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Graduates, Faculty and Staff Names

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Class of 1974
Big thanks to Diane DiVittorio Strauss '75 for compiling this list

1975 Alumni Major Address
Getachew Abate Television Production
Christopher F. Adams Electronics Florence, MA
Lacy Alson Business Management Washington, DC
Larry J. Ardito Hotel Motel Management Boston, MA
Allison Arnold Electronics
Edmond Aucoin Radio Broadcasting
Ken Bacon Performing Arts Quincy, MA
Richard James Baldanza Broadcast Management Clifton, NJ
Stephen B. Baris Radio Broadcasting Billerica, MA
Joseph Barone Broadcast Journalism Gloversville, NY
Michele Barone Radio Broadcasting
Kirk L. Barrick Electronics Michigan, 
Mohammed S. Barrie not listed Cambridge, MA
David B. Barry Broadcast Management
Paul Bartman Electronics
Luvial Barzey Stenography Mattapan, MA
Andrew Baskin Communications Pittsburgh, PA
Richard Beach Radio Broadcasting
Shirley L. Beatty Broadcast Management Brighton, MA
Diane Bell not listed Abington, MA
Ivan Bell Retailing Bronx, NY
Martin Bell Television Production  Nanuet, NY
Arthur Benedict Radio Broadcasting Winsted, CT
Craig Bennetch Radio Broadcasting Pottstown, PA
Stephen Bentas Television Production Chelmsford, MA
Nancy S. Bernat Television Production Castorland, NY
Danial Bessette Broadcast Journalism Providence, RI
Sharyn Block Retailing
Barbara L. Blount Executive Secretary  Springfield, MA
Doug Bonin Television Production Methuen, MA
Robert Willie Bostic Broadcast Management Long Island City, NY
Stephen W. Bradley Television Production Gloucester, MA
Kitty Brightwell Stenography Springfield, MA
Brenda Broxton Retailing New Haven, CT
Don Buchanan Radio Broadcasting Moorestown, NJ
David S. Burke Television Production Walpole, MA
Kevin Caggiano Television Production Melrose, MA
Gary Calamar Television ProductionTelevision Production Yonkers, NY
Allan Camp Radio Broadcasting Rutland, VT
Robert D. Celicia Television Production Commack, NY
Richard Chabot Radio Production Lexington, MA
MeritahandlerChandler Political Science Asbury Park, NJ
Matthew E. Chase Communications Taunton, MA
Christopher A. Clarke Television Production
Daniel L. Colgan Radio Production Concord, NH
Paul Collins Television Production Buffalo, NY
Eileen Conley Retailing Boston, MA
Sussanne M. Corbett Legal Secretary Rochester, NY
Mark Roland Cosden Television Production Moorestown, NJ
Wayne Couey Television Production New York, NY
William Cox Television Production Nutley, NJ
Robert J. Curran Electronics Kinderhook, NY
Paul D'Amico Broadcast Journalism Johnstown, RI
Antionette Daniels Retailing Pittsburgh, PA
Rick Davis Radio Broadcasting Wellsley, MA
Marvin Dawson Radio Broadcasting Newark, NJ
Jay Deane Radio Broadcasting Orange, NJ
Richard DeAngelis Television Production Woburn, MA
Carol Decarlo Retailing Troy, NY
George Dekay Broadcast Journalism Bayville, NY
Carlos Del Corral Management Begota, 
Larry Dennis Television Production Lebanon, NH
Manny Desenna Jr.  Television Production
Mike Desiato Broadcast Journalism Rochester, NY
David Dictor Liberal Arts Glen Cove, NY
Leopoldo Diez Management San Jose, 
Hollis Dillon Radio Broadcasting Trinidad, 
Diane DiVittorio Radio Broadcasting Milford, MA
Philip Don not listed
Linda Donovan Liberal Arts Jamestown, NY
Michael Drust Radio Broadcasting Pottstown, PA
Michael Dunn Radio Broadcasting Brooklyn, NY
Tasanee Durongkapitaya Secretarial Science Bangkok, 
Paul Steven Erstein Broadcast Journalism Brooklyn, NY
Jeannie Eufrazio Legal Secretary North Plymouth, MA
Frederick Evans Radio Broadcasting Villanova, 
John Faraca Electronics Brockton, MA
Alan Farber Broadcast Management Bridgeport, CT
James Farmer Television Production
Debbie Fell Performing Arts Fanwood, NJ
Jim Fenton Hotel Motel Management Norwood, MA
Dean Festa not listed Norwich, CT
Toni Fisher Television Production Uniondale, NY
Marianne Fizer Television Production Louisville, KY
Eddie Flink Broadcast Journalism Mahopac, NY
Mary Flood  Television Production Newton Center, MA
Robert J. Folgo not listed Johnston, RI
Ronald C. Ford Television Production Melrose, MA
Ted Fowler Television Production Lawrence, MA
Edward Frank Management Paramus, NJ
Charles Franks Jr. Accounting Brighton, MA
John Fritsche Television Production Mount Kisco, NY
Laurie Fritz Performing Arts Benton, 
Barbara G. Fuqua Accounting Buffalo, NY
Joseph Galasso Radio Broadcasting East Boston, MA
Gerard J. Gander Television Production Albany, NY
Isaac Gavin Radio Broadcasting Dorchester, NY
Ray Gecawicz Television Production Johnston, RI
Alfred Gendon Radio Broadcasting Worcester, MA
Peter G. Geracoulis Hotel Motel Management Boston, MA
Randy Gigliotti Electronics  Reston, VA
Bruce Gilfoy Television Production Needham, MA
Judith Gitto Legal Secretary Watertown, MA
Donald Godbout Radio Production Boston, MA
Ilene Goldberg Retailing Pennsylvania, 
Lou Goldberg not listed Union, NJ
Carol Goldstein Retailing , NJ
Carlos Gomez Television Production  Caracas, 
George Randall Gordon III Business Management  West Hempstead, NY
Robert Gorley Television Production
Claire Goulet Secretary Lewiston, ME
Linda Grande Retailing Poughkeepsie, NY
Barry Gingold Television Production
Michael P. Guertin Radio Production
Jeffrey W. Guilbert Radio Production Harrington Park, NJ
Al Gunderman Radio Broadcasting Albany, NY
Carol Habeeb Court Reporting Reading, MA
John Haley Television Production
Darlene Harris Broadcasting Journalism Boston, MA
Reggie Hawthorne Marketing New York, NY
Brad Hawes Television Production Palmer, MA
Patrick Henderson Marketing Trinidad, 
Kevin Hensley Television Production Williamsville, NY
Grant E. Herbert not listed East Brunswick, NJ
Diane L. Hines Legal Secretary Medford, NY
Steven Hoffman Electronics Woodbury, NY
Carol S. Horne Television Production Sanford, ME
Frances W. Hoskins Liberal Arts
Barry A. Howard Radio Communications Westwood, MA
Jennifer Howard Broadcast Journalism Paterson, NJ
Volora Bridget Howell Broadcast Journalism  Newark, NJ
Douglas Hoyt Radio Broadcasting Danbury, CT
Charles Arthur Hughes Broadcast Journalism Richmond Hill, NY
Carol Donna Hummel not listed
John Huntley Electronics Providence, RI
Terrie Ingraham Liberal Arts
Melissa Jabore Retailing Wilkes Barre, PA
Gary Jeffries Communications Electronics Philadelphia, PA
Sandra Ana Jemmott Retailing Laurelton, NY
Patricia Johnson Broadcast Journalism Long Island City, NY
Pamela Jones Retailing Melville, NY
Richard J. Karlson Radio Broadcasting Parsippany, NJ
Michael Katzman Communications West Hartford, CT
Wade Keller not listed
Peter Keogan Radio Broadcasting
Terry D. Knuuttunen Television Production Gloucester, MA
Gary E. Konner Marketing Management Westwood, NJ
Joan Kravetz Television Production Sharon, MA
Michael Kucher Communications Electronics Bedford, MA
Celine LaJeunesse Television Production Lawrence, MA
Richard W. Lamontage Radio Broadcasting Brookfield, CT
Cheryl Lambert Business Management Newark, NJ
Robert LaPierre Communications Shelburne Falls, MA
Dorine Lasky Retailing Feeding Hills, MA
Keith Lawrence Hotel Motel Management Fitzwilliam, NH
Chester Lee Television Production Huntington, NY
William Le'Mon Business Management Clurton, PA
Joseph E. Lepage Television Production Madison, CT
Nance E. Lermond Retailing  Oberlin, OH
Jay Lipman Broadcast Sales
Richard Lippincott Broadcast Journalism  Pennsville, NJ
Kenneth Lopes Television Production New Bedford, MA
Christopher Lynch Electronics Kensington, CT
Eugene W. Magnus Radio Broadcasting
Sossina Makonnen not listed
R. Dirk Manspeaker Electronics Tonawanda, NY
Lawrence Many Radio Production Tenafly, NJ
John Marshall Broadcast Journalism Shrewsbury, MA
Thomas M. Margarita not listed Walpole, MA
Rick Mattis Radio Broadcasting Philadelphia, PA
Jaqueline Venesa Matthews Television Production Boston, MA
Nancy McCarthy Stenography South Amboy, NJ
Andrew McEachern Performing Arts
Michael McGuire Radio Broadcasting
James McInnis Liberal Arts
Ron McLaughlin Radio Broadcasting
Mark C. McMillen Communications Electronics
Thomas McNicholas Electronics Hicksville, NY
Steve Mitchell Radio Broadcasting Concord, NY
Richard E. Moberg Television Production Arlington, MA
Carol Mobley Liberal Arts Brooklyn, NY
Stephanie Mossman Hotel Motel Management Marlboro, MA
Joseph Moszczynski not listed Lyndhurst, NJ
Al Mullen Radio Production Walpole, MA
Cislyn Munroe Broadcast Journalism New Haven, CT
Reggie Munroe Retailing  Nassau , 
Edward C. Murphy Finance East Hartford, CT
Judy Muschette Business Management Dorchester, MA
Brenda Mutter Broadcast Journalism
James Naklick Radio Broadcasting Adams, NY
Daniel A. Nardello Radio Production Naugatuck, CT
John Naszcyniec Radio Broadcasting Wallingford, CT
Cathy Sue Nathan Retailing Woodmere, NY
Marc W. Nathan Television Production Yonkers, NY
Frank Nelson Television Production
Gary Nickerson Communications Electronics Weymouth, MA
Cheryl Nixon Retailing South Bend, IA
Rachel Nkyethe Broadcast Journalism Boston, MA
Michael John Osborne not listed Providence, RI
Felicia Pagano Secretary Fort Lee, NJ
Bill Palmer not listed
Jacqueline Palmer Legal Secretary Philadelphia, PA
Yvonne Papanicolas Performing Arts North Wales, PA
Christopher Perello Broadcast Journalism
Martha Parker Television Production Middletown Springs, VT
William Frances Petrone Hotel Motel Management Fahardo, 
Elaine Phillips Stenography Boston, MA
Paul Plutzer Television Production Parsippany, NJ
Mark Powell Radio Broadcasting Bennington, VT
Pamela Puputti Retailing  Fitchburgh, MA
William J. Quinn Electronics Newport News, VA
Garry E. Rainey not listed Canton, CT
Mike Rapoza Radio Broadcasting  New Bedford, MA
William Rego Broadcast Management
Glen Rappold Radio Broadcasting Bristol, CT
Roy Reyer Television Production Belleville, NJ
Bryan Ricketson Broadcast Journalism
Norman Riczu Broadcast Journalism
Charles W. Riley not listed
Thom Rockey Broadcast Management Paramus, NJ
James M. Rogers Broadcast Journalism New Bedford, MA
Thomas Rose Television Production Natick, MA
Howard Jay Rosenberg Radio Production New Haven, CT
Richard Rousseau Finance Pocasset, MA
Gil Rubman Television Production Searington, NY
William C. Rynecki Broadcast Management Waterbury, CT
Katie Scattergood Liberal Arts Arlington, VA
Patrick Shandorf Broadcast Journalism
David Shea Radio Broadcasting Andover, MA
Sonya Simmons Business, Medical Secretary Newport, RI
Krista Lynn Sitts Retailing Clinton, NY
Jonathan Skinner Radio Broadcasting West Poland, ME
Melanie Solmiak Child Care East Brunswick, NJ
Andre Smith Radio Production Washington, DC
Andy Sommerfield Television Production North Dartmouth, MA
Michael Sorette Communications
James Spencer Stepney Television Production Summit, NJ
Kevin Strong Hotel Motel Management Lexington, MA
Paul Sullivan Radio Broadcasting Larchmont, NY
Tan Tie Sin Management  Jakarta , 
William M. Tarkulich Communications Electronics Hilton, NY
Michael Taylor Communications Binghamton, NY
John Therrien Broadcast Journalism Auburn, ME
Hiram R. Thompson Electronics Dorchester, MA
John L. Thompson Radio Broadcasting Arlington, MA
Peggy Thompson Hotel Motel Management Lynn, MA
Ken Tibbetts Radio Broadcasting Berwick, ME
Peter Tours Television Production New York, NY
Thomas B. Ulicny Television Production Chatham, NY
David P. Urban Electronics Moriah Center, NY
Douglas R. Veysey Broadcast Management Franklin, NH
Mark Vogt Electronics Manchester, CT
Perry Wagner Broadcast Journalism West Stockbridge, MA
Joseph Wahl Television Production Webster, NY
Alan J. Walker Electronics Windsor, CT
Glenn R. Walker Television Production Beverly, MA
Gary T. Warzala Electronics Schenectady, NY
Stanley Watkins Television Production Hudson, NY
Lawrence Weisberg Television Production Newtonville, MA
Randi Weiss not listed Fairfield, CT
William Alexander White Radio Broadcasting
Richard Wells Television Production Rockville, MD
Paul Wytrwal Television Production Providence, RI
Jack Empson Radio Broadcasting Boston, MA
Louis M. Young Communications Sag Harbor, NY
Roberta Young Television Production Beverly, MA

Class of 1974

Thanks to Diane Strauss, '75 for her Megamagnanamously super work!

1974 Alumni Major Address
Christopher F. Adams Broadcast Electronics Florence, MA
Jerry Adams Boston, MA
David Albanese Television Production Gloversville, NY
James Albert Radio Broadcasting  Skowhegan, ME
Martine Alexander Retailing Fairfield, CT
Robert Allen Performance New Market, NH
Kenneth Amoriggi North Providence, RI
David Armstrong Television Production New Hartford, NY
John Ashak Communications Electronics Thomaston, CT
Robert Azanow Television Production Holbrook, MA
Tod Bacon Mount Sinai, NY
Edward Banks Radio Broadcasting  Jamaica Plain, MA
Phillip Bannan Malden, MA
John Bates Everett, CT
Karen Baum Liberal Arts Rockville Center, NY
Jonathan Beach Radio Production Meriden, CT
David Beaulieu Milford, NH
Paul Belhumeur Radio Broadcasting Greenwich, CT
John Benenato Roslindale, MA
Paul Bennett Quincy, MA
Dennis Bennitt Television Production Binghamton NY
Michael Benzwie New York, NY
Kenneth Bergeron Business Administration Abington, MA
Eric Bliven Ashaway, RI
Fred Bly Finance Dorchester, MA
Thomas Bohenek Radio Broadcasting Marlborough, MA
Marc Bonvouloir Television Production Central Falls, RI
James Boucher Television Production Haverhill, MA
Pamela Bourassa Court Reporting Huddleston, VA
Hildreth Bourn West Newton, MA
Margaret Brand Stenographic Secretarial Hyattsville, MD
Jerome Bratton Yonkers, NY
Edward Brennan Winchester, MA
Everette Brewer Television Production Arlington, MA
Michael Brooks Roxbury, MA
Edward Buckner Television Production Malden, MA
Leonard Bucuvalas Television Production Lowell, MA
Bruce Burke Melrose, MA
Linda Burke Retailing Roxbury, MA
William Cahalan Medford, MA
Thomas Cain Television Production Homer, NY
Mercedes Calkins Liberal Arts Harrisburgh, PA
Thomas Canals Broadcast Journalism New Rochelle, NY
William Carakatsane Saugus, MA
Richard Carlotta Television Production Great Barrington, MA
Jewel Cash Retailing Boston, MA
Frederick Chetwynd North Quincy, MA
Robert Chick Television Production Somersworth, NH
Mahabub Ahmed Choudhury Dacca, Bangladesh
Richard Cimikoski Performance Concord, NH
John Clancy Cleveland, NY
Stephen Clark Boston, MA
Lisa Close Radio Broadcasting Darien, CT
Anthony Cocozzoli Carthage, NY
Mark Cohen Bronxville, NY
Robin Cohn Executive Secretarial Wethersfield, CT
Michael Colby Peterborough, NH
Steven Collar Television Production Seattle, WA
Michael Coombs Television Production Livermore Falls, ME
Steve Cortazzo Gresskill, NJ
James Costa West Roxbury, MA
Linda Coulthurst Retailing Roslyn Heights, NY
Joseph Cozzolino Liberal Arts Westerly PA
Michael Crean Wolcott, CT
David Culver Television Production Rochester, NY
Joe Cyr Broadcast Journalism Highland Falls, NY
Thomas Daly Medford, MA
Antoinette Daniels Retailing Pittsburgh, PA
Thomas Darby Broadcast Management Thornwood, NY
Warren David Television Production Pawtucket, RI
Kenny Davies Performance Newton Center, MA
Willa Mae Dawson Accounting Dorchester, MA
Joel Day Radio Broadcasting Foxborough, MA
Peter Delgrande Housatonic, MA
Frederick DeShield Broadcast Management Boston, MA
Raymond Dicey Communications Tory, NH
Esther Dike Hotel-Motel Management Belmont, MA
Chris DiNardo Television Production Mckees Rocks, PA
Carmen DiPrizio Broadcast Management Union, NH
Raymond Diulio Television Production Torrington, CT
Stephen Dodd Television Production New York, NY
Christopher Donahue Stamford, CT
Dominick Donato Television Production Troy, NY
James Donnelly Television Production Waltham, MA
Rodman Dormire Radio Broadcasting Clearfield, PA
John Doyle Radio Production Ossining, NY
Joseph Drago Business Administration Cambridge, MA
Gary Driscoll Garden City, NJ
William Duggan Television Production Malden, MA
LeeAnn Durkovic Retailing Ballston Spa, NY
Charles Eames Radio Broadcasting Watertown, NY
Robert Eckert Liberal Arts New York, NY
Larry Elder Television Production Portsmouth, RI
Nelson Ellerin Hotel-Motel Management Ellenville, NY
Karen English Executive Secretarial Cambridge, MA
Michael Eusepi Television Production Rexford, NY
Martin Farley III Television Production Closter, NJ
Marian Fizer Louisville, KY
Peter Fogleman Natick, MA
Robert Folcik Television Production Taunton, MA
Kenneth Ford Boston, MA
Toni Foster Performance Nassau, Bahamas
Jayne Fox Broadcast Journalism Lockport, NY
Robert Fraser Television Production Walpole, MA
Michael Gallo Communications Lynn, MA
Robert Ganung Business Administration Medford, MA
Glenn Gardner Tewksbury, MA
Debora Garella Retailing Ridgewood, NJ
Geneva Garvin Secretarial York, SC
Isaac Gavin Dorchester, MA
Leanard Geracoulis Oceanside, NJ
Leonard Gershater Boston, MA
Sandra Godin Executive Secretarial Winslow, ME
Ilene Goldberg Reading, PA
Gail Goldsmith Retailing Roslyn, NY
Beatrice Goldstein Retailing East Meadow, NY
Ramses Gonsalez Business Administration Curacao, Netherlands, Antilles
Glenn Graham Radio Production Saugerties, NY
Suzanne Greenberg Retailing Great Neck, NY
Sharon Gresko Liberal Arts Wayne, NJ
Roderick Groetzinger Brighton, MA
Peter Guglietta Television Production Somerville, MA
Gayle Gulick Belvidere, NY
Jeffery Gunter Broadcast Journalism Mount Vernon, NY
Neil Gustafson Reading, MA
Jerry Gutlon Broadcast Journalism Sharon, MA
Elliott Habermann Hotel-Motel Management Plainview, NY
Gregg Hart Plymouth, MA
Larry Hart New Milford, NJ
David Heeley Lowell, MA
David Heilig Broadcast Journalism Rome, NY
Herman Hill Marketing Boston, MA
Steven Hill Fort Mead, MD
Patrick Kam Bun Ho Accounting North Point, Hong Kong
Bruce Hodkin Patchogue, NY
Larry Hoffman Radio Broadcasting Woodbury, NY
Glenn Holmes Radio Production Teaneck, NJ
Pamela Holmes Stenographic Secretary Worcester, MA
Craig Houck Radio Production Afton, NY
Lawrence Howard Radio Broadcasting Paterson, NJ
Teresa Howell Television Production Mary Esther, FL
Richard Howley Radio Broadcasting Levittown, NY
Mary Hughes Retailing Fanwood, NJ
Joseph Hyder Hopedale, MA
Sarah Hynd Performance Wallingford, CT
Marcy Inglesias Communications East Marion, NY
Kenneth Isbell Communications Sea Cliff, NY
Annette James Clarendon, Jamaica
Prasupsook Jasuwan Hotel-Motel Management Korat, Thailand
Kathleen Kamon Court Reporting Clifton, NJ
Robin Kelley Retailing Worcester, MA
Thomas Kennedy Marlborough, MA
Suzzane Kerrigan Liberal Arts Yorkstown, NY
Gregory Kidd Boston, MA
Nancy King Retailing Merrick, NY
Richard Kolodny Television Production Long Beach, NY
Peter Koury Television Production Boston, MA
Edward Krivis Television Production Swampscott, MA
Michael Kulas Berlin, CT
Crail Ladd Peru, NY
Roland LaJoie Jr. Broadcast Journalism Stowe, VT
Joyce Langevin Accounting Paxton, MA
Gary Lapidus Roslyn, NY
Francesco LaPietra Radio Production Troy, NY
Lawrence Laskey Liberal Arts North Reading, MA
William Lawler Waltham, MA
Keith Lawrence Lexington, MA
Edward Lecaroz Communications Electronics Saugus, MA
John Leonowich Broadcast Engineering Springfield, PA
Jacqueline Lesberg Court Stenographer Bronx, NY
James Levi Marketing New Rochelle, NY
David Levitt Television Production Charlotte, NC
Susan Levski Retailing Fair Lawn, NJ
Silvia Lima Liberal Arts San Salvador
Richard Limato Mount Vernon, NY
Paul Lind Gloucester, MA
Eileen Lloyd Brighton, MA
Jasmine Lockhart Executive Secretarial St. Thomas, VI
Richard Logan Waltham, MA
David Long South Boston, MA
Melvin Lorch Business Administration Fair Lawn, NJ
Michael Lucie Corry, PA
Laurens Luckmann Marketing Willemstad, Curacao
Dennis MacCarthy Television Production Wilmington, MA
Mary MacDonald Broadcast Journalism Mattapan, MA
Michael Maine Communications Electronics New York, NY
Ann Maoganson Legal Secretarial Cambridge, MA
Bob Mario Television Production Winthrop, MA
Michael Martin Broadcast Journalism Sanford, ME
Peter Mastropietro Broadcast Management Thornwood, NY
Rick Maxim Television Production Hull, MA
Michael Mazzarini Radio Production Waltham, MA
Catharine McClelland Retailing Bristol, NH
Janet McFadden Beverly, MA
Stanley McHenry Broadcast Management Williamsville, NY
James Medeiros Television Production Stoughton, MA
Jacques Megroz Mamaroneck, NY
Kevin Melchior Radio Broadcasting Haverstraw, NY
Edward Way Merritt Needham, MA
Eugene Miglio III Television Production Wildwood, NJ
Rene Yvonne Miles Legal Secretarial Roxbury, MA
Roger Millen Stoneham, MA
Arlyn Miller Court Stenographer East Meadow, NY
Stuart Miller Radio Broadcasting West Hartford, CT
Julita Milliner Legal Secretarial St. Thomas, VI
Laurence Milner Television Production Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa
Joseph Minardi Communications Electronics Silver Creek, NY
Susan Monteleone Ozone Park, NY
Stephen Morreale Radio Broadcasting West Newton, MA
Alan Morrison Communications Waltham, MA
Michael Morton Broadcast Journalism Watertown, MA
Robert Murphy Liberal Arts West Roxbury, MA
Florina Annette Mutts Legal Secretarial East Orange, NJ
Joseph Natoli Jr. Norwich, NY
Tim Eric Neill Needham, MA
Donna Nelson Broadcast Management Central Islip, NY
Frank Nelson Buffalo, NY
Bruce Newbury Radio Broadcasting East Taunton, MA
Jeffrey Nies Broadcast Journalism Ridgewood, NH
JoAnn Lorraine O'Garro New York, NY
Deborah Pacheco Retailing Fall River, MA
Margaret Chin Pang Liberal Arts Siparia, Trinidad
Walter Paolozzi Warwick, RI
Chrystomos Papadpoulos Liberal Arts Roslindale, MA
Russell Patrie Jr. Television Production Troy, NY
Sandy Penchansky Accounting Bayonne, NJ
Mark Pentlo Television Production Seaford, NY
Gary Pento Television Production Feastervill, PA
Allen Perkins
Glenn Perkins Broadcast Management New Hartford, NY
Earl Peterson Jr. Mansfield, MA
Priscilla Phifer Data Processing Columbia, CT
Colette Phillips Performance St. Johns, Antigua
Willette Piccozzi Finance Shelter Island, NY
Michael Pryor Retailing Middletown, CT
Michel Quamounou Chestnut Hill, MA
Charles Quimet Broadcast Management Foxboro, MA
Jeffrey Raba Newburyport, MA
Catherine Ramadei North Haven, CT
Heath Ravel Radio Production Wayne, PA
Richard Regan Jr. Communications North Easton, MA
Rochelle Reynolds Performance Middleborough, MA
Ruth Rieara Executive Secretarial Char Amali, St. Thomas, VI
Kevin Roden Saugus, MA
Edgardo Rodriguez Miramar, PA
William Rogers Westboro, MA
David Rothenberg Broadcast Journalism Great Neck, NY
Pamela Rowland Hill Legal Secretary Lancaster, PA
Gilbert Rubman Searingtown, NY
Karl Rueby Television Production Rochester, NY
Theodore Sandord Rochester, NY
Sharon Saunders Executive Secretarial  Roxbury, NY
Mark Savitt Television Production West Hartford, CT
Joseph Schadheil Troy, NY
Alois Schiesel Jr. Center Valley, PA
Barbara Schiffman Performance Forest Hills, NY
Charles Schmitt Jr.  Northport, NY
Robin Schoeps Retailing Spring Valley, NY
William Schoonmaker Television Production Delmar, NY
William Schubert Communications Electronics Westboro, MA
Eileen Schuler Accounting Hamden, CT
Matthew Schwartz Broadcast Journalism River Edge, NJ
Shelley Schwartz Executive Secretarial West Hartford, CT
William Scotina Accounting Lynn, MA
Michael Scott Liberal Arts Guilderland, NY
Michael Scrivens Television Production Spencerport, NY
John Scuerance Television Production
Russell Seppesen Marketing Greenwich, CT
Richard Serra Radio Production East Boston, MA
Karen Sgarlata Television Production Schenectady, NY
Richard Shaner Jr. Broadcast Journalism Olean, NY
Mark Sheinfeld Radio Broadcasting Chestnut Hill, MA
Barbara Sheldon Retailing East Longmeadow, MA
Gary Shipman Television Production Medfield, MA
Linda Shipp Legal Secretarial Dorchester, MA
Bette Shugard Fair Lawn, NJ
Jonathan Sias Broadcast Journalism  Bangor, ME
Jay Sidman Brockton, MA
Sallilee Simons Retailing Noblesville, IN
Maurice Slaughter Radio Broadcasting Syracuse, NY
Kathleen Smart Retailing Middletown, NJ
Dwight Smith Short Hills, NJ
Kelly Smith Performance Bridgewater, CT
Alfred Snape Television Production North Pembroke, MA
Eugene Snyder II Radio Production South Portland, ME
Richard Sohnle Port Saint Lucy, FL
Jon Soldant Broadcast Management North Attleboro, MA
Ayda Soydan Liberal Arts Jericho, NY
Donald Spencer Radio Broadcasting East Greenwich, CT
Steven Ira Steinert Brooklyn, NY
William Stone Grosse Ile, MI
Tao Chi Sun Boston, MA
Francis Surette Broadcast Journalism Norwood, MA
Frederick Surette Radio Broadcasting Weston, MA
Patrick Suslavicius South Boston, MA
Rosemary Sweeney Newark, NJ
Richard Swoszowski Hotel-Motel Management Dorchester, MA
Maurice Tate Television Production Memphis, TN
Ronald Taylor Performance Beaver Falls, PA
Robert Joseph Terry Brockton, MA
Robin Terry Legal Secretarial Maclean, VA
Meredith Tesch Liberal Arts Wayne, NJ
Jacqueline Thomas Legal Secretarial Charlotte Amalie, VI
James Thompson Broadcast Journalism North Dartmouth, MA
Theresa Thompson Executive Secretarial Dorchester, MA
Lisa Tobin Television Production Albany, NY
Michael Todd New London, NH
Arlene Torio Broadcast Journalism Briarwood, NY
Peter Howard Tours Bronx, NY
Nancy Treinavics Television Production Brockton, MA
Susan Tresky Retailing Camden, NJ
Sandra Tuminello Court Reporting Sayville, NY
Merlene Van Loo Roxbury, MA
Richard Varney Jr. Beverly, MA
Louis Varricchio Television Production Allentown, PA
Frank Venezia Television Production West Warwick, RI
Frank Ventura Television Production Somerville, MA
Robert Verni Communications East Rochester, NY
Robin Vester Retailing New Rochelle, NY
Edward Viglione Stoneham, MA
Lawrence Volin Broadcast Management Worcester, MA
Richard Wager Finance Johnstown, NY
David Miller Wagner Concord, MA
Daniel Waite Hotel-Motel Management Pine City, NY
James Walker Arlington, MA
Richard Waters Communications Bronx, NY
Barbara Weglarz Executive Secretarial Lowell, MA
Nancy Weilandt Legal Secretarial Belmont, MA
Joseph Wells Business Administration Fair Haven, VT
William James West Data Processing Holbrook, MA
Robert White Hotel-Motel Management Roxbury, MA
Edward Willard Weymouth, MA
Beth Williamson Radio Broadcasting Wallingford, PA
Martha Williamson Wallingford, PA
Randy Wolfson Communications Electronics Oreland, PA
Carolyn Woodson Retailing New Haven, CT
Yeheyes Wuhib Performance Boston, MA
Freddy Yawnick Communications Electronics Stamford, CT
Albert Yuchengco Liberal Arts Forbes, Makati Rizal, Philippines
Peter Zawistowski Pittsfield, MA
Monica Zeff Retailing East Rockaway, NY
Anthony Zimbardo Radio Production Kenmore, NY

1974 Faculty Major Address
Kenneth Allenbach Liberals Arts
Joel Altstein Communications
Patricia Bashford Communications
Hildreth Bourn Business Administration
Robert Davis Communications
Philip DePalma Liberal Arts
Louise DeSantis Liberal Arts
Rosemarie Dittmer Liberal Arts
James Doherty Liberal Arts
Robert Fisher Liberal Arts
George Flynn Jr. Business Administration
Lynn Gillam Communications
Paul Hussey Business Administration
Stephen Karkos Communications
Joseph Kennedy Business Administration
John Kenney Business Administration
Nancy Kohn  Communications
Goldie Korenberg Liberal Arts
Anita Lorraine Liberal Arts
Arlene Margolis Liberal Arts
Daniel McCullough Jr. Liberal Arts
Marylouise McDermott Business Administration
William Monagle Business Administration
Leonard Morris Communications
Marshall Nanis Communications
Helen Newlander Communications
Donald Otto Communications
Robert Perkins Communications
Patricia Polys Business Administration
Edwina Rothblatt Liberal Arts
George Schwartz Communications
Ronald Seidle Communications
Joseph Simoneau Liberal Arts
Eleanor Sullivan Business Administration
Richard Walsh Communications
Patricia Yantz Liberal Arts

Class of 1972

Thanks to Dean Barry J. Cronin for the loaner!

MEGAMEGA Thanks to Scott Smith '72 for transcribing the names
Thanks to Steve Martin '71
(for the first two letters!)
1972 Alumni Major Address
Tequamech  Abrite Executive Secretarial Boston MA
Richard Abrams Hotel and Motel Brooklyn NY
Linda Aksterowicz Retailing Norwich CT
Robert Allen Television Rochester NY
Judy  Alperin Executive Secretarial Needham MA
Larry Alpern Television Mt. Vernon NY
Bruce Anderson Television Bloomfield  CT
May Anderson Broadcasting for Women Oriskany Falls NY
Janet Angelico Executive Secretarial Southboro MA
Vanvarin Angkeo Management Boston MA
Halegeweine Asfaw Secretarial Boston MA
Susan Askew Retailing Boston MA
Irving Asser Radio Providence RI
Robert Ayer Broadcast Management Scituate MA
Deborah Baldwin Retailing North Attleboro MA
Pamela Bachman Retailing Quincy MA
Joyce Baran Television Lawrence MA
Ronald  Barisano Radio Performance Simsbury CT
Jack Barnhart Television Red Lion PA
Larry Bartholomew Radio Palmyra NY
Marlene Baron Finance W. Hartford CT
Philip Bighamsawaugee Management Boston MA
Vivian  Benjamin Executive Secretarial St. Thomas  Virgin Islands
Carol Berkowitz Court Reporting Franklin Square Nassau
Scott Bierman Liberal Arts Linden NJ
Abraham  Berookhim Hotel and Motel Tehran Iran
Regina Black Finance  Kings Park, NY
Randall Borgatti Management Wellesley, MA
Denise Boucher Retailing Springfield, MA
Richard Boynton Radio Haverhill, MA
Izear Brabham Marketing White Plains, NY
Lawrence Brandt Data Processing N. Valley Stream, NY
Richard Brenner Liberal Arts Danbury, CT
Jeffrey Brodd Television Hyannis, MA
Robert Brodie Finance Naugatuck, CT
Linda Brodsky Retailing Rochester, NY
Fred Broman III Management Jamaica Plain, MA
Michael Brooks Television Mattapan, MA
George Brown Television Bronxville, NY
John Bruno Accounting Brighton, MA
Camille Bucci Retailing Byram, CT
Sarah Buckley Retailing Haworth, NJ
Mary Bullock Liberal Arts West Babylon, NY
William Burton Radio Newington, CT
Dennis Busher Television Middlesex, NJ
David Butler Retailing Loudonville, NY
Willaim Cahalan Management Somerville, MA
Susan Calderone Retailing Lawrence, MA
Dennis Carpenter Television Greenwich,RI
Stephen Carroll Television Rockland, ME
Grace Cecere Liberal Arts Ozone Park, NY
Robert Chaput Television Suncook, NH
Suzanne Chatelain Retailing North Reading, MA
Vincent Chiaramonte Finance Flanders, NY
Rein Chr Henrikson Marketing Norway
John Chupick Television Belvidere, NJ
Alan Cohen Television Rochester, NY
William Cohen Retailing Keene, NH
Maryfrancis Connors Executive Secretarial New Hyde Park, NY
Robert Crock Radio Brockton, MA
Paul Cullen Hotel-Motel Somerville,MA
Linda Cutroni Liberal Arts White Plains,NY
Jane Daisy Retailing Woburn, MA
Susan Danzilie Legal Secretarial Marlboro, MA
Anthony Das Broadcast Journalism West Newton, MA
Edward Dean Radio Rotterdam Junction, NY
Andrew Delong Television Troy, NY
Matthew Donnellan Management Springfield, MA
Christopher Drakos Broadcast Journalism Newton, MA
Paul Dugan Radio Canton, MA
Diane Dvorchik Executive Secretarial Fairfield, CT
Donna  Dvorchik Secretarial Fairfield, CT
John Eaton Television Lemoyne, PA
Shelley Eiseman Retailing Little Silver, NJ
Barbara Eisemann Broadcast Journalism Rochester, NY
Irene Elder Retailing Milford, NJ
Mary Ellen Krickmire Executive Secretarial Rochester, NY
Mary Ellen Rutter  
Gilbert Eppsteiner Liberal Arts Yonkers, NY
James Faggas Television Holliston, MA
Peter Fair Liberal Arts Morris Plains, NJ
Harvey Falkowitz Retailing Yonkers, NY
Dana Farrell Television Woburn, MA
Raymond Fernandez Radio Phoenicia,NY
Joan Ferreira Broadcast Journalism Warwick, RI
James Finchen Jr.  Radio Cinnaminon, NJ
Thomas Fitzgerald Accounting Norwood,MA
Gail Fitzpatrick Retailing West Hempstead,NY
Dennis Fluerant Television Gardner, MA
Patrick Flynn Radio Olean, NY
James Ford Management Roslindale, MA
Denise Forman Executive Secretarial Philadelphia, PA
Susan Forman Data Processing Sharon, MA
John Franklin Radio Claremont, NH
Andrew Fruit Liberal Arts MacDen, MA
Robert Gallant Television Hallowell, ME
Joseph Ganteri Television Danbury, CT
Valerie Gardiner Television East Greenwich, RI
Gregory Geelhood Radio Brighton, MA
David Gingold Marketing New Rochelle,NY
Alan Glickman Retailing Newton, MA
Roger Glugeth Marketing Milton,MA
David Goguen Retailing Pittsfield, MA
Debbie Goldklang Retailing New Hyde Park, NY
Robert Goldwasser Retailing Miami Beach, FL
Leon Gordon Liberal Arts Hillcrest Heights, MD
Mark Gordon Television Malden, MA
Thomas Goulding Retailing Dorchester, MA
Stephanie Graf Television Rego Park, NY
Stephen Gray Broadcast Journalism Stow, MA
Emma Greene Retailing San Antonio, TX
Peter Greene Radio Adams, MA
Elizabeth Gruber Television Springfield, MA
Barry Gruman Retailing Brockton, MA
Linda Gumm Executive Secretarial Framingham, MA
Debbie Hamburger Retailing Fort Lee, NJ
Dennis Hamilton Data Processing St. Cloud, FL
Duane Hamilton Radio Needham, MA
Mary Hanau Executive Secretarial Great Neck, NY
Ghrmai Haregot Liberal Arts Asmara, Ethiopia
Bruce Harnard Television Northport, NY
Francine Hartstein Retailing Port Chester, NY
Norm Hassinger Hotel-Motel Oak Bluffs, MA
Brad Hatchfield Television Englewood, NJ
James Hellesen Television Barton, VT
Andrea Herman Retailing Brooklyn, NY
Harvey Hoffman Radio Hull, MA
Michael Hoffman Radio Rochester, NY
James “Flip” Holt Finance Bridgeport, CT
Richard Hope Management Sommerville, MA
William Hopkins Communications Georgetown, MA
Judy Hunter Retailing Hyde Park, NY
John Hurley Accounting Arlington, MA
James Irwin Radio Westbrook, ME
Jeff Israel Television West Hartford, CT
Mark Jacob Management Dedham, MA
F. James McDonald Marketing Wellesley, MA
Galvin James Radio Queens, NY
Maria Jamieson Executive Secretarial Mt. Vernon, NY
George Janowicz Radio Rutherford, NJ
Sijri Jantarch Management Bangkok, Thailand
Louis Jelloe Television Roslindale, MA
Michael Jeter Performance Schenectady, NY
Karen Jewell Retailing Manchester, NH
Nancy Jo Zack Stenographic Rochester, NY
Clinton Joell Television Brooklyn, NY
Candance Johnson Broadcast Journalism Belgrade Lakes, ME
Craig Johnson Television Haddam, CT
Debbie June Retailing Westfield, NY
Ava Kamens Liberal Arts Miami,FL
Barbara Kapak Retailing Perkasie, PA
Candy Kaplan Finance Eastchester, NY
Shigeru Kariya Hotel-Motel Tokyo, Japan
Gary Katz Television Valley Stream, NY
Daniel Kayton Television Great Neck, NY
Linda Keith Executive Secretarial West Boylston, MA
Stuart Kellogg Radio Westport, CT
J. Kendall Buchanan Radio Ossaning, NY
James Kendall Radio Everett, MA
Michael Kent Data Processing Dorchester, MA
Philip Kiltedge Radio Westboro, MA
Gail Klerman Broadcast Journalism Valley Stream, NY
James Koenigsberg Radio Great Neck, NY
Ronald Kollar Television Drifton, PA
William Lally Radio Wrentham, MA
John LaPrad Radio Auburn, MA
Mary Latham Executive Secretarial Old Saybrook, CT
Bruce Lavoy Television N. Chichester, NH
Keith LeBlanc Radio Gardner, MA
Ann Lemonie Retailing Trumbull, CT
Paul Lent Television Corinth, NY
Mitchell Levine Radio Marblehead, MA
David Lewis Marketing Milton, MA
Beth Lieberman Retailing Oceanside, NY
Coletta Lightfoot Television Wilmington, DE
Deborah Loitz Stenographic Menden, CT
Josephine Lombari Retailing Methuem, MA
Winnie Lou Davis Radio Jericho, VT
Roderick Lyons Television Milton, VT
Cynthia Mace Broadcasting for Women Westfield, NY
Cheryl Magerer Retailing Westwood, MA
Peter Malkemes Television Durham, NC
John Marelli Television Peapack, NJ
Ann Marie Romane Retailing Lowell, MA
Peter Marrinan Liberal Arts Springfield, MA
Jane Martin Retailing Alexandria, VA
Stephen Martin Broadcast Jouralism Wolcott, CT
Keith Martindale Hotel-Motel Meridan, CT
Charles Mascari Television Ardsley, NY
Marte Mason Hotel-Motel Alexandria, VA
Marybeth Matt Executive Secretarial Pawling, NY
Henry Mattson Radio Bucksport, ME
John McDonough Television Chestnut Hill, MA
Albert McGilvray Broadcast Journalism Brighton, MA
Robert McIrney Management Westwood, MA
Leonard McKinnon Radio Arlington, MA
Charles Miller Television Chelmsford, MA
Gregory Misiewicz Television Cooperstown, NY
John Mitchell Radio Chelsea, MA
Richard Morris Accounting Hudson, MA
Roderick Morrison Radio Belmont, MA
Madeline Motta Stenographic New Bedford, MA
Michael Mozzicato Broadcast Management Medford, MA
John Murphy Broadcast Journalism Oyster Bay, NY
George Murray Radio Springfield, VT
Gary Mutka Broadcast Management Hamburg, NY
Martiza Najarian Executive Secretarial Waltham, MA
Michael Narinkiewiez Retailing Chelsea, MA
Marie Narkiewicz Retailing Schenectady, NY
Janice Nichols Liberal Arts Saugas, MA
Thomas Novak Radio Huntington, CT
Joel O’Brien Radio Watertown, MA
Janet O’Connor Retailing Southhampton, NY
Judy O’Halloran Retailing Charlestown, MA
Donna Paine Executive Secretarial Hanson, MA
Mick Palmiter Television Oriskany, NY
Francis Panepento Jr. Radio Lockport, NY
Anthony Paratore Management Belmont, MA
George Parsons Radio Rochester, NY
Jeffrey Pelletier Radio Danvers, MA
David Penchansky Accounting Bayonne, NJ
Tom Pettis Radio Rochester, NY
Debra Phoenix Legal Secretarial Hamilton, NY
Martin Pitler Television Revere, MA
Harry Platcow Television Allston, MA
Lisa Polimer Accounting Sharon, MA
Leslie Prager Retailing South Orange, NJ
Michael Preston Television Harrisonburg, VA
Richard Prettyman Television Wilmington, DE
Nancy Quinn Retailing Arlington, MA
Myra Radoff Retailing Jericho, NY
Susan Ravitz Retailing Glen Ridge, NJ
Jayne Reins Radio Waltham, MA
Thomas Remiszewski Television Hamden, CT
Kevin Resnick Radio Bloomfield, NJ
Linda Revere Retailing Wallingford, CT
John Reynolds Television Westfield, NY
Dennis Roach Television Mattapan, MA
Mark Robbins Retailing Boston, MA
Carol Robinson Retailing Bedford Hills, NY
Regina Roginski Legal Secretarial Amsterdam, NY
Fern Roni Gratt Retailing Willingboro, NJ
Richard Rosen  
Linda Rosenbaum  
Vernon Rowlands  
David Russell Television Lowell, MA
Jeffrey Ryzak  
Kim Schnabel Retailing Meriden, CT
Lawrence Schnell Jr.  Television Roxbury, MA
Stuart Schultz Radio Clifton, NJ
Ivy Schuster  
Susan Scobert Retailing West Paterson, NJ
Christopher Scott Management Westford, MA
Wayne Scully Television East Long Meadow, MA
Al Seaman Retailing Malden, MA
Paul Sejjemba-Kiguli Finance Boston, MA
Joan Sepler Liberal Arts Miami Beach, FL
Gail Serafin Liberal Arts Upper Montclair, NJ
Celcilia Sereda Court Reporting Yonkers, NY
Barbara Sewell Liberal Arts Quebec City, Canada
Sandra Shea Retailing Boston, MA
Mary Sheehan Liberal Arts Boston, MA
Martin Sheldon Radio Fairlawn, NJ
Robin Slater Legal Secretarial West Newton, MA
Scott Smith Broadcast Journalism Vernon, CT
Denise Snyder Retailing Cheektowaga, NY
Robert Squire Television Willington, CT
Howard Sullivan Television Melbourne, FL
Paul Sullivan Finance Plymouth, MA
Susan Susman Liberal Arts Yonkers, NY
Marva Sweeting Broadcast Journalism Freeport, Grand Bahama
Richad Switajewski Television Kensington, CT
Regina Sylvia Retailing Everett, MA
Mark Tabak Television Willingboro, NJ
Jacolyn Terry Retailing New York, NY
Tedesse Teshome Management Boston, MA
Pennot Tiller Accounting Boston, MA
Rosalie Tournas Executive Secretarial Lynn, MA
William Trago Data Processing Hyattsville, MD
James Trousdell Television Oyster Bay, NY
Jim Tufts Television Ashland, MA
Alfred Tyrbus Television Snyder, NY
Gary Urban Television Beth Page, NY
Ronald Vecchia Performance Winthrop, MA
Patricia Veley Retailing Jersey Shore, PA
Stephen Vickery Television Bogota, NJ
Roger Volk Television Johnson City, NY
George Vouros Management Watertown, MA
Lynn Waite Retailing Templeton, MA
William Weaver Liberal Arts Reading, MA
Howard Wein Finance Levittown, NY
Arthur Wells Radio Springfield, MA
Edith Westmoreland Stenographic New York, NY
Bruce Wettenstein Management Bridgeport, CT
Henrietta Williams Finance Mattapan, MA
Lesli-Anne Wilson Retailing Cambridge, MA
Nina Wisokur Executive Secretarial Briarcliff, MA
Anne Wong Finance Brookline, MA
Betty Wong Liberal Arts Brookline, MA
Mark Wuerzburger Radio  
Roseann Yarusi Retailing Westfield, NJ
Shirley Yee Management Allston, MA
Richard Zach Television Mahopac, NY

Class of 1971

A LION'S ROAR to Craig Borchard, '71 for the PDF scans
MMMMEGA THANKS to Suanne Rosen, '71 for transcribing the names
Deborah Abramson Executive Secretarial
Dale Ackert Broadcast Journalism
Jacqueline Albert Stenographic
Oreste Albicocco Management
Patricia Albright Bi-Lingual Secretarial
Patricia Allen Retailing
Donna Allen Broadcast Journalism
Stanley Allen III Radio Performance
Lynne Altshuler Retailing
Donald Anthony Finance
Fred Antonelli Television Production
Noreen Aretsky Broadcast Journalism
Edward Atwater Radio Performance
Helen Baer Retailing
Shirley  Bane Legal Secretary
Peter Barnicle Marketing
Linda Barry Secretarial
Mary Bartalo Retailing
Frederick  Batstone Management
Christine Beland Retailing
Martin Benjamin Marketing
Robert Benkovich Television Production
Arlene Berenson Retailing
Lynne Berenson Executive Secretarial
Martin Berger Management
David Bernard Radio Performance
George Betzios Data Processing
Bonnie Beveridge Medical Secretarial
Janie Bilon Liberal Arts
Ellen Bollendorf Retailing
Sheryl Boone Liberal Arts
Wayne Bradley Television Production
Richard Brown Radio Production
Jean Brown Legal Secretarial
Richard Brunelle Broadcast Journalism
Kenneth Buckler Liberal Arts
Stuart Bufferd Marketing
Sister A. Pauline Burke Accounting
Paul Cailler Radio Production
Susan Calderon Accounting
Marianne Callery Retailing
Betsy Campbell Executive Secretarial
Joan Capato Radio Performance
Gale Carlevale Radio Performance
William Cartwright, Jr. Television Production
Linda Cassoli Data Processing
Alan Chue Data Processing
Barbara Cochran Stenographic
Peter Collette Marketing
Douglas Conner Radio Performance
Richard Coonan Finance
Joseph Corbo, Jr. Management
Laura Corthell Radio Performance
Diana Cosme Stenographic
Lucia Costanzi Retailing
Beverly Coyne Retailing
Jean Craddock Retailing
Patricia Cremora Liberal Arts
Elaine Cronin Stenographic
William Crucius Finance
Joan Cullinan Liberal Arts
Patricia Cyr Retailing
Elizabeth Davin Retailing
Christopher Davitt Television Production
Judy DeBaptista Legal Secretarial
Gloria DeHaven Liberal Arts
George Delisle Broadcast Journalism
Elizabeth DellaPaolera Retailing
Edmond DelMonte Management
Anthony DeLuca, Jr. Management
Nicholas DiBisceglia Marketing
Joseph Dimino Accounting
Jeffrey Drake Marketing
Chris Drakos Broadcast Journalism
Kenneth DuBey Television Production
George Dudasik Television Production
Kent Duffy Broadcast Management
David Emery, Jr. Television Production
Bonnie Feinbloom Retailing
Leslie Fierstone Broadcast Journalism
Irving Fine Marketing
Clara Ford Liberal Arts
Jeffrey French Broadcast Management
Manus Joel Friedman Radio Production
Marcia Fullerton Accounting
Paul Gagliardi Radio Performance
Charlene Gallo Retailing
Adrian Garulay Marketing
Thomas Genova Marketing
Anthony Gerleit Marketing
Gary Gernat Radio Production
Carmelina Gianino Finance
Mitchell Gilbert Management
Bruce Ginsberg Business Management
Irene Ginter Retailing
Lawrence Gitlitz Management
Alan Glickman Retailing
Sharon Goby Stenographic
Michael Godbout Marketing
Joanne Gold Retailing
Gail Goldberg Stenographic
David Goldstein Broadcast Journalism
Gary Goldstein Management
Carole Gottfried Retailing
George Gowen III Radio Performance
Mary Grella Retailing
Melanie Gross Marketing
Harriet Gruber Liberal Arts
Joan Guptill Retailing
Judy Halpern Retailing
Karl Hammond Radio Performance
Nancy Hannafin Legal Secretarial
Michael Harris Television Production
Nancy Harrow Retailing
Fred Hartblay Marketing
Andrew Hartery Broadcast Journalism
Barbara Hatton Retailing
Barry Hayes Liberal Arts
Frederick Hayward Radio Performance
Brian Heaslip Radio Performance
Marquerite Herbert Executive Secretarial
Kathy Hersey Television Production
Luke Hobson Television Production
Thomas Hopkins Finance
Judith Hunter Retailing
Audrey Indingaro Retailing
Marco Iturriza Management
Carolyn Johnson Executive Secretarial
Russel Johnson Television Production
Mary Jory Retailing
Shelley Kamins Legal Secretarial
Larry Kaplan Liberal Arts
Michael Karukin Radio Production
Donna Katz Retailing
Andrew Kaufman Television Performance
James Kennefick Television Production
Adam Kiernik Broadcast Journalism
Bigan Kimiachi Television Production
Howard Kirshner Management
Dale Kopp Broadcast Journalism
Bonnie Kramer Stenographic
Donna LaChance Liberal Arts
Brian LaCroix Broadcast Management
Paul Land Marketing
Ilona Lange Retailing
Michael Lata ,Jr. Radio Performance
Millicent Lee Data Processing
Robert Lee Finance
Frederick Levine Marketing
Marjorie Levine Marketing
Ann Lezon Retailing
Jayne Libbey Retailing
Carla Lilien Liberal Arts
Douglas Livingston Radio Performance
Robin Lowe Retailing
Patricia Lowery Television Production
Enzo Lubrano Retailing
Scott Lunsford Radio Performance
Deborah MacDonald Accounting
Karen MacLeay Medical Secretarial
Douglas Macomber Television Production
Patrick Maher Marketing
Ronald Mahtesian Accounting
Gregory Maitland Data Processing
John Makara Radio Production
Sheryle Malick Retailing
Heide Marmelstein Bi-Lingual Secretarial
Robert Matera Broadcast Journalism
Jean Mathews Medical Secretarial
Angela Matrangola Broadcast Journalism
Reynold Mattuchio Television Production
Dawn McDowell Radio Production
Peter McHugh Management
Brian McKeen Television Production
Patricia McKinney Retailing
Mark Mendelson Television Production
Philip Meuse Marketing
Martha Mitchell Retailing
David Montano Management
Kathleen Moore Data Processing
Thomas Morin Accounting
Eric Morse Business
Arlene Muller Executive Secretarial
Mark Naidorf Management
Douglas Neatrour Broadcast Journalism
Richard Newey Marketing
Susanna Ng Data Processing
Dennis Nobles Data Processing
Scott Nussey Radio Performance
Anne Marie O’Brien Legal Secretarial
Judy O’Halloran Retailing
James O’Hara Marketing
Seth Okunor Television Production
Michael Ormsby Retailing
Raymond Ouellette Marketing
Alfred Parinello Television Production
Raymond Parks, Jr. Accounting
Pamela Payette Liberal Arts
Patricia Penta Retailing
Vickee Perron Stenographic
Laurie Pfaff Television Production
Richard Pierce Radio Production
John Pinckney Accounting
Judith Pistiner Stenographic
Arline Plemondon Legal Secretarial
Christopher Policronis Television Production
Barbara Provenzano Liberal Arts
Marc Pruzan Management
Geraldine Reda Data Processing
Thomas Rehkamp Television Production
Norman Reid Retailing
Pat Renzullo Retailing
Edward Rich Television Production
David Roadman Management
Mary Robinson Retailing
Miguel Rodriguez Marketing
Marc Roller Liberal Arts
Lillian Romanowski Liberal Arts
Suanne Rosen Executive Secretarial
Isabel Roth Retailing
Richard Roy Marketing
Linda Russo Medical Secretarial
James Salini Accounting
Toni SanGiacomo Executive Secretarial
Esther Sarabella Management
Sharon Saradnik Executive Secretarial
Kathleen Saufi Data Processing
James Schaufenbil Broadcast Journalism
Jeffrey Scheyd Radio Performance
Arlene Schlafmitz Retailing
Barry Schwartz Marketing
Mary Schwartz Retailing
William Scott Finance
Nancie Selige Retailing
Stephanie Serling Legal Secretarial
Deborah Sheehan Liberal Arts
Joyce Shore Legal Secretarial
Sheb Shumar, Jr. Marketing
William Shuteran Radio Production
Barry Sims Broadcast Management
William Sinibaldi Broadcast Management
Paul Sisti Accounting
Linda Smalls Stenographic
Nancy Sondak Television Performance
Judith Staffiery Liberal Arts
Deborah Stawicki Executive Secretarial
Diane Steckowski Liberal Arts
Angelika Stoeckli Stenographic
Rhonda Stolberg Liberal Arts
Ronald Sudul Management
Joanne Sullivan Retailing
Vito Tassone Accounting
Kathleen Thrasher Legal Secretarial
Peter Tomasini Broadcast Journalism
Evangeline Tsolas Executive Secretarial
Ralph VanHorn Retailing
Pamela Viegas Broadcast Journalism
Linda Vitello Retailing
Carol Volles Bilingual Secretarial
Ann Walk Retailing
Ronald Wallace Data Processing
Mary Walters Retailing
Mitchell Waters Television Production
Bailey Weiss Television Production
Johnny Welch Finance
Regina Westerman Retailing
Ernest Whitely, Jr. Management
Chester Whyte Television Production
Robert Woods Management
Joan Yurewicz Retailing
Diane Zellner Retailing
Mark Zoni Television Performance

1971 FACULTY Position
John Abbott Faculty
John Andola Faculty,Chairman of English
Jeffrey Bell Faculty
Alfred Corbosiero Faculty
Dian Croker Faculty
Paul Hussey Faculty
Arnold Keen Faculty
Joseph Kennedy Faculty
John Kenney Faculty
Nancy Kohn Faculty
Goldie Korenberg Faculty
Carol Marcus Faculty
Arlene Margolis Faculty, Chairman of Psychology
Daniel McCullough Faculty, Chairman of Humanities
Paul Nyer Faculty
Steven O’donnell Faculty
Donald Otto Faculty
Robert Perkins Faculty
Joyce Robinson Faculty
Ronald Seidle Faculty
Paula Siruis Faculty
Harry Stokes Faculty
Marilyn Freifeld Faculty
Rosemarie Melloni Faculty
Dr. Barry Cronin Faculty, Chairman of Communications
Marshall Nanis Faculty
Herbert Bayer Faculty
George Schwartz Faculty
Eleanor Sullivan Faculty, Chairman of Retailing
Leonard Tarlin Faculty
Catharlne Malley Faculty
Priscilla Fortescue Faculty
Thomas Maher Faculty
Edwina Rothblatt Faculty
Matthew Zelman Faculty
William Monagle Faculty, Chairman of Management
Barbara Piasta Faculty
Marylouise McDermott Faculty, Chairman of Accounting
George Flynn Faculty

Class of 1970

Wicked awesome mega-cheer to  Gloria Sligh '70 for loaning and transcribing her yearbook!

1970 Alumni Major Address
Adams, Edmund L. Liberal Arts Glastonbury, CT
Almedia, Toni Secretarial Bridgeport, CT
Amundsen, Linda Television Production Shenorock, NY
Angelo, Robert Marketing Cambridge, MA
Anntonucci, Phillip David JR Marketing Revere, MA
Arnold, Henry Radio Production Riverhead, NY
Ashworth, John H. Marketing Whitinsville, MA
Bagdonas, Robert Finance Hardwick, MA
Bailey, Paul Jon Radio Production So Meriden, CT
Barbieri, Elizabeth Data Processing Waterbury, CT
Barron, James Vincent Accounting Providence, RI
Barros, Dana Bruce Data Processing Dorchester, MA
Barton, Frances L. Retailing York, PA
Bates, Margaret Retailing Duxbury, MA
Bechard, Norma S. Secretarial Augusta, ME
Bedock, Jill Lynn Secretarial Norwalk, CT
Belniak, Robert Radio Performance Brookline, MA
Bender, William Deye Radio Production Alton, NY
Benevelli, Lynn Marie Retailing Stamford, CT
Benger, Joseph Craig Management Boston, MA
Bergner, Laura Jean Retailing Quebec, Canada
Bianchi, Stephen Radio Performance Providence, RI
Bickford, Barbara Retailing New Durham, NH
Bickoff, Gerald P. Marketing Brighton, MA
Bitel, Mari Medical Secretary Kensington, CT
Boucher, John A. Accounting Newton Upper Falls, MA
Bourdette, Janet L. Television Performance Putnam Valley, NY
Boutwell, William E. Management Woburn, MA
Breslau, Marilyn Retailing West Hartford, CT
Brown, Gerald R. Radio Performance West Roxbury, MA
Brunell, Evelyn Jean Secretarial Worchester, MA
Bucci, Maryann Secretarial Medford, MA
Buck, Judith Ann Finance Stonington, CT
Budkofsky, Debra E. Retailing West Hartford, CT
Burr, Daniel L. Marketing New Rochelle, NY
Burtt, Joseph K. Accounting Natick, MA
Busker, Gerald S. Radio Performance Bridgeport, CT
Butts, Judy Executive West Dennis, MA
Canaiy, Joyce Ann Liberal Arts Fairfield, CT
Candido, Susan M.  Retailing Middleburg, VT
Cervera, Cindy Executive Secretarial Schenectady, NY
Chace, Gilbert W. Radio Production Swansea, MA
Chasse, Arlene Secretarial Berlin, CT
Chestnut, Suzanne Executive Secretary Cliffside Park, NJ
Cobb, Cathanne Retailing Sudbury, MA
Colligan, Catherine A. Executive Secretarial Watertown, MA
Connerton, Michael Broadcast Journalism Wyckoff, NJ
Coren, Michael D. Data Processing Arlington, MA
Covington, Janet E. Retailing Baltimore, MD
Culver, Martha C. Executive Secretary Rutland, VT
Dayis, Marilyn Robin Liberal Arts Woodbridge, CT
DeAngelis, Sandra Retailing Nutley, NJ
Defronzo, Marie Retailing Boston, MA
Delano, Bradley Kenneth Finance Cambridge, MA
DeLibero, John David Retailing Harrison, NY
DePiazza, Deborah Retailing Paramus, NJ
Derrico, William T. Marketing Convent, NJ
DeSantis, Rosemary Secretarial Cambridge, MA
Desisti, Louis Liberal Arts Sayre, PA
DiBona, Linda Anna Radio Performance Ashland, MA
Dichner, Cary David Television Pittsfield, MA
Dilts, Max S. Jr. Marketing Washington, NJ
Donahue, Nancy Retailing Medfield, MA
Dow, Sharon Retailing Avon, CT
Dubanoski, Thomas J. Communications Brighton, MA
Dumont, Darlene Retailing Baldwinville, MA
Duran, Kathleen M. Retailing Dorchester, MA
Edes, Ronald Television Production Brookline, MA
Elliot, Fredrick W. Marketing Binghampton, NY
Eng, JeniferY. Accounting Boston, MA
Fairfield, Judy Ann Bi-Lingual Secretarial Newtown, CT
Farrell, Robert L. Management Haverhill, MA
Feldman, Nancy S. Liberal Arts Springfield, NJ
Ferrone, Carol-Ann Retailing Tallman, NY
Fescier, Peri Liberal Arts New York, NY
Fieni, Phyllis D. Secretaril West Pittston, PA
Fishbein, Ivy Executive Secretarial Williston Park, NY
Fixman, Lois Retailing Manchester, NH
Foley, Nancy Secretarial Maynard, MA
Frascatore, Julie Secretarial Amsterdam, NY
Fratic, Diane M Executive So Boston, MA
Fuchs, Susan Broadcast Journalism Long Beach, NY
Fuller, Dalene C. Broadcast Journalism Glouster, MA
Fuller, Linda R. Retailing Wilder, VT
Galvao, Maria Legal East Falmouth, MA
Geremia, Patricia A. Legal Wallingford, CT
Giglio, Alfred L. Television Production Lawrence, MA
Gilbert, Mary Legal Peekskill, NY
Gleacher, Donna Management Fairfield, CT
Goldberg, Beth Retailing Bloomfield, CT
Goldsmith, Ira Marketing Oceanside, NY
Gottlich, Lucille K. Retailing Rowley, MA
Gouz, Jacqueline Secretarial Elmont, NY
Greenstein, Mark Ira Finance Fairfield, CT
Griffin, Wayne A. Finance Auburn, MA
Groden, Valerie Executive San Francisco, CA
Gross, Robert Radio South River, NJ
Grossman, robert Liberal Arts Rego Park, NY
Hall, Christopher Radio Performance Salem, MA
Hall, Jerri Anne Executive New Milford, CT
Hampton, Brenda Retailing Farmingdale, NJ
Handy, Roland Accounting Boston, MA
Hann, Jane E. Management Augusta, ME
Harmsen, Jack W. Retailing Buffalo, NY
Harris, Marglyn A. Marketing Chicopee, MA
Hayes, Corinne K. Secretarial Portsmouth, NH
Hill, Gary A. Accounting Houston, TX
Holodinski, Brenda L. Retailing Manchester, NH
Horwitz, Ilene G. Retailing Oceanside, NY
Hunt, Susan Secretarial Leicester, MA
Intinarelli, Anne Marie Executive Cambridge, MA
Jacobs, Ralph A. Liberal Arts Wilmington, DE
Jammott, Sable A. Retailing Bloomfield, CT
Jenkins, Ronald T. Marketing Newport, RI
Johnson, Kristyn Retailing Maynard, MA
Joudy, Richard J. Accounting Danbury, CT
Katz, Deborah Sue Marketing New Bedford, MA
Kearney, Linda R. Retailing Lowell, MA
Kegelman, Richard Carr Finance Old Grenwich, CT
Kelly, James F. Jr. Radio Production Reading, PA
Kitts, Albert W. Jr. Radio Performance Swarthmore, PA
Kleiner, Jonathan A. Television Performance Litchfield, NH
Krauss, Barry Finance Great Neck, NY
Krinopolis, Thomas G. Marketing Wayland, MA
Kuehn, Thomas Retailing Bridgeport, CT
Kulsar, Candance V. Executive Franklin, NJ
LaBate, Kathleen Marie Retailing Amsterdam, NY
Lacerda, Helen Finance New Bedford, MA
LaChapelle, Anthony Broadcast Journalism Norwich, CT
LaForce, Ronald M. Data Processing Rochester, NY
LaPierre, Richard Francis Radio Performance Shelburne Falls, MA
LaPre, Donald Retailing Norwich, CT
Laurendeau, George Marketing Woburn, MA
Leaf, Steven A. Finance Waquoit, MA
Learmonth, Richard C. Accounting Nova Scotia, Canada
Leavitt, Paula Secretarial Scotia, NY
LeCornec, Jon W. Marketing Everett, MA
Ledoux, Victoria M. Executive Secretary Nashua, NH
Levndoski, Christine Secretary Wareham, MA
Lindsey, Loretta Executive Secretary Tampa, FL
Lockwood, Darry Secretarial Wingdale, NY
Logan, David W. Finance Canton, MA
Logan, Thomas  Marketing Tuckahoe, NY
Lono, Norman Communications St John’s, Canada
Luhr, Mary Retailing St Marys, PA
Luiz Sandi Finance Manchester, NH
Lunderville, Barry P. Broadcast Journalism Belmont, MA
Lynn, Cherri Executive Secretary Wantagh, NY
Maciejowski, Carolyn Adlin Television Production Ipswich, MA
MacLeod, Stephen J. Accounting Brookline, MA
Makler, Mark C. Retailing New York, NY
Mandell, Marjorie Television Production Braintree, MA
Manduck, Jeffery R. Marketing Millburn, NJ
Manfra, Joseph Retailing East Boston, MA
Maquire, Jonathan Radio Production Manchester, MA
Markowski, Janet Retailing Lowville, NY
Martin, Ladd M. Jr Liberal Arts Kingston, MA
Mashuta, Andrea Lynn Television Performance Scotia, NY
Mastroni, Micael James Management Easton, CT
Matlin, Susan Rayna Retailing Southfield, MI
Mattia, William Radio Production Boston, MA
May, Lynanne Secretarial Whitesboro, NJ
McClendon, Alice R. Secretarial Dorchester, MA 
McCooey, Elizabeth M. Retailing Dover, NH
McDonagh, Thomas F. Finance Bronx, NY
McGarry, Brian J. Television Performance Georgetown, ME
McHugh, Paul Marketing Billerica, MA
McKeever, Michael Radio Production Pittsfield, MA
McKenzie, Marcia Television Performance Jamaica, West Indies
McLaughlin, Edward Radio Performance Somerville, MA
McManus, John T. Retailing West Orange, NJ
McMullin, Mary L. Secretarial Southwick, MA
McQueen, Kenneth Marketing Liveralt, NJ
Melnick, Carolyn Sandra Retailing Forest Hils, NY
Mermelstein, Lisa L. Retailing Bloomfield, CT
Merrill, Edward Management Longmeadow, MA
Messier, Raymond Alcide Radio Performance Rockville, CT
Miller, Elen Jane Retailing Beachwood, OH
Mitchell, Deborah A. Executive Secretary Hartford, CT
Mitchell, Doris M. Retailing Quincy, MA
Mochi, Richard Liberal Arts Arlington, MA
Monahan, Kathy Liberal Arts Ridgewood, NJ
Moore,Daniel P. Accounting Boston, MA
Mooring, Rudolph Data Processing Englewood, NJ
Mottram, Stephen Television Production Boston, MA
Mount, Don Television Production Rochester, NY
Mozley, Jack Data Processing Somers, CT
Muro, Roberta Retailing Pawtucket, RI
Murray, Robert Television Production Pawcatuck, CT
Mutch, Mary Allison Radio Performance Burlington, VT
Myers, David James Finance Elbridge, NY
Myers, Eric H. Management Wilmington, DE
Nappa, Deborah Secretarial Liverpool, NY
Nasca, Denise Secretarial East Hampton, NY
Nelson, William Communications Madison, NJ
Nichols, Robert Jr Radio Performance Boston, MA
Noyes, John Frederick Management Dorchester, MA
O’Neal, Elizabeth G. Retailing Danbury, CT
O’Neill, Jane Secretarial Townsend, MA
Oblaczynski, Joan Retailing Walpole, MA
Obuchowski, David Television Production Webster, MA
Olah, Mary Elizabeth Accounting Stratford, CT
Olson, Karl Data Processing Hamden, CT
Pachter, James R. Marketing Saratoga Springs, NY
Pagano, Celeste Broadcast Journalism Bridgeport, CT
Pall, Bruce D. Communications Mine Hill, NJ
Panich, Jerrold Marketing Malden, MA
Pantano, Robert Communication Stratford, CT
Pappas, Christopher D. Management Norwich, CT
Parker, Sara Elizabeth Liberal Arts Riegelsville, PA
Patton, David Allan Management Neddham, MA
Pawlik, Anna TV Production Dorchester, MA
Pellerin, Gordon R. Television Performance Amesbury, MA
Pepe, James Vincent Retailing Bay Shore, NY
Perkins, Susan W. Retailing Holbrook, MA
Perna, Denis A. Marketing Burlington, MA
Perron, Joel Francis Radio Performance Northbridge, MA
Petillo, Michael B. Liberal Arts Morristown, NJ
Phillips, David M. Radio Performance So Yarmouth, MA
Phillips, Paula Evelyn Secretarial Cambridge, MA
Physic, George Liberal Arts Boston, MA
Picard, Linda M. Retailing Quincy, MA
Pittington, Robert James Retailing North Plainfield, NJ
Planty, Kathy Retailing Ogdensbury, NJ
Plumley, Nancy Retailing Rutland, VT
Pollack, Beth Joan Secretarial Portland, ME
Porter, Janice Secretarial Boston, MA
Posey, Nikki E. Retailing Framingham, MA
Prince, Gordon O. Accounting W. Spencerport, NY
Purpura, Rosalia Accounting Somerville, MA
Reben, Andrea Joyce Retailing Brooklyn, NY
Regan, Maureen E. Secretarial Watertown, MA
Riccio, Arthur J. Television Production Bristol, RI
Ridel, Lois Secretarial Hartford, CT
Robinson, Lynda Retailing Great Neck, NY
Robitaille, Paul J. Television Production Granby, MA
Roderick, Wandra Liberal Arts Wareham, MA
Rokes, Kenneth Gordon Radio Performance N Andover, MA
Rose, Belinda Y. Secretarial Rochester, NY
Rose, Susan Secretarial Fonda, NY
Rosenthal, Jay Liberal Arts Somerset, MA
Roth, Cathy Robin Retailing Union, NJ
Ruane, Paul J. Radio Production Needham, MA
Ruhl, Sharon E. Secretarial Salem, NJ
Russel, Elva Television Performance Nassau, Bahamas
Rutherford, Margaret A. Broadcast Journalism Winthrop, CT
Santonell, Paul David Secretarial Wakefield, MA
Sartari, Robert Marketing Melrose, MA
Scher, Wendy Secretarial Roslyn Heights, NY
Schiff, Neal S. Radio Performance Allentown, PA
Schmick, Janet Joyce Retailing Allentown, PA
Shapiro, Bernadine Retailing West Orange, NJ
Sharkey, Fred A. IV Radio Performance Medford Kakes, NJ
Shaw, Phyllis Elaine Retailing Big Pook, MD
Shenoy, Sheila K. Management Tripoli, Libya
Sher, Bruce Marketing Dorchester, MA
Sheridan, John F. Broadcast Journalism Arlington, MA
Shible, Sheryl Secretarial Portland,ME
Siegal, Leslie Secretarial West Hartford, CT
Silipo, Pauline M. Retailing Ozone Park, NY
Slade, Karen Secretarial Plainville, MA
Sligh, Gloria Jean Retailing Spencerport, NY
Sloan, Monnie Television Production Great Neck, NY
Smith, Deborah Retailing Nutley, NJ
Smith, Sharon Data Processing Nashua, NH
Smith, Stephen D. Radio Performance Shelburne Falls, MA
Souie, Susan L. Retailing Waterford, CT
Southworth, Diana Lee Secretarial Wilmington, VT
Spado, Sam G. Finance Rome, NY
Spencer, Gayle Secretarial Harrington PK, NJ
Sroka, Robert Radio Performance Chiopee, MA
Stanbridge,Geoffrey Television Production West Concord, MA
Stark, Sharon Secretarial Cenerville, MA
Starr, Urban Management Northrox, VT
Stott, Bryant Radio Production Wellesley, MA
Stuart, Richard Television Production Narberth, PA
Sugarman, Steve Radio Performance Brighton, MA
Swatt, Anthony Data Processing Bridgeport, CT
Sweet, Karen Secretarial Englishtown, NJ
Syling, Cynthia C Secretarial Iselin, NJ
Terry, Theresa Liberal Arts Northport, NY
Texeira, Dennis Anthony Communications Fair Haven, MA
Thibodeau, Joseph C. Management Fitchburg, MA
Tichy, Robert Radio Performance Gilford, CT
Tilley, Patricia A. Secretarial Holbrook, MA
Tobey, Martha Mary Secretarial Kittery Point, ME
Trapani, Michael Anthony Television Production Union, NJ
Tucker, Dale K. Radio Performance Worcester, MA
Turso, Pattie Retailing Greenwich, CT
Van Vliet, Steve Television Production Manhasset, NY
Vecchione, Paul Communications Watertown, MA
Viscione, Rosemary Accounting Groton, CT
Walker, Fred Retailing Greenwich, CT
Walker, Priscilla Liberal Arts Roxbury, MA
Wall, Marcia Lucille Retailing Baltimore, MD
Wallace, Laurance B. Marketing New York
Wallace, Phillip D. Radio Maryland
Walsh, Mary Lou Retailing St. Louis, MO
Wareing, Dawn Ann Executive Concord, NH
Wessberg, Maryse Retailing East Hampton, NY
Williams, Dorisann Executive Scranton, PA
Woessner, Randall Television Production DeWitt, NY
Wong, Gloria L. Accounting Boston, MA
Yannicelli, Michelle Anne Liberal Arts Yonkers, NY
Ziff, Judy Rae Finance Boston, MA
Zinewicz, Paul Liberal Arts Norwich, CT
Zupancic, Linda Retailing Painesville, OH

Class of 1967

Big Thanks to Fred Paine '67 for transcribing his yearbook!

Name Major Address
Linda Acquaviva Legal Secretarial Revere MA
Lucia Alexander Legal Secretarial Syracuse NY
Grace Allen Executive Secretarial Mattapan MA
Elena Alvarez Executive Secretarial Valencia 
Ruth Archibald Medical Secretarial Westwood MA
Elaine Augustein Executive Secretarial Greenville NY
Ann Baldelli Executive Secretarial Port Jefferson L.I. NY
Rebecca Bardo Medical Secretarial Hamden CT
John Bates Business Management Saybrook CT
Anne Bennett Executive Secretarial Woburn MA
Matthew Betton Accounting East Hartford CT
Diane Biederbeck Television Arlington MA
Robert Bjork Accounting Groton CT
Donna Blanchard Executive Secretarial Brockton MA
Wayne Bonnar Retailing Middleboro MA
Victoria Bova Legal Secretarial Revere MA
Vincent Bradley Broadcasting Journalism Cataumet MA
Mary Ann Brennan Retailing Belchertown MA
Stuart Brewer Radio Burnt Hills NY
Pamela Brown Executive Secretarial Hamden CT
Jeanne Burgess Executive Secretarial Riverhead L.I. NY
Robert Burke Accounting Holbrook MA
John Butler Radio Cleveland NY
Robert Calkins Radio Morrisville VT
Francis Carey Business Management Stoughton MA
Carol Carnes Radio-TV Secretarial Norwood MA
James Carroll Accounting Rutland VT
Ana Castellanos Executive Secretarial Braintree MA
Catherine Chin Executive Secretarial Boston MA
Frank Chipman Marketing Weymouth MA
Edward Cianci Television Somerville MA
Joanne Cisternelli Legal Secretarial Foxboro MA
Jeanne Clarke Executive Secretarial North Quincy MA
Bruce Coggon Business Management Melrose MA
Ellen Cohen Executive Secretarial Newburg NY
Marsha Cohen Medical Secretarial Hull MA
Donna Conrow Executive Secretarial Farmingdale NJ
Michael Cooney Radio Dalton MA
Terry Corthell Executive Secretarial East Bridgewater MA
William Cross Accounting Stamford CT
Ruth Czapnick Retailing Rochester NY
Thomas Deechan Jr Television Winchester MA
Delores Del Santo Retailing Southington CT
Frank De Luca Radio No. Providence RI
Salvatore De Perri Retailing Revere MA
Wiliam Derick Radio So Yarmouth MA
Daria De Rose Medical Secretarial Statford CT
Edward Diamond Broadcasting Journalism Chestnut Hill MA
Ernestine Dodd Executive Secretarial Elmer NY
Margaret Doherty Executive Secretarial Watertown MA
William Doherty Radio Troy NY
Paul Dolan Radio Dorchester MA
Lanna Dube Medical Secretarial Lewiston ME
Jane Duncklee Television Secretarial Framingham MA
Luke Dunn Accounting Billerica MA
Herbert Eastland Business Management Dover Plains NY
Mary Lou Edwards Radio Trumbull CT
Pamela Enos Legal Secretarial Gloucester MA
Cynthia Fantaroni Medical Secretarial Southbridge MA
Wilma Farinella Executive Secretarial Mansfield MA
Cheryl Fermon Executive Secretarial Marblehead MA
Jeannie Fernandes Medical Secretarial No. Easton MA
Robert Fink Business Management Millis MA
Roy Fitzsimmons Radio Portland CT
Paul Fleming Business Administration Marblehead MA
Ana Franklin Radio-TV Secretarial Boston MA
Merrill Franks Television No, Canaan CT
Stephen Freedman Marketing Brookline MA
Audrey George Executive Secretarial Boston MA
Janice Giampa Executive Secretarial Revere MA
Geraldine Gibson Medical Secretarial Setauket NY
Clifford Goddard Business Management Andover MA
Shepard Goodman Accounting Hyde Park MA
Wayne Gray Retailing Middleboro MA
Donald Green Accounting Quincy MA
Roberta Grossman Executive Secretarial Poughkeepsie NY
Bernadetts Guffey Executive Secretarial Brighton MA
Warren Hamilton Retailing Newton MA
A. Leo Harbour Business Management Brockton MA
George Hark Marketing Brookline MA
Gail Hazzard Executive Secretarial Woodstock CT
John Henry Business Management Bethel CT
James Hester Accounting Lynn MA
Francis Higgins Business Management Littleton MA
Carol Himmelberger Legal Secretarial Myerstown PA
William Hollis Radio Quincy MA
Royetta Hopkins Clerical Rochester NY
Diana Hutton Accounting Syracuse NY
Barbara Jones Medical Secretarial Stamford CT
Brian Kahle Television Falconer NY
Nancy Kaye Executive Secretarial Wakefield MA
Linda Keller Marketing Lynn MA
Bruce  Ketchen Business Management Weymouth MA
David Kidder Television Lewiston ME
David Koffman Retailing Longmeadow MA
Christine Kratochvil Clerical Southwick MA
Louise Labbe Medical Secretarial Lewiston ME
Gerard Lampron Radio Nashua NH
Janet Lawler Accounting Wallingford CT
Andrew Lawlor Accounting Waterbury CT
James Lennox Business Administration Marblehead MA
William Lesch Radio Fredonia NY
Gary Levine Television Quincy MA
Patricia Lloyd Accounting Lunenberg MA
Yolanda Lord Retailing South Bend IN
Sandra Love Executive Secretarial Moosup CT
Natalie Loving Medical Secretarial Dorchester NA
Joseph Lupo Business Administration Stoneham MA
Dorothy MacLellan Executive Secretarial Islington MA
Barbara Malinauskas Medical Secretarial Drdham MA
Frank Marino Marketing Norwood NJ
Andrea Martin Legal Secretarial Sanford ME
John Martin Business Management West Roxbury MA
Marvin Martin Radio Waynesboro PA
Lawrence Matthews Business Management Boothbay ME
David McArdle Retailing Wellesley MA
Susan McCloskey Executive Secretarial North Quincy MA
Karen McMahon Legal Secretarial Southampton NY
Janice McNall Legal Secretarial No. Conway NH
Eleanor Meckel Executive Secretarial Arlington MA
M. Ann Merrill Executive Secretarial Provincetown MA
Marie Messina Retailing Lawrence MA
Suzanne Michaud Stenotype Brunswick ME
Virginia Michon Legal Secretarial Southbridge MA
Frederick Miller Television Chelsea MA
Beverly Mire Retailing Malden MA
Joyce Mitchell Legal Secretarial Gloucester MA
Mary Ann Mondich Executive Secretarial Bethany CT
Suzanne Morris Legal Secretarial E. Taunton MA
Robert Moynahan Business Management Newburyport MA
Robert Mulhern Business Management New Haven CT
Mark Najarian Marketing Lexington MA
Barbara Nolf Legal Secretarial Easton PA
Jean Nordman Legal Secretarial Southbridge MA
Jerry Nussdoef Marketing W. Hartford CT
Sarah Obert Executive Secretarial Scituate MA
Frances O'Connell Executive Secretarial No. Dighton MA
Edward O'Connor Marketing Roslindale MA
William O'Keefe Accounting West Roxbury MA
James O'Neil Business Management Melrose MA
Charles  O'Soro Retailing Reading MA
Peter Pagones Marketing Pittsfield MA
Frederick Paine Accounting Fairhaven MA
Linda Pankewicz Retailing Pompton Lakes NJ
James Pappas Marketing Worcester MA
Andrew Parise Jr Retailing Cedarhurst L.I. NY
Ellen Parker Legal Secretarial Milton MA
Constance Patturelli Legal Secretarial Somerville MA
Geraldine Peate Stenographic Montreal 
Robert Perham Business Administration Rutland VT
Thomas Perra Accounting Norwich CT
Kathleen Petroskey Executive Secretarial Torrington CT
Patricia Pike Medical Secretarial Gorham NH
Sheila Ponte Medical Secretarial New Bedford MA
Richard Pouser Business Management Kingston PA
Anthony Prato Business Administration Revere MA
Kenneth Prentice Business Management Plymouth MA
Anthony Presutti Accounting Wethersfield CT
James Prior Accounting Medford MA
Barbara Privitello Retailing Thornwood NY
David Putnam Marketing Washington CT
Brenda Rabain Executive Secretarial North Hamilton 
Atcharee Ratanakich Executive Secretarial Bangkok 
Nancy Riback Medical Secretarial Bridgeport CT
Lynwood Richards Radio Milford CT
James Riley Accounting Holyoke MA
John Rish Radio Hershey PA
Debra Rosenberg Executive Secretarial Hartford CT
Roger Roy Business Management Sanford ME
Ilene Rubin Executive Secretarial New Haven CT
George Rysinger Radio Roslindale MA
George  Sacco Jr Accounting East Boston MA
Elizabeth  Saxon Executive Secretarial New Britain CT
Linda  Scarbo Executive Secretarial North Catasauqua PA
Corrine Scaturro Legal Secretarial Revere MA
Barbara Schatznerg Legal Secretarial Highland Park NJ
Robert Schwartzman Marketing Philadelphia PA
Benedetto Sciola Business Management Pittsfield MA
John Scolponeti Business Management West Roxbury MA
Vincent  Scribi Retailing Quincy MA
Rogene Seaquist Medical Secretarial Brockton MA
Earl Sharrow Business Management Cuttingsville VT
Dennis Shimkoski Radio Worcester MA
Kenneth Shusterman Accounting Pittsfield MA
Karen Silverman Clerical Bridgeport CT
Eileen Silvia Executive Secretarial Vineyard Haven MA
Dale Simen Executive Secretarial Revere MA
Linda Skayhan Executive Secretarial Quincy MA
Glenna Smith Stenographic Andover MA
Anne Smolenski Executive Secretarial Grand Rapids MI
Marvin Sneider Marketing Chelsea MA
Doreen Souza Executive Secretarial Mansfield MA
Rosaland Spann Retailing Waterbury CT
William Spates Retailing Newport VT
Elaine Stellato Executive Secretarial West Haven CT
Frances Stewart Executive Secretarial Castine ME
Gloria Stravinski Executive Secretarial Riverhead NY
Elizabeth Stone Medical Secretarial Phillipsburg NJ
Susan Swick Legal Secretarial Hopewell NJ
Peter Swift Business Management Groton CT
Janet Tavoleri Executive Secretarial Belmont MA
Joyce Teixeira Accounting East Liverpool OH
Lorraine Terranova Executive Secretarial Rochester NY
Claudia Thomas Legal Secretarial Foxboro MA
Eleanor Tilton Accounting Boston MA
Robert Tito Business Management Hamden CT
Maurice Tobin Marketing Dorchester MA
Peter Tripoldi Marketing Lowell MA
Robert Trombley Marketing New London CT
Carol Truken Medical Secretarial New London CT
Caren Tunucci Executive Secretarial New London CT
Diana Uliano Executive Secretarial Bridgeport CT
Nydia Vicente Executive Secretarial Lancaster MA
Lester Wakefield Jr Business Management Bradford VT
Janice Walker Clerical Hartford CT
Anthony  Watson Business Management Chester VT
Karen Webber Executive Secretarial Kittery ME
Marcia Weinstein Executive Secretarial Chelsea MA
Rachel Wenger Medical Secretarial Norwalk CT
Steven White Business Management Ashland MA
Frederick Wilder Accounting Waltham MA
Helen Wise Clerical Atlanta GA
Janet Wohlen Executive Secretarial North Easton MA
Jeanne Wolff Clerical Boston MA
Nancy Yates Executive Secretarial Buzzards Bay MA
Stephen Zboya Television Malden MA
Lois Zimmerman Executive Secretarial Chelsea MA
Diane Zizzamia Clerical Wethersfield CT

Class of 1966

Uber thanks to Fred Paine '67 for transcribing his yearbook!

Alumni Name Major Hometown
Loretta M Abert Executive Secretarial Randolph, MA
Arthur  Abrams Business Administration Brookline, MA
Philip A Abrams Business Administration Medford, MA
Digna  Acosta Executive Secretarial , Dominican Republic
Cathleen  Aloisi Executive Secretarial Great Barrington, MA
Laurys M Anderson Executive Secretarial East Longmeadow, MA
Rosa E Aybar Executive Secretarial Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Lyndon P Bagg Communications South Hadley, MA
Herman L Banks Business Administration Cambridge, MA
Peter D Barker Communications Rochester, NH
John F Barnes Business Administration Waterbury, VT
Sharon J Barton Junior Accounting Middletown, CT
John E Beaulieu Communications Waterville, ME
Lorette I Bernard Medical Secretarial Berlin, NH
Gerald L Berren Business Administration Brookline, MA
Candace M Black Stenographic Williamsburg, MA
Frank  Blecharczyk Business Administration Chelmsford, MA
Arnold S Block Communications Lynn, MA
Marion F Boisvert Radio-TV Secretarial Barrington, RI
Sharyn L Boudreau Medical Secretarial Burlington, MA
Nicole H Bouthillette Legal Secretarial Swanton, VT
Gloria H Brand Medical Secretarial Portsmouth, NH
Kevin A Brennan Business Administration Dorchester, MA
Lorraine A Brousseau Business Administration Southbridge, MA
Connie E Brown Executive Secretarial Buckfield, ME
Forrest C Brown Business Administration Bradford, VT
Michael F Brown Business Administration Brockton, MA
Douglas A Bryson Business Administration Lexington, MA
Stanley B Burbank Communications Concord, NH
Robert J Burniewicz Business Administration Dorchester, MA
Emma J Bury Executive Secretarial Holbrook, MA
Eleanor M Carroll Stenographic Watertown, MA
Christopher  A Carrozzo Business Administration Waterbury, CT
Alane M Charzenski Executive Secretarial Milford, MA
Dennis J Cipriani Communications Mansfield, MA
Robert A Clendenen Jr Broadcasting Bristol, VA
Meredith  Cleveland Stenographic So Casco, ME
Allen S Cohen Business Administration Waterbury, CT
Ellen L Cohen Executive Secretarial Canton, MA
Alice A Coleman Executive Secretarial Trenton, NJ
Leona M Comeau Junior Accounting Cambridge, MA
Roberta L Conway Stenographic Vinalhaven, ME
Norma E Cook Executive Secretarial E Millinocket, ME
Lorna M Dailey Stenographic Goderich, Ontario, Canada
Mary E Damien Executive Secretarial Windsor, VT
Donald E DeMeurers Communications Kirkland, NY
Karen L DeVine Medical Secretarial Foxboro, MA
Frances A DiNozzi Medical Secretarial Norwood, MA
Donna J Daversa Executive Secretarial Brockton, MA
John L Drugach Jr Business Administration Hampton, NJ
Cheryl Ann  Dryden Executive Secretarial Allendale, NJ
William R Dupre Business Administration Exeter, NH
John W Erkkila Business Administration Malden, MA
Mark A Ebreo Business Administration Waterbury, CT
Barbara E Einziger Stenographic New Rochelle, NY
Linda L Estes Executive Secretarial Lynn, NH
John A Fidler Communications Hamburg, PA
Dorothy A Fisher Medical Secretarial Brockton, MA
Paul D Fleming Business Administration Marblehead, MA
Nancy L Fogg Executive Secretarial Braintree, MA
Leslie D Forbes Communications Atlanta, GA
Joanne M Gallina Clerical Rochester, NY
Diane J Gallotta Executive Secretarial Holbrook, MA
Marion E Gammons Communications East Falmouth, MA
Alfred W Gaudet Business Administration Lawrence, MA
Bette M Gaul Medical Secretarial Pittsfield, MA
Marie E Gibbs Executive Secretarial Holliston, MA
Ann Marie P Gioseffi Executive Secretarial Methuen, MA
Nancy L Glover Executive Secretarial Natick, MA
Ronda  Gordon Clerical Marblehead, MA
Elaine  Grigalunas Medical Secretarial South Boston, MA
Frederick  Greening Broadcasting , Newfoundland, Canada
Linda  Guthrie Medical Secretarial Ridgefield, CT
Bruce A Hall Broadcasting Arlington, MA
Warren S Hammond Business Administration South Easton, MA
Lee F Harrington Communications Brockton, MA
Sandra M Hayes Business Administration Taunton, MA
41365 L Heintzelman Business Administration Fishkill, NY
Rowena  Hellman Legal Secretarial East Hartford, CT
Betty J Hemmerly Radio-TV Secretarial Buzzards Bay, MA
Joan L Higby Executive Secretarial Howells, NY
G. Leland  Holbrook Jr Communications Natick, MA
Stephen E Huggins Business Administration Norwood, MA
Linda L Hutchins Medical Secretarial Dover, NH
Donna  Jablonski Executive Secretarial Amsterdam, NY
John A Jessen III Communications Whitinsville, MA
Susan  Karageorge Legal Secretarial Haverhill, MA
Mary L Keniston Clerical (Not Listed), 
Janet M King Executive Secretarial Watertown, MA
Colette M Knapp Executive Secretarial Bennington, VT
George C Kooyoomjian Communications Dorchester, MA
Florence  Koziol Stenographic Amsterdam, NY
Robert  Lally Broadcasting Brockton, MA
James A Landry Communications Whitinsville, MA
Kathleen M Lee Executive Secretarial Billerica, MA
Elsie R Lemasurier Legal Secretarial North Chelmsford, MA
Dorothy  Levesque Business Administration Van Buren, ME
Paul H Lepain Broadcasting Southbridge, MA
Richard S Levine Business Administration Hartford, CT
Robert R Lowell Communications Gorham, ME
Walter N Lunt Communications South Windham, ME
Joseph  Lupo Jr Business Administration Stoneham, MA
Diane V Maguire Medical Secretarial New Britain, CT
Lucy A Marini Executive Secretarial Newton, MA
Glenda A Martin Broadcasting Caribou, ME
Barbara M Mason Executive Secretarial Medford, MA
Celia Ann  Mastroleo Executive Secretarial Pheonix, NY
Vincent J McAloon Jr Communications North Andover, NA
Kenneth A McAusland Communications Walpole, MA
Patrick K McCaffrey Communications Cambridge, MA
George K McCarthy Business Administration Everett, MA
James P McCloskey Business Administration Somerville, MA
Patricia A McGrath Medical Secretarial Newton, MA
Mary Louise  McNally Executive Secretarial East Bridgewater, MA
Annabelle  Michalski Executive Secretarial , Ontario, Canada
Ftancis X Messina Communications Cambridge, MA
George M Minniefield Clerical Montclair, NJ
Theresa M Moniz Legal Secretarial Norton, MA
Dale S Morrison Business Administration Carlisle, MA
Linda Jean  Nicholas Clerical Bridgewater, MA
James J Nocerino Business Administration Hamden, CT
Cheryl K Obitz Executive Secretarial Brockton, MA
Janet L Ochs Medical Secretarial Quincy, MA
Diane B Oulton Legal Secretarial Swampscott, MA
Lillian V Owens Executive Secretarial Roxbury, MA
Inchung  Park Executive Secretarial Boston, MA
Maria J Patrizi Medical Secretarial Wollaston, MA
Dorothy G Peck Clerical Plainville, MA
Mona  Philbrook Radio-TV Secretarial Malden, MA
Donald A Phillips Business Administration Hydeville, VT
Jacqueline L Phillips Executive Secretarial Lynn, MA
Julie E Pike Clerical Andover, MA
Barbara J Poulin Executive Secretarial Waterville, ME
Dale J Powers Executive Secretarial Little Deer Island, ME
Norma J Pucci Executive Secretarial Huntington Station, NY
Susan J Pulver Medical Secretarial Providence, RI
Terry A Purdy Broadcasting Syracuse, NY
Richard B Putnam Broadcasting Wilton, NH
Rosemary  Quinn (None Listed) Wakefield, MA
Atcharee  Ratanakich Stenographic Bangkok, Thailand
Parichat  Ratanakich Executive Secretarial Bangkok, Thailand
Marcia J Rawlings Executive Secretarial Needham, MA
Alphonse L Roberto Communications Peabody, MA
Mary T Roberts Executive Secretarial Dedham, MA
Richard J Roger Communications Merrick, NY
Janet E Rodgers Clerical Portland, ME
Suzanne P Roscoe Stenographic Margarita, Canal Zone
Angela M Rositano Medical Secretarial Gouverneur, NY
Alejandro  Ruiz Business Administration , Costa Rica
Blanca  Ruiz Legal Secretarial Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Stephen C Ruscoe Bisiness Administration Norwalk, CT
Richard L Salonen Communications Walpole, MA
Michael H Salovitch Communications West Peabody, MA
Margaret Ann  Samson Medical Secretarial Pittsfield, MA
Kim  Sanders Legal Secretarial Dover, NJ
Gordon R Sawyer Business Administration Goshen, NY
Sandra F Sellers Broadcasting Panama City, FL
Miriam P Shecter (None Listed) Swampscott, MA
Bruce C Shepard Communications Montpelier, VT
Sandra A Shulman Stenographic New Haven, CT
Barry P Smith Communications Medford, MA
Timothy W Smith Communications Waterville, ME
Vivian A Snelgrove Executive Secretarial West Bridgewater, MA
Anne E Steele Clerical Kennebunkport, ME
Jacqueline  Steeves Executive Secretarial Natick, MA
Lois Ann  Stenabaugh Medical Secretarial Wappingers Falls, NY
Rodger  A Stewart Broadcasting Quincy, MA
Robert K Stone Broadcasting Romeo, MI
Marion L Story Executive Secretarial Mystic, CT
Vernon S Stromberg Communications Rumford, RI
Deborah L Strong Legal Secretarial Somerville, MA
Carolyn M Stuart Stenographic Natick, MA
Ronald B Surabian Business Administration Medford, MA
Martin L Swartz Broadcasting Brookline, MA
Frances L Sweeney Legal Secretarial Andover, MA
Nancy S Sylvester Radio-TV Secretarial Belmont, MA
Geraldine I Sziksai Executive Secretarial Trenton, NJ
Cynthia L Tinker Communications Claremont, NH
William B Titcomb Communications Hingham, MA
David G Thompson Broadcasting Medford, MA
Allan W Townsend Communications Jamaica Plain, MA
Susan C Twitchell Executive Secretarial Gorham, NH
Barbara A Vandermark Executive Secretarial Nerburgh, NY
Richard M Treadwell Business Administration Tewksbury, MA
George E Wade Business Administration Rochester, NH
James M Walsh Business Administration Norwell, MA
Linda L Warren Executive Secretarial St Johnsbury, VT
Phyllis L Weiner Communications Dorchester, MA
Phyllis M Wheeler Medical Secretarial Ashland, MA
Pamela R White Executive Secretarial Holbrook, MA
R. Craig  Whitford Communications Reading, MA
Joan M Whitney Stenographic Somerville, MA
Carol J Williams Medical Secretarial Laconia, NH
Bernice  Wynn Business Administration Victoria, VA
Valerie  Zambriski Clerical Riverhead, NY
Sophie M Zub Executive Secretarial Bridgeport, CT

Class of 1962


1962 Graduate Listing


Note:  Not every graduate is in a yearbook.  These are entries from yearbooks ONLY.  This is NOT a directory.  Last known Town and State are shown.   Some yearbooks have been scanned. 

 Up-to-date Directories are in a separate section.

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