you, the talent of some of you!! I knew I would see and hear you all for years to come. I still have tons of air checks from Grahm snad every few years I listen to them and laugh. Again I would really enjoy hearing from all of you. remain well and Have a good day BOSTON! We will see you tomorrow morning on the station that means music 64 WCSB Boston. Would like to hear from folks from 1976 - 1977
Toni  SanGiacomo 1971 I recently looked up Grahm on the net and found a former classmate of mine, Jon Butcher, who I dated ever so briefly while at college. Turns out he stayed in Boston and went on to have a successful musical career; singer/songwriter/guitar player, etc. Sure wish I had known. Also, another classmate of mine, whom I did not know was Andy Kaufman, the comedian/actor. Wow! Interesting...............40+ years ago. That is a looooong time ago. Toni  
Alison  Saunders Unknown We have a "Class of 1970 Yearbook" that we would like to donate.Perhaps someone may like this copy which is in Very Good Condition. May we send the yearbook to someone ? Please advise via E-Mail. Thank you. Alison S.

Phone Number: 617-620-0819  
Lynette  Laveau SAxe DNG  I interrupted my studies to go on the road as an actress.
Then found out that I would not be able to complete my studies due to the closing of Grahm. I enjoyed my time at Grahm and have fond memories of the people in my class as well as faculty.I am now an Arts Entrepreneur, and work
as a freelance TV Host /Producer in cable TV.
I am amazed that the Mass Communications/TV Production knowledge I absorbed in a short space of time (kudos to my instructors)so many years later, serves me so well when I coach budding producers.
Now I know what those lions mean to Copley Square.  
Sharon Goby Schacht 1971 Hi I am hoping to find some gratuates from the year 1971. It would be great to find out where everyone is. Thanks. Sharon  
Barbara  Schiffman 1973 Geesh, The 70's are a blurr.  
Mark  Schneider 1977 Danny and Jeff, do you remember the "Grand Canyon"?  
Matthew  Schwartz 1976 Just wanted to say hello to any old friends who stop by here. I enjoyed my two years at Grahm. After graduating, I transferred to Ohio U. Graduated from there and ever since have worked in television news. Currenly the investigative reporter on the ABC affiliate in Tampa. Would love to hear from classmates, or anyone in the Tampa area who might have a news tip!  
Susan Tresky Schwartz 1974 Great Fun Times  
Michael  Scrivens 1974 I would love to hear from you. My office phone number is 585-424-1700 Ext. 304, home phone is 585-582-3230. Please feel to call or e-mail me. Michael  
Tony  Selvaggio 1968 great site and great memories  
Fred  Sharkey 1970 re: Neal Schiff see: 
Keith  Shaw 1969 Hi Roger,

Great effort in putting this nice web site together. I believe Graham was actually spelled with a second A rather than Grahm. I'd fix that before launching to the world. Good job. Amazing seeing Wadsworth Hall again!'

Ray  Shaw 1975 Raymond P Shaw Jr. / AS in Television Production / 1975
Married 1989 / No Children

After graduating from Grahm, I went to Salem State College (now Salem State University) and earned a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting / 1979

I have been General Manager of Business & Professional Exchange, Inc. since the company opened in October 1976.

Dave  Shea 1975 Wanted to be in radio. Was for 3 years. Now am Creative Director at a NYC ad agency. Spent the last 15 years writing and creating Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs and Trix Cereal commercials. Yup, I"m the guy who wouldn't let the rabbit eat Trix.  
Patrick  Sheehy 1971  Interesting times.  1971 AAS Broadcast Journalism 
Steve  Sherman 1968 Hello all, Had a blast at Grahm and Boston. The years there were outstanding! Found some familiar names that I will email, but if anyone remebers me, and still want's to get in touch plase do. Imarried Donna Jean Azzi after school and movrd to NJ. I owned resturants and went into the casino biz in 1976. Was doing well, but got sick in 2005 and forced to retire from a upeer management position at Foxwood Resort in CT.  
dennis  shimkoski 1967 (former WCSB PR Director) After I graduated, I almost got stuck selling vacuum cleaners, but I became a sucker myself for the Air Force, so off I went. Happily, I auditioned for and won a stint with AFRTS. Bad part--I ended up broadcasting in Libya and got to see Khadafi come to power and kick us out. I did do a lot of radio stuff and was dubbed "The Nighthawk," which is cool because my last night anchoring the 10:00 PM TV News ended unceremoniously when I was castigated by the brass for wearing my blues on camera without my brass (make sense?). Good part is they gave me a choice of Vietnam or Libya. Oh well. I was still young back then and didn't know what lie ahead....(or is it lay?) ***Here's a shameless plug: Need a great web presence for your web site? Ask for your GJC Discount! I own*** This month, I retired as a Federal communicator with 30 years...most as a spokesman for Agriculture, Food & Nutrition, and Customs. I also did a schtick for Treasury as a multi-image and TV producer in Saudi Arabia in the 80 AG (means After Grahm), I got sucked in to the USAF for almost 4 years. Post-military, DJ'd for WORC in Worcester, then the Barometer of Rock, got my BA and MA at UMASS, Amherst and ran the board and did news, sports and weather for WTTT while in school. I'm now --gulp-- retired. 
Karen  Silver 1971 I am looking for the 4th floor people. Shelly Ruskin, Carol Berkowitz, Darlene, Joy, Remember we made up the 4th floor poem?  
Robin(Schoeps)  Silverman 1974 After returning to Boston several years ago and seeing no school, I just thought the memories died was thrilled to find this site  
Stella  Silverman 1973 The memories..I am so sorry I missed the last hoo. When is the next one??? I was in Boston a few years ago,before the changes in the Square..glad I was able to refresh the memories....I went to BU after GJC, alot of changes there also. Does anyone know the where abouts of Lisa Tobin, Judi Girgio both were class of 1974..I know Judi went on to Northeastern since we had an apartment74-75. Class of 1973...anyone out there. Just heard about the reunion, sorry I missed the others. i was a business major, did a stint at BU and wound up back in retail. Now manage a store in Hamptons. Any other Helpline staffers out there!! 
George  Skaperdas 1971 Great site!  
Gloria WEISE SLIGH 1970 I have greatly enjoyed this web site, the memories that have been stirred up, and the guestbook entries. I married a Kappa Brother in 1969 (Gerry Sligh)though he went in the Coast Guard rather that returning for the 2nd year. Would love to share memories with anyone reading this.  
Scott  Smith 1972 Hi everyone. I'm glad to see that Matt's site is still up and running and that people are still using it. I'm updating my email address so that it is current. 2003 became the year that I started my own company.... South Coast Property Management, Inc. here in Southern California. You can check out the website at Still have fond memories of my two years at Grahm. All the great friends I made from KSB, and from playing on the school's basketball, baseball and hockey teams. Once a jock..always a jock, although know its just golf and coaching my 11 year old son's hockey team. Best Wishes to Everyone in the GREAT CLASS OF 72 for a wonderful 2004 year. Hi everyone. I haven't been to the site in almost two years, I'm glad to see that Matt's site is still up and running and that people are still using it. I'm updating my email address so that it is current. Life continues on and the memories of years gone by are more cherished. Recently had contact with Mike Hoffman and Dennis Fluerant for those of you who remember them. Both live in Arizona. Mike made it rich in real estate and is basically retired. Dennis is 25+ years at a T.V. station in Phoenix. Glad to see some posts from former classmates. A reunion would be great to have, someone pretty local needs to start up the bandwagon. Those who might remember me, drop me an email. Scott Smith
Class of 1972
3248 Nebraska Lane
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Tim  Smith 1966 Great page. I just heard from a couple class mates after al these years. Majored in Communications. Ended up as a medica in th Vietnam war. I have been in insurance claims in many different roles, mostly negotiating with attorneys, for the last 31 years. Class of 65/55 was grat and I did my part being in sports and outing club. Kappa Sigma Beta, it almost was disassembled because of the partying. It was saved through our involvement in charity with the help of the ladies. I was on the student council VP I think, who changed the name. Our first year was at Copley Sq. and the second at Kenmore. Anyone remeber the night the lights went out. We all played cop for a while before we decided going to dorms, opposite sex, to be protestors was a better idea. I hope this idea filters down to the older classes. Anyone would like to share thoughts of these times please feel free to E-mail me. Matt thanks for setting this up. I can say if it was not for all the public speaking I learned in Communications School I would not have had half of th  
Gene  Snyder 1974 I had no idea anyone cared about Grahm anymore! Glad to see it. I am trying to get a copy of my transcript. Decided to do a search on Grahm and found your page. Nice job! By the way, thought you might like to know that Marc Summers of Nickelodeon's Double Dare is a Grahm graduate. His real name is Mark Berkowitz. I went to school with him.  
Rick  Snyder 1961 Up over the Kenmore Square Hayes Bickford, across from the Library and the Lenox Hotel, up the creaky steps to the magic of radio. Those of us that yearned to be on the air, those that needed another credit or 2 to graduate from something and those that were just taking up space, we all sat and listened to Bruce Bradley tell us how to be disc jockeys and Johnny Most tell us how to call play by play and we worked the turntables and the board and the mikes and some of us actually made a career out of it. What great memories, and what a wa to start out a lifelong job. Great site. Keep it up. Rick (used to be Dick) Snyder 1961  
Diane Hines Solomon 1975 Hello class of 75. Living on the North Shore of Boston with husband Ken and two boys 15 and 12. Wasn't a radio or tv major but hung out with many from classes of 74 and 75 and was a willing extra in a few productions. Great Site - nice to catch up with a few old friends.  
Paul  Sottile 1970 Grahm was a fantastic experience that time passed has made more special. So happy I found this website. The intelligent classmates found it a long time ago. Grahm years 1969-1971 were great years. Lost track of most and can't remember many of you. Please e-mail me if you remember. Good luck and best wishes to you. 
Richard  Soukup 1976 Went to Grahm in 76, left the next year to more southern pastures closer to home. Worked at several stations in Delaware and MD, before relocating to North Central Pennsylvania. I now work at a photo lab plus run my own photography business. Loved my time in Boston. I'd go back in a second if I could. Married and have no kids but two dogs! BTW, if you are on Facebook, there is a group for Grahm Students there you can join. Several of those posting on this board are there as well! If you remember yours truly, drop me an email and let me know what you're up to!  
JOHN  Spreer 1976 Thirty One Autumns have gone by since I entered Grahm in the fall of 1974. Much of that first month was spent carrying a KSB blue and gold brick, with a pledge card aroud my neck. If there are any friends from the class of 1976, drop a note on the site and say hi. Hello old friends. I wanted to post my new email and hope to hear from some of you from the '75-'76 days. GJC Class of '76 - You'll be blown away to learn that our classmate Steve Mercurio, has gone on to become an internationally famous conductor and composer with a new CD just out on SONY BMG, call "Many Voices". Steve's website is: or for a mention of Grahm go to The skinny kid with the long black hair and guitart has done GJC proud.; Hi - Just wanted to pass on my new email address to all. How's the class of 1976 doing? Anyone out there? Spreer was here
Michael  St.Hilaire 1979 It was a great time and a great school. I miss it very much.  
Pam  Stachura 1976 The only reason I found this awesome sight is because I now have a 17 year old looking at colleges! My years at Grahm were CRAZY FUN!Getting 'Gansett from Kenmore Liquors, pizza from Pizza Pad and Capone's. Was Traffic Manager at WCOZ, WITS and WBZ-AM, in Boston. Moved to Philly and did Nat'l Sales for WUSL/Power 99fm, then did media buying until my kids came along. Now they are what's important. Hung out with GREAT people at Grahm - anybody out there? Lived on the "Girl Floor" Room 522. (Under the Zoo Floor!) I LOVED BOSTON AND GRAHM! Where are you John Queeney? Angela, Gail, Art, Jan, Paul, Bob Strasser......  
Phyllis Fieni Steed 1970 I was in Kappa Sigma Gamma. My first year roommate was Maureen Gabrys. She graduated in 1969. I would love to contact her if anyone knows her whereabouts. I visited Boston two years ago and visited our old dorm which is now an apartment complex. I missed the icecream at Brighams? but we ate at the old deli and reminisced. Those were the good old days when I could eat and not get fat! Updated my email. Still trying to locate Maureen Gabrys (graduated 1969), Cheryl Shible (graduated 1970) and any other Kappa Sigma Gammas. 
Diane Tyson Steele 1976 Would love to talk with some of my old Kenmore Hall Dorm friends, My maiden name is Tyson so if you remember me let me hear from you.  
Joe  Steele 1976 Hi folks,great site Matt. After graduation I to went to the home for recovering Graham grads,ABC in New York. Where I don't think any of us did much recovering. 25 years later they still pay my bills. See you at the reunion for a relapse.  
Dean  Steeves 1969 I'd love to hear from anyone in the class of 68, 69 or 70 that might remember me. I was a radio broadcast major, studying under Stanley Alton, the Dean. I have been in touch with Dale Quinn and Kerry Stutz and look forward to hearing from any of my old friends from those crazy Boston days.  
Jane White Stitt 1979 Wow! I got an e-mail today from someone re: Grahm and the memories came flooding back! I was one of the 'last class' -- the one that didn't graduate --from 1978 - 79. What a place and what memories! I was browsing through and saw familiar names... reminded me of those days of telling Tony to turn "Beast of Burden" down -- as he played it for the 1000th time! What days -- going to the Paradise - hanging out with Steveo-devo (where are you these days?), and Beanie (Sabina Hamilton) and the gang.Remember the days at the Cask & Flagon by Fenway -- with chipped pitchers and too many beers! I am sorry I missed the reunion but will definitely be there next time! Currently, I am a Director of Special Events at St Johns University in NY, did a stint in the Navy from 83-90, returned to college in NY and finally got a BA in 93. Was married for 3 yrs, now divorced.. boo hoo... Hope to hear from some old Grahm friends! Those were the days!  
Cynthia Boice Boice Stoltz 1965 I lived in a dorm on Marlborough Street--not Kenmore but this does not give me that option 163 or 164 Marlborough. Would love to find others from 1964 and 1965. Have stayed close to Casimere Majlowski, Carol Williams and Marcia Grover but lost touch with everyone else. Any one from that far back?? Is there anyone left out there fom the 64-66 era???? We had such a ball and were soooooooooo bad--well some of us were!! Anyone remember the fire escape at 163 Beacon, Miss Dill, BRIG, Ken's Deli, The Rathskeller, Changing into our "proper" clothes in the bushes before going back in the dorm, hitchhiking to Kenmore Square? I have kept in touch with Kay Majlowski, Carol Williams and Marcia Grover, but that is all. Write me if you remember.............. 
Michael  Stone 1977 I only spent one year at Grahm but it was one of the best years of my life! I lived on 5th flr of Levitt Hall facing Comm Ave. with roomate Frank Restina, and remember classmates George Perruccio and Cliff Schweinsberg (RIP-died of cancer a few years back). I remember the rallies at the State House and shutting down traffic in Kenmore Square. Cask n Flaggon on weekends, bleecher seats at Fenway, visiting the gals at Emmanual and Simmons, so many great memories! Does anyone remember Mr. Rassmussan? I have been back a few times and eaten pizza in my old classroom (now a Pizzaria Uno!) Left Grahm and went to SUNY Herkimer for associates and got bachelors in Journalism from URI. Working as a fire fighter now in Narragansett, RI and also work as telecommunications installer/tech for Avcom Technology.  
ron.  stpierre 1975 pd/om whjj-whjy providence weekend sports wpri ch 12 providence om wpro am providence gm wpro providence om wwrx providence om wkgr west palm beach programming wabc new york om wpro/wsko providence currently am drive wpro providence-back to having fun anyone heard from dale west, john lowmier or greg girgio? i figure they're eating dog food by now (sorry guys) kim silver? i would have given her my stuffed peppers and tapioca anytime.  
Steven  Strick 1979 Just found this site. Didn't know it existed. Must be the fact that I'm getting older. I have this urge to reach back and find people in my life especially during great times. Grahm was one of those times in my life.  
kerry  Stutz 1969 to the boys of 69 john chase, Ed jones, Dean steeves, charlie lieberman, et all. I would love to hear from any and all  
KAREN  SULLIVAN 1978 Hi, classmates of 1976-1978! An update to tell you that althogh radio had all gone computerized, I am now back on the air for a country fm, recording voice tracks, for my show, and production duties, along with minding the board for Red Sox and SeaDog Games. Along with my Brittany dog business, I now have the best of two worlds.. work with my business in the am, then over to the station. Radio has changed, the basics as we learned, the same, just in a new age of computers! Happiness is being back in the field i love so dearly! Love to hear from classmates ... updates??? Peter Margeson.. Joe Mc Donald? Lucy Ochocki.. are you out there???? Love visiting this site.. Grahm was the best time of my life and the best people all around me! I am living in Maine! LOOK FORWARD TO A REUNION! BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE. HAD A CAREER IN RADIO BROADCASTING AS PRODUCTION MANAGER, COPYWRITER, AND PRODUCER. VOICEOVER FOR NATIONAL HAIR CARE COMMERCIAL. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM ANY OF MY FORMER CLASSMATES! MY CAREER DIRECTION HAS CHANGED, NOW IN THE DOG WORLD, HAVE A DOG BOARDING KENNEL IN MAINE, BREED BRITTANYS, AKC HUNTEST JUDGE, PRESIDENT OF THE LEWISTON AUBURN KENNEL CLUB, RECIPIENT OF THE AKC GOLD MEDAL MEDALLION AND TRAINER ENJOYING FIELD TRIALS AND SHOWS AS A PROFESSIONAL HANDLER. LIVING IN MAINE AND DIVORCED..FOND MEMORIES.. HOPING FOR A REUNION SOON!!! LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU!! JOE MC DONALD ARE YOU AROUND??? Hi, classmates of 1976-1978! An update to tell you that althogh radio had all gone computerized, I am now back on the air for a country fm, recording voice tracks, for my show, and production duties, along with minding the board for Red Sox and SeaDog Games. Along with my Brittany dog business, I now have the best of two worlds.. work with my business in the am, then over to the station. Radio has changed, the basics as we learned, the same, just in a new age of computers! Happiness is being back in the field i love so dearly! Love to hear from classmates ... updates??? Peter Margeson.. Joe Mc Donald? Lucy Ochocki.. are you out there???? Love visiting this site.. Grahm was the best time of my life and the best people all around me! I am living in Maine!
Maureen CARRO SULLIVAN 1979 I am so glad I heard about this web site and am really looking forward to the reunion. After graduation worked at Warner Cable for a while, then Ch.68 and have been at WHDH for 14 years with a little break at FOX 25 then back to WHDH. Married to another Grahm grad Steve Carro and we have 3 boys- 17,14,& 8 yrs. Steve has worked at WLVI for the last 19yrs. Working with a few grads and still in touch with some others. I can't wait to see some old friends!  
Lee-Ann  Surprenant 1978 I am looking for classmates and yearbook for Methuen High Class of 1978. If you have any info, email me. Thanks.  
Bill  Tarkulich 1975 Communications Electronics, BS Electrical Engineering - Rochester Institute of Technology, MBA Northeastern University. Work in high-tech, never went into broadcasting. Returned to the metro Boston area right after college. Never looked back, though I look a our old haunts often. :( Hello fellow Alumni! I was a Communications Electronics major. Went on to study Electrical Engineering, then grad school. After Grahm, computers struck my interest, so off I went to Wang, Digital Equipment, Compaq and private consulting. Working presently for Hewlett-Packard. I really enjoy the photos and the guest book reminisces. I'd forgotten about the Scientology dudes. They were a trip! GJC was quite a learning experience for me. A farm boy dropped into the big city at age 17! I always remember the old broadcast TV camera which took 1/2 hour to warm up! Today, my handheld! Friday nights onto the roof of Leavett hall into the control shack of the White Fuel Sign. A few beers, sit on the floor and watch the lightning fly across the room as the oil derrick gushed (no joke!) Tuition was nearly $5K a year and books I think tapped me for nearly $50 a semester! Now how will I pay for my kids at 5X that! Remember the electronics teacher, and older gentlemen who taught me my first word of french: "...and if 
Maurice  Tate 1974 I came to Grahm a child. I left there a man. I left and came back to work for the college before acquiring a summer relief job at WBZ. At the end of the Summer the assistant to the director of engineering told me I would get a 'separation' letter from the company telling me when my last day would be. He told me to dis-regard it. He'd let me know when I was done. That was the summer of 1977. He's gone and I'M still there (who would have thunk it). I mean, where do I begin.I came to Grahm in 1972. Graduated in 1974. I went back to Memphis after graduation and returned in the fall. I thought I had a job lined up in Boston but it fell thru. Thru the kindness of Dick Walsh I was hired to work in the engineering department. It allowed me to stay in Boston. In 1977 Mr. Walsh got tired of me hanging around and sent me over to channel four to apply as a summer relief tech. I did and decades later, I'm still there. I started in the engineering department and ended up in news. Over the years I've just about covered it all. I get to see the buildings over in Kenmore square where I went from being a shy big 'kid' to manhood. I think of my classmates often and am continually searching out sites to find you. I WANT to hear from you. PLEASE send me a note to let me know what you're up to. Recently, I had the pleasure of re-connecting with Martin Bell on facebook. He put up a lot of pictures from the Grahm years. I especially love the one of him, me, his now wife Brenda Mutter, and Randi 
Michael  Taylor 1977 Interesting running across this.Shout out to the Black Student Union and again thankyou for electing me President.  
Steve  Tee 1969 spent the last 30 years or so in telecommunications industry designing and maintaining voice & data networks ( that's phones and computers for those of you in Rio Linda). I run in to Hank Nevin's from time to time would like to hear from Ed JOnes and the crew  
Mike  Testa 1978 Class of 78 then to the big E - Delta Lives!, Married Ceil and have two boys. I work for the MDC and run the Hatch Shell and all Special events and communications for the district. Work Phone is 617-727-9547 x 459 Home in Stoneham is 781-438-5112  
Gregory  Theriot 1969 Grahm,talk about some good times.Where is everyone from BPT.Donald Owens(DOB).The crew from New Bedford you still there. My brother Rudy Mooring were are you? It was the three of us who gave the dance Soulful Strut in '68.Though I only lasted to '69 it was fun while it lasted. Hello Grahm you will never be forgotten!  
jim  thompson 1974 great to stumble upon the grahm jr college website. had a great two years in boston. i graduated in 1974. met great guys, dick shaner, glenn perkins. pete ellis, and many many more. great memories. i now own a seafood company in new bedford,ma and still dabble in communications as tv voice of dartmouth high school athletics on dctv in dartmouth  
bob  tischler 1977 Had a wonderful time at GJC '74-'75 and '76-'77. Went to work for the local cable tv company and I'm STILL here... Looking for Mike Farkas, Sal Viggiano, Steve "BB" Cardona, roommate Paul Collins, and anyone else from Leavitt Hall in '74-'75  
Thomas  Tisdall 1979 1979 Graduate/Radio Production... Since some people have left a little resume, here's mine: After moving around the country working at various radio stations mostly as an MD/PD (KVOC,KSLY,WQHQ) I came to Kansas City in 1993 and worked at KMXV and KUDL. I got a GAVIN Award in 1999, for the Large-Medium Market Adult Contemporary Music Director of the Year. Soon after that I left radio and have been at BDS (Broadcast Data Systems) here in K.C. We monitor radio stations all over the country for the record labels and our sister company Billboard Magazine. Matt, you did an awesome web page. I hope I can make it to the reunion this May '01.  
Jacky  Titus 1978 In 1979, I received a One-Year Secretarial Certificate from Fisher Jr. College. I then worked for ten years at a leather company dyeing belts. The last eleven years were spent at a company where I delivered mail to a complex for eight years then three years after the compamy relocated I also worked there printing, collating and mailing press releases to biotech companies. The company again relocated last year and would be doing other kinds of work they didn't need me for. Now I work as a grocery bagger part-time. Enjoyed my years at Grahm Jr. and would like to know about any future plans for a reunion. Also, would like a copy of the 1978 yearbook. Majored in Radio Broadcasting. Would like to hear from other fellow Grahm grads! Anyone have info on where to get a 1978 Grahm yearbook? Hi to all my Grahm Jr alumni! Am interested in finding out what everyone's been up to after all these years!  My new email address is above (as of 2006) and I'd like to hear from other alumni!  Had a great time at Grahm-the rallies at the State House to save Grahm and living in the Kenmore Hall, to spite the non-working elevator at times! Would like to know about any upcoming reunions and to hear from other alumni!  Graduated Grahm Jr with Associates in Science, Radio Broadcasting major in 1978. Am living in the city and loving being able to take public transportation everywhere! I have just recently become a Great Aunt to a Great-Niece Fiona ("Fi") born Nov. 24, 2010. I work as a checker/packer in a grocery store (as of 9/03) part-time which leaves me plenty of time to visit the library where I use the computer sometimes. I am hoping to reconnect with others from Grahm Jr to share stories and memories.
Tom  Todisco 1970 It's been 37 years...Yikes!!! That's also how long I've been employed in TV. I'm sorry to hear about the passing of Dr. Erickson...his passion and enthusiasm for television is what made it fun. Hopefully some of the class of 1968-1970 are still out's great to hear that Grahm's memories will be continued...  
Gene  Tognacci, 1958 Great Site! My Dad, Gene Tognacci, Sr., graduated from Cambridge School of Broadcasting in 1958. The radio bug lay dormant until 1973 when he joined WPBR, Palm Beach, FL doing weekends. By 1976 he joined WLIZ, Lake Worth FL as General Manager, a position he held for over 20 years until the station was sold and he retired. It would be great to hear of anyone who may have gone to CSB during that same time. After he passed away several years ago, I came upon his practice tapes, where he read aloud from the newspaper. So, even if you didn't know my dad, I'm curious about the curriculum, etc.  
anne  tomlinson 1971 I miss Boston. Being in Boston made for some of the best days that I can remember.  
John  Tomlinson 1974 Looking to see if I can find my Leavitt room mate Andy Sommerfield (spelling questionable). Been in TV engineering since I left Boston. I only spent one year at Grahm, '73 / '74, majored in hockey and budweiser I think. I've been in the remote engineering end of the business for the last twenty something years. I haven't seen or heard from my old room mate since the day I left. Andy Sommerfield where are you? 
Steven  Torres 1972 DNG  Received my passion for communications and business in the short time I attended and never lost it. Worked in the cable tv industry from the beginning before MTV and CNN.  
Michael  Trapani 1970 Found this site by accident. Recognize some of the names. Brings back many fond memories. Spent less than 10 years in broadcasting to pursue my true passion, aviation. Spent a couple of decades flying Learjets for corporations and the rich and famous. Spent the last 15 years teaching others to do the same. Loved every minute of it and continue to do so. Married with four grown boys, all great. Would love hearing from anyone who remembers me. Sorry to hear about Don Erickson's passing. Kept in touch with him for a while then lost contact.  
Mary  Tsitsos 1973 I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Not only do I have a weird last name (Greek), but I also had a full head of wild red hair. Now you remember me???  
Dale  Tucker 1970 I posted pics on facebook  
Mary Anne  Tufts 1972 So glad we at least retained ONE place on the i-net to meet and greet. Thanks for preserving the history. Jim Tufts (KSB) says "Hi" also! Thanks for providing this site. 
Thomas  Ulicny 1975 School of Communications Kenmore 218  
ALF  UNKNOWN Unknown For the record---Burt Dubrow Had NOTHING to do with my HIT Talk Show on TV LAND. I fired him after 2 days because of creative differences. He insisted that I wear a stupid pair of red glasses. Hence my problem.  
C.A.  UNKNOWN 1979 Some of my best memories are of my time at Grahm.  
Diane  UNKNOWN 1979 hey Jamswa..where is commader about bill k...and jean drabisin...heaven on the 7th floor..poohs pub...fathers..soo many good times  
Dr.John  UNKNOWN 1971 Hey Dawn.............I've tried several places to try to get in touch. Either no help or, no interest.....Coming home soon, Love to see you & say hello..........Drop a line if you got da time..........Il Doctore  
Faye  UNKNOWN 1968 I attended Grahm 1967-68. My roommate was Mimi Winchester and I was friends with Sherry Coehlo, Paul (aka Ghost), Charlie Hosmer. Also looking for English teacher Barbara Hiatt and Psych teacher Mr. Corbosiero. Noticed a reunion coming up in October and wondered if anyone I knew will be attending. Ah, those were the days...  
Fitz  UNKNOWN 1975 2003 marks my 30 year anniversary of my first year at Grahm. Life was never the same. Nice to know a few of us actually stuck it out and made a living in TV or radio. I never went to any other college after Grahm, as I was eager to land my first job in the exciting and glamorous TV industry....only I wound up doing radio first. I was "Fitz with the Hits" and after bouncing around from station to station for 4 years, I headed for California, where Jerry Gander (class of '75)put me up and "put up with me"for a few months until I got my own place. I stayed a total of 3 years in CA, then , with my tail between my legs, headed back home to Conn. I did more radio for almost 5 years, until I finally got my first job in TV and I've been doing that ever since. Currently I'm a freelance TD, most recently working at the new "YES" Network, home of the NY Yankees and NJ Nets. I would love to know where Wade Keller is (class of '75), Debbie Cooney('76) also. Those 2 years at Grahm went fast. I hated to leave. But life marches on, my frie  
Jack  UNKNOWN 1972 Trying to find Gayle S. from class of 1973, can you help? Great web site, so many memories, thanks.  
Janice  UNKNOWN 1976 oh but for the memories of the rat and lucifers... how about ka ka ka katies  
John  UNKNOWN 1969 Roommate: Ed Jones

Friends: Kerry Stutz, Dean Steeves,

I was a broadcasting major but never entered that field. I work in clinical health care now and sideline as a freelance cartoonist. Although I grew up in New England, I now reside in the Pacific Northwest.

I remember the Red Sox pennant in '67, drinking coffee at Libby's, Mr. Alten, the Citgo sign shining in my dorm window, pot smoking by the Charles River.

Ed C. Jones, where are you?   
Kevin  UNKNOWN DNG  Very fond memories of Grahm, the people and the communications program. My first and last radio DJ job on the school station-it was lots of fun.  
Linne  UNKNOWN 1969 Kenmore Hall Rm 334 Roomate Norma Looking for Bonnie, Sharron, Cheryl, Dee, Jackie, Pat Zajac, and more from those years.  
Liza  UNKNOWN Unknown Greetings to all!:) I wish to establish same guestbook. What should I make for this purpose? It works without mistakes?  
Marsha  UNKNOWN 1969 It was wonderful viewing the old picture from Kenmore Square and Grahm Junior College. I only attended one semester but I have fond memories of Boston and some of the people I knew back then but have, unfortunately, lost track of. Thank you for the walk down memory lane. By the way, do you know if it is possible to enter the old Kenmore Hall now? If I am up in boston sometime, I would like to see it again. Thank you.  
Marty  UNKNOWN 1972 A great two years. Made some lifelong friends.  
Tarzan  UNKNOWN 1971 Hey! Where is everybody? Somebody speak Delta to me. Viking? Ron Miller? Angelo? Phil? Sharkey? Did you forget the promise, to never forget?  
Thomas  UNKNOWN 1967 Terry Kish? Linda who went to florida with Otto Felix? Tremblay? Nussdorf?  
Gary  Urhan 1971 Hey, where'd everybody go??? I've been at HBO 24 years...  
Robin Williams Vester 1974 Attended Graham from 1972-1974 Graduated with Associates in Bus. Major Studdy Merchandising and Retail. Originally from New York, relocated to Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex Currently a corporate HR Manager Married with two children and one grandchild. Looking to connect with past peeps from Graham, email me or find me on FB  
John  Vick 1976 I graduated in1976, worked in Maine for 14 years. I had the pleasure of working for Dick Walsh for 7 years at WABK FM.   
Doreen Sansone Vitti 1968 Looking forward to seeing more 60's alums Remember Marsha Eldridge, Peter McManus, Andy Parisi. Boston was a great place to be in the 60's.  
Dan  Waite 1974 1974 hotel grad, worked one year at the Copley Plaza and got out of the business. I have been working in production of animation (He-man, She-ra, Insp. Gadget & Sonic) and Spanish soap operas, selling the productions all over the world. Drop a line if interested. Take care all  
Don  Walsh staff low asking what was happening when the crowd roared. NFL, NBA, NHL, and Major League ball players who stayed at the Kenmore giving tickets to or access to the stadiums for free. Heisman Trophy winner Billy Cannon, ’60 Silver medallist, Bo Roberson, Billy C. the Kangeroo Kid, Joe Willie and the Jets and Wilt. The night that the entire Northeast was blacked out . Didn’t hear anything from any CSB/GJC alum for 35 but have received emails from four in the last year. The site works. I live in East Hampton, NY. Most of the posts are from folks who were in 1st or 2nd grade when we were running Kenmore Square. Glad that they had a good time too. Best Regards, Don Walsh  
Mary Lou  Walsh 1970 What fun revisiting a great time in my life? Hope more people will visit over time. I am a Professor teaching Dental Hygiene at St. Louis Community College. What a switch from Retailing. Remember the fashion show "Age of Aquarius"? I love seeing the Lobby pictures as many a blind dates were scoped out by our roommates before we would venture down to meet them. I also remember Andy Kauffman sitting in the Lobby. What happen to Libby's? I'll be attending the League of Innovation meeting in March, 2002 so looking forward to seeing the sights. Last time I was in Beantown was 1978. Love that dirty water! Thanks for the site and if you looking for some hilarious pictures of 68-70, I have them. Mary Lou  
John  Warren 1979 Hello Alumni: John Warren , Class of 1979, went on to Syracuse University , Now. Living in Worcester Mass. Hope to see alot of my Classmates at the Reunion.  
Irene Cohen Wechsler 1968 WOW! Great experience at Cambridge School/Graham Jr. College. Student for one year, had a blast, that was the problem, Too much fun not enough studying. Lived in Kenmore room 418. Originally from NJ. Taught in Santa Monica/Malibu for 8yrs. Retired from American Airlines, currently President of  
Jim  Weinberg 1976 Jim Weinberg
North Beach Media Inc
342 Oak St
Hollywood, FL 33019
phone: 954-920-6006
fax: 954-920-7588
text: 954-646-2927
Dan  Welsch 1975 Went to Grahm for 1/2 year. Spring 1975. Had a good time, learned much. Had no money to return. Moved on.  
Bob  Whelan 1975 One year wonder. Finished Univ. of Htfd & Rensselaer PT and have worked in the computer industry for 25 years. Grahm was about survival skills - amazing lessons. It's all about what I say, not what I did in those years. Married 27 years, 3 sons (2 in college now). WOW what a blast..  
Greg  White 1977 What a trip down memory lane! Can't believe I haven't come across this site till now. Great job! While I only attended Grahm for one year, it was one GREAT year. Everytime I watch a Sox game I tell my kids that I could see into Fenway from my dorm room window. Still have my #19 Grahm hockey jersey. Kind of sorry I never returned to finish my second year but I never thought there would be a second year with all the problems the school was going through when I left (remember to "Save Our School signs and the media attention we got in April 1977?). Anybody remember Bernie Izzo or Mike Macanerny?  
Peter  Whiteside 1978 I was there Fall 76-Spring 77, went to Curry College in Milton, Fall 77, came back Jan 78...and quit school. What a crazy place.....nice website! Well, I kinda lied.....I was at Grahm 1976-1977, and a few weeks in the 2nd semester of '78. I went on to the State University of New York at Oswego (which is like the North Pole, only with more wind, and snow) after Boston, graduating in 1981 in Radio and TV Communication. I traveled out to Southern CA, had a lot of jobs, went in the US Air Force to see the world from 1983-1987, then melted into the "deep black" world of the US Govt, working as a contractor at Raytheon Inc., a large electronics firm, for the last 15 years. I live a comfortable life, alone, in my little condo, 20 miles south of Washington DC. My memories of Grahm were was the first time I lived away from the little upstate NY village I'm from. I hung out with sports geeks and/or potheads in Boston. Never could figure out which crowd was better. I just wish I was more mature at the time. I guess I'm a man now. Hey Steve Strick, sorry I bummed you out so bad!!! Pete ps...when is the next reunion??? 
Karen Koehler Wiggins 1969 Glad I found this site. Would love to hear about my roommates Linda and Millie, Kenmore Hall Room 516. Also Janet Cronk and her roommate Karen. Also love to hear from Janice Rommel, Cathy Recktenwald and Pam Rossi. I saw Charlie Fox mentioned in a post on this site. Had a big crush on him. Such great memories during the two years at school and living in Boston after graduation. Now in Florida hoping to retire in a few years and tour the country in our 5th wheel RV with hubby, Bill and standard poodle, Benny.  
Don  Wilding 1979 Don is producing a documentary film for the Henry Beston Society. Check out for more details!  
Edward  Willard 1974 Really do not remember those numbers, I am semi retired now living in Costa Rica. Used what I learned at Grahm selling and commercials and advertising, the communications program gave me a great basis, now just help people who want to invest or retire in Costa Rica and promote different products and services, play around witht eh name Gringo Willy  
Skip  Williams 1973 WOW! This is a pleasant surprise. Just found this site while Google-checking the spelling of GRAHM for a resume update reality check. Thank you Matthew and all for your good work in building the site and providing this forum. Grahm was a terrific experience for me. 1971-1973. Alive (remarkably) and well (relatively) in beautiful Maine... Skip  
Steve  Williamson 1978 In the 30 years since I graduated from Grahm, my motto has changed from “Learn By Doing” to “Live The Dream”. So I’m combining two of my passions, hockey and flying, and am about to embark on an adventure that will take me to 30 hockey games in all 30 NHL arenas in 30 CONSECUTIVE nights. Something I don’t think has ever been done before. Take a look at my web site for the complete schedule (and a pic that shows that I still have some hair!), If you were a Grahmite from 76-78, look and see when I’ll be in your town. Perhaps we can get together! And if you’re working in the sports media, heck, get me some free tickets, ‘cause now I’m out of vacation time and I’m spending all my money on airline tickets and hotel rooms! But I’m living my dream! I’ll be in Boston on November 8th for game #14 of 30 against the Montreal Canadiens, I’ll be frickin’ exhausted, but look forward to seeing some old friends.  
Steve  Williamson 1976 On August 30, 1976, I decided I wanted to go to college! Three days later, only Grahm was willing to take my lame H.S. grades and say, "If you pay cash, you can start tomorrow". Lived just two doors down from webmaster Matthew Hasson and held on tight for two (and a half) years on the GJC rollercoaster! At Grahm, I learned Radio 101 plus crisis management first-hand, made some lifelong friends, and, thanks to the light of the "Citgod", could always find my way back to the dorm late at night. Then off to "real" college at Emerson and bartending at Bunratty's. Spent the 80's in Miami radio, the 90's marketing Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, now VP/Marketing at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. Along the way, collected a bitchy blonde wife, two beautiful blonde boys, a bleached blonde girlfriend, a fake Christmas tree, Tampa Bay Lightning tickets and a goldfish. Kept some of them, but not all. Made some good decisions and the occasional bad one (Pity the motto wasn't Learn By thinking first, then Doing)  
Randy  Woessner 1970 Good to see this site still going. Still in telecom since 1971. Still married to another GJC grad for 36 years. Both daughters grown. One trying to get into TV and the second married. We are going to be grandparents in November. Yahoo. Greetings all. Hope to see many of you at the reunion. 
Chris  Worthen 1979 Where are the "Mole People"? Hello fellow Grahamites. Remember that big Graham flag that used to fly outside room 324, I just found it in my garage. Can't remember how it got there, but then again, I can't remember a lot of what went on back then. Remember the school motto, "Do not eat the chicken salad at the Kenmore Deli". Where to begin, The Rat, Pooh's Pub with Sue and Carla, room 324 with Carol, Bongathons with Kreta, Ray, Spanky, Flyer, Mo & Mo. Cranking up the Kretatrons! The "blizzard" with no food or heat, but beer and a "brick". Married Carol, had two sons who are now 28 & 24, two grandkids. Divorced Carol after 21 years. Remarried in 2003 and very happy! Never did use my education for anything other than soom YouTube vids. Spent 13 years in the aerospace industry, neat stuff. Since then I have been running a commercial construction business. My brother and I build amongst other things large public use swimming pools such as the one at the new MGM Grand in CT. Mole People, check in. I would love  
WENDEE & GAIL   TOULOUSE Wright 1973 Talk about a stroll down memory lane!! Thanks to Tim Merchant for forwarding this site to me. After Grahm, I went on to the University of New Hampshire to get a BA in Communications. Work now as a Safety and Environmental Engineer and love my job. Any other 1973 graduates out there?  
Jeff  wurtz 1977 class of 1977  
Kevin  wyer 1973 MikeFenton Gene Nazarro, Peter Grunwerg, Where are you??  
Teresa Penza York 1979 Never did take up a Broadcasting career...nor did I put my creative journalism to use other than through my own personal endeavors..They were some 'crazy daze'back then~~Will always remember the Ratskeller and bagels at the Souper Salad; Kenmore Square was such a hip place to be!! Micheal Lacuisa, Pam McGrath, and Christian - from NH(can't remember your last name for the life of me!)...anyone know what became of them??  
Jimmy  Zamudio 1971 I was only there for a short time in 71 Went back to South America. Looking to find Patty Joy Howlett, one of the sweetest girls at school. Kept in touch abit until 75. I loved Boston.  
elliott  zangari 1973 was a major in hotel motel restaurant management. would up in the metals business. own a metal import company in levittown, new york. married now with two children. i remember in kenmore hall on commonwealth avenue when streaking started. love to hear from you all who remeber me.  
Micka  Zeman 1968 I truly enjoyed my two years at Grahm Jr. College. I met and became very good friends with Andy Kaufman. I was sorry to learn the College is now defunct. I left Grahm Jr. College knowing I had a good college education. I started working at Tufts New England Medical Centers right after graduation as a medical secretary and later a medical secretary & assistant... Micka J. Ellison  
Anthony  Zimbardo 1974 Thanks guys. I met my wife at Grahm (she was an art student at the art school a few doors down from Leavitt Hall. We've been married for 26 years. Will Jeff Martini please sign in. I lost your address and phone number. Thanks again.  
Craig  Zimiroski 1979 Loved going to school at Grahm
Kenmore square was great
liquid Lunches at the Ratskellar

Did they ever publish a year book for the last year ?
I never got one if they did
ANyone know ?   
Vic  Zionce 1973 Good memories.  
Billy  Zolna 1975  Great times, glad I made it. Would love to here from old friends what i remember was great . any old friends , please write back. just fell into this site , dont remember much from grahm except it was great years. love to here from old freinds.
Michael James  Zuccaro 1973 Majored in TV Production.

Fellow classmates included Marc Summers, Alex Paen and Bob Cruz.